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MoreRFID presents to you the comfort of texture wristband joined with radiofrequency. Get your hands on real created Customized Silicone Wristbands provided straightforwardly from the processing plant to your doorstep.

Finest Quality and Durable Customized Silicone Wristbands by MoreRFID

MoreRFID remains the main and reliable name in the creation of RFID and NFC. We provide the most reasonable and high-quality customized silicone wristbands. You can add a variety of radio repeat chips. The RFID innovation joined with silicone’s solidarity and sturdiness makes these items a mix of the best.

We offer these Customized Silicone Wristbands customization choices like customizable logo, silk screen printing, laser engraved printing, etcetera. The bands we make are of ideal quality that can be broadly used. Our texture groups are more solid than other accessible alternatives on the lookout.


Blank Customized Silicone MoreRFID wristbands are very durable and inexpensive. They allow personalization options for you.


We also provide you with Customized Silicone Wristbands that integrate the low-frequency RFID, a 125Khz chip.


MoreRFID manufactures Wristbands with the radio frequency of use 13.56Mhz chip that is super sturdy and yet eco-friendly.


MoreRFID manufactures Wristbands with RFID technology Suitable for 860~960 MHz frequency with an anti-collision function to make sure they attain consistency.


MoreRFID manufactures Wristbands with RFID technology for almost all genders, including men and women.


MoreRFID manufactures Wristbands with RFID technology for kids of all age group.

MoreRFID: Your Expert Customized Silicone Wristbands Producer

The custom silicone wristbands we produce at MoreRFID comply with the standard rules recommended by ISO itself under ISO9001:2008.

We produce all our custom silicone wristbands ourselves. We have the most advanced products such as German flip-chip machine, German Heidelberg printing machine, CTP machine, cutting machine, etc. to ensure the quality of the items you arrive.

We provide you with every management of the planning, customization, configuration, size, and status of our customized silicone wristband under the roof of the MoreRFID distribution center and the creation unit.

With us, you don’t need to stress over the custom get-through of your packages shipped. We guarantee the creation, quality investigation, and custom freedom for your request directly at your doorsteps right post-production.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.


Sample display


Applicable peopleMale, Female,Kids
MaterialSilicone, Plastic, Woven, Fabric, ABS, PVC,  PP paper / Soft PVC or Customized
LogoCustomized logo
Logo printingSilk screen printing, laser engraved printing
Minimum QTY100pcs


StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

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MoreRFID Customized Silicone Wristbands

MoreRFID guarantees that standards by ISO and RFID for creation are maintained in the general creation methodology of Customized Silicone Wristbands. We promise you a one-year guarantee and support administrations. Other than that, we also offer you, a lifetime of complete repair services if you purchase from us.

Our customer support group is consistently at administration to allow even assistance with the post-deal inquiries. Request your Customized Silicone Wristbands today by reaching MoreRFID!

Your Customized Silicone Wristbands Type

MoreRFID produces Customized Silicone Wristbands of different sorts. We produce Blank Customized Silicone Wristbands, LF RFID Silicone Wristbands, HF RFID Silicone wristbands, UHF RFID Silicone Wristbands, and All Gender Customized Silicone Wristbands.

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