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MoreRFID brings to you amazingly Printed Plastic Cards. Get your business incredibly created, strong, specially cleared, directed straight from manufacturing plant Cards, at your doorstep.

Optimum Quality and Inexpensive Printed Plastic Cards by MoreRFID

Serving the assembling business of RFID and NFC since 2008, MoreRFID stands firm on dominant and respectable floors. Our Printed Plastic Cards are set up with the best plastic arrangements accessible. They show incredible strength at any given harsh event.

We offer these Printed Plastic Cards with customization decisions like altered logo, silk screen printing, laser engraved printing, and substantially more that empowers you to add more headways into your cards. The cards that we fabricate are economical and of ideal quality that you can use in more broad application regions.


We provide you with the best printed quality Plastic ID Cards that help you elevate to the next heights.


Our Printed Plastic Gift Cards help you get noticed due to their finishing in printing.


We provide you with the best-printed quality of Plastic Membership Cards that help you get differentiated from the crowd.


Our Printed Plastic Business Cards help you get noticed due to their one in a thousand printing results.

Our Printed Plastic Business Cards help you get noticed due to their one in a thousand printing results.


We also provide Printed NFC Plastic Cards that integrate all the specialties of NFC.


We also provide Printed VIP  Cards for an amazingly finished card for your special customers.

MoreRFID: Your Expert Printed Plastic Cards Producer

MoreRFID has been fabricating plastic cards since 2008, and we have the ability the creation, quality checks, and opportune conveyance of plastic cards.

The MoreRFID production line in Fujian, China is the place where we fabricate all our plastic cards. This guarantees severe oversight of the assembling interaction and unrivaled quality.

Each progression of MoreRFID assembling is consistent with ISO 9001:2008 principles, this guarantees that our chips are sans imperfection.

We use the German flip-chip machines, German Heidelberg printing machines, CTP machines, fast programmed bite the dust slicing machines to create best-in-class merchandise.

All MoreRFID items are made with the best quality materials, a 1-year guarantee and lifetime support demonstrate this. We have full-shading printing and state-of-the-art innovation, we can furnish your plastic cards with various shapes and examples.

We at MoreRFID don’t request a base request amount and we offer the house-to-house conveyance to guarantee that our clients accept their orders helpfully.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.


Sample display

Smart Card Specification

Card type

Full color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card


PVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone


85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)


ISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and



MIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options

Card`s Personalized Options

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MoreRFID Printed Plastic Cards

MoreRFID ensures that standards upheld by quality affiliations overall are continued in the creative methods of our popular Printed Plastic Cards. We are not able to make items that guide to the prerequisites indicated by you.

We guarantee your custom freedom and conveyance of your proposed items directly at your doorsteps. We are your one-stop arrangement supplier that gives plan, creation, and quality investigation, all under one rooftop. The entirety of our things goes with an affirmation of one year.

Need to get a speedy statement for your Printed Plastic Cards? Drop an email at MoreRFID.

Your Printed Plastic Cards Type

We produce cards like Printed Plastic ID Cards, Printed Plastic Gift Cards, Printed Plastic Membership Cards, Printed Plastic Business Cards, Printed NFC Plastic Cards, etc.

Printed Plastic Cards-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Printed plastic cards are indispensable tools in our daily professional and personal lives. From aiding us to execute daily tasks such as student identification to accommodating technology for more sophisticated tasks, printed plastic cards are inadmissible.

MoreRFID is well-founded with the necessary equipment, technology, and expertise needed to meet the continually increasing demand for printed plastic cards.

printed plastic cards

What Are Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards are cards primarily made of PVC and suit different applications such as banking cards and membership cards. MoreRFID customizes printed plastic cards to match your description as well as exhibit quality performances.

We use environmentally friendly plastic to manufacture high-quality printed plastic cards for both professional and personal use. We are well equipped to produce large quantities of printed plastic cards within days and our prices are consumer-friendly.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Printed Plastic Cards?

The use of printed plastic cards is highly widespread thanks to their wide range of benefits. They are simple to design, customize and can be used in several ways. The following are key benefits you or your business stands to gain from incorporating printed plastic cards:

Creative designs.

Printed plastic cards are customizable to accommodate your color choice, artwork, and design. This results in a stylish product that is eye-catching and unique. It is possible to imprint your logo on the card thereby incorporating your company colors in the cards.


Unlike other card types, printed plastic cards are quite affordable and they are just as effective. They are also durable meaning you do not have to incur additional costs on maintenance or replacements.

Variation of applications.

Printed plastic cards support different functions, which makes them eligible for use in different industries. They can be paired with additional technology for optimal functionality.

Environmentally friendly.

Most printed plastic cards are manufactured using recycled matter. This technology helps reduce the amount of waste consequently reserving our environment.

What Are The Applications Of Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards are made to support a variety of personal and professional needs. The deployment of printed plastic cards in tandem with various technologies further widens their application scope. The following are various ways in which you can put your printed plastic card to use:

  • Business cards.
  • Club membership cards.
  • Banking cards, that is, debit and credit cards.
  • Identification cards.
  • Hotel key cards.

MoreRFID customizes printed plastic cards in appearance and functional features to suit various applications.

banking ppc

Can Printed Plastic Cards Be Used As Business Cards?

Yes. Printed plastic cards are a more effective and durable option for business card applications. Unlike paper business cards, printed plastic cards have an elegant exterior and they usually last longer. Printed plastic cards can be customized to display your logo and relevant information in a manner that will impress your business associates.

As a business card option, printed plastic cards are laminated which makes them impervious to water and dust. This in turn lengthens their lifespan and saves you maintenance and repair charges.  Impress your associates by giving them customized printed plastic cards from MoreRFID.

What Material Are Printed Plastic Cards Made Of?

Printed plastic cards are primarily made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The use of PVC on printed plastic cards ensures our cards are long-lasting, versatile, and suitable for multiple applications. PVC allows printing on cards, which results in our Printed plastic cards.

PVC printed plastic cards are waterproof and can withstand high pressures hence most of our clients prefer them. Their versatility and flexibility in use make them a high-grade option for most business cards, debit, and credit cards among other applications.

How Do You Print Plastic Cards?

To print on plastic cards, we use the basic principle that applies to all card printers. That is the application of heat to print color or text onto a plastic card. We begin by guiding the plastic card to a thermal print head using a color ribbon.

To print on plastic cards, MoreRFID primarily uses two printing techniques, direct printing and retransfer printing. For direct printing, monochrome or different color combinations are applied directly onto the plastic card from the color ribbon. On the other hand, retransfer printing involves printing an image on a transfer film, which is then transferred onto the plastic card using a gummed roller.


Are Plastic Cards Printed On Both Sides?

Yes. We print quality printed plastic cards on both the front and back. The front contains vital information such as the company or owner’s name. The back of the printed plastic card contains additional information such as a serial number. Information to be printed on the printed plastic card is solely decided by the client.

Our designers will provide guidance on the information to be printed on either side of the printed plastic card. Furthermore, they will work with you in selecting the perfect font and format of text to be used in your printed plastic card.

Which Printed Plastic Cards Finishing Do You Offer?

We coat our printed plastic cards with a fancy coating for a more elegant and aesthetically pleasing exterior. Using hot stamp, our design team creates astonishing effects for printed plastic cards as requested by our clients.

We also use UV spot varnish to create haptic effects such as fine lines, which make your printed plastic card look elaborate and stylish. We also add glitter powder on your printed plastic card via silk screening for a classy exterior.

What Technology Can Be Used On Printed Plastic Cards?

The incorporation of various technologies on printed plastic cards can result in enhanced performance levels and unlimited versatility in application. For instance, RFID and NFC technology can be deployed in printed plastic cards to allow writing, reading, and transmission of digital data.

For bank applications, printed plastic cards fitted with RFID chips can be used as credit or debit cards to transact payments or prompt money withdrawal via ATMs. Similarly, RFID and NFC-enabled printed plastic cards can be used to regulate hotel room access when used as hotel key cards.

Printed plastic cards fitted with the right technology can be customized to perform almost any task that requires a smart card.

RFID tech

Are There Different Types Of Printed Plastic Cards?

There are distinct kinds of printed plastic cards based on their application. MoreRFID provides the following types of printed plastic cards:

  • Credit and Debit Cards.

These are printed plastic cards fitted with chips and the necessary security measures to support monetary transactions. They can be used to make withdrawals from an ATM or process cashless payments at the supermarket.

Figure 5 Credit card on a printed plastic card.

  • In-store card.

MoreRFID manufactures printed plastic cards for specific stores that enable cardholders to undertake certain actions stipulated by the store owner.

  • Identification cards.

Identification cards for companies can be manufactured on printed plastic cards. These cards contain a worker’s identification information as well as his/her designation.

Other printed plastic cards supplied by MoreRFID include:

  • Charge cards.
  • Hotel key cards.
  • Driving license cards.
  • Gift cards among others.

What Information Is Included In A Printed Plastic Card?

The type of information held on printed plastic cards is mainly informed by the envisioned application of the card. For instance, information displayed on a bank-printed plastic card is different from the information displayed on a student identification printed plastic card.

Before printing information on the plastic cards, we first consult our clients. Ideally, most printed plastic cards contain the following information:

  • Company’s name.
  • Company’s logo and catchphrase.
  • The holder’s name.
  • The holder’s designation.
  • Contact information.
  • Expected date of expiry.
  • Account number in bank printed plastic cards.
  • Card number.

Can Printed Plastic Cards Be Chipped With RFID Or NFC Chips?

Yes. For printed plastic cards to undertake various sophisticated functions such as process payments, they are fitted with RFID or NFC chips. We manufacture smart printed plastic cards on request irrespective of the quantity.

RFID technology enables your printed plastic card to collect and transmit digital data in the form of radio waves to an integrated reader or scanner. Printed plastic cards mounted with RFID or NFC chips can revolutionize your business by enhancing efficiency and productivity.

MoreRFID specifically fits printed plastic cards with either passive or active RFID chips depending on the intended application.

NFC chip

What Are The Basic Features Of Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards are identifiable by their unique features. They have several distinct traits that set them apart from other card types. Underneath are some of the basic features printed plastic cards possess:


Printed plastic cards are made from PVC and contain a rigid coating, which makes them completely impervious to water or liquids. This allows them to maintain their classy and elegant look for ages as well as serve you for long without deteriorating in performance.

Easily customizable.

Printed plastic cards are easy to personalize in color arrangement, size, and artwork. We produce printed plastic cards that incorporate the client’s wants.

Other features include:

  • Highly durable.
  • Solid and compact.
  • A broad range of applications.

What Is The Standard Specification Of Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards have a standard ISO 7810 CR-80 format. In this format, printed plastic cards are 86 by 54 mm in size. MoreRFID however, customizes printed plastic cards to fit the customer’s description. Another determinant we take into consideration when choosing a size is the envisioned purpose of the printed plastic card.

For instance, a printed plastic card meant to be used as a business card will have different dimensions compared to one that is meant to be used as a hotel key card.

The standard thickness of most printed plastic cards is 0.76 mm. This allows your printed plastic card to be light in weight, have an elegant look, and carry around easily. It is also due to this thickness that printed plastic cards are durable and resistant to physical pressure.

MoreRFID however, manufactures printed plastic cards with varying thickness as per our clients’ request. We have thin printed plastic cards ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm in breadth. Our thickest printed plastic cards are 1mm thick.

How Long Does It Take To Print My Plastic Cards?

MoreRFID has one of the best turnaround timelines when it comes to the production of printed plastic cards.  We average approximately one day to three days depending on the magnitude of the order. The time it takes us to manufacture and print plastic cards varies depending on several factors.

To begin with, a bulky order of printed plastic cards is expected to take more time compared to a smaller order. Secondly, the duration of producing your printed plastic cards may be influenced by our machinery schedule. We however notify our clients of the progress and expected date their order will be ready.

How Do I Order Printed Plastic Cards?

Placing your order of printed plastic cards from MoreRFID can be achieved in several, time-conscious and convenient ways. You can order your printed plastic cards at the comfort of your office chair by visiting our website, adding your selection to your cart, and proceeding to the payment tab.

Alternatively, you can call or email us via the contact details on our website to place your order. This method allows you to present your desired design and modifications. Lastly, you can contact us via our verified social media handles to place your printed plastic card order.

Do You Personalize Printed Plastic Cards?

Yes. We understand and acknowledge the fact that our diverse customer base has unique tastes when it comes to printed plastic cards. To satisfactorily fulfill our customer’s needs, we personalize printed plastic cards according to their description.

We customize the size, color, and edge designs to match the wishes of our clients. When placing your order, you will be asked to extensively detail the modifications you want. Additionally, we tailor our printed plastic cards to match your branding colors by imprinting your company’s logo.


How Do I Pay For My Printed Plastic Cards Order?

Paying for your printed plastic cards can be achieved using several methods we have approved. Our designated payment methods are structured to provide security and convenience to our esteemed printed plastic card buyers. You have the freedom to select either of the following trusted payment means:

  • Online payment e.g. PayPal.
  • Bank Transfers.
  • Debit or credit card payments.
  • Cash payments.

What Is The Production Standard Of Printed Plastic Cards?

MoreRFID has the state of the art printing machinery and adheres to international production standards stipulated by relevant authorities. Our printed plastic cards are of the highest quality and they are made from environmentally friendly material.

Our printed plastic cards are ISO 7810 certified. Our staff is highly trained and vastly experienced in the production of printed plastic cards. MoreRFID’s printed plastic cards bear a mark of quality which is an indication of superior production standards.

Can I Place A Large-scale Order Of Printed Plastic Cards?

Yes. MoreRFID has no minimum or maximum order caps on printed plastic cards. We are well-founded with printing machinery and expertise to produce tremendous volumes of printed plastic cards. Irrespective of your order, we have a fast turnaround time and our quality is always top-notch.

Additionally, MoreRFID offers different discount packages on large scale printed plastic card orders based on volume. Bulk production of printed plastic cards is economical hence we transfer the production savings to our clients in form of price discounts.

largescale of plastic cards

Do You Have Samples Of Printed Plastic Cards?

MoreRFID has an extensive list of printed plastic card samples readily available to our clients on request. Samples are essential in aiding our clients to have an idea of the finished product as well as provide a visual aide to our technicians on what to produce.

To request printed plastic card samples, email us your request at A copy of the printed plastic card samples will be sent to you immediately at a freight fee of $50. This amount is redeemable once you place a bulky order of printed plastic cards.

What Is The Price Of Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards have varying price points contingent upon several factors such as size, personalization details, and shipping. We however price our printed plastic cards with the buyer in mind hence our prices are some of the most customer-friendly in the industry.

Printed plastic cards bigger in size have a higher price tag compared to small-sized printed plastic cards. Similarly, printed plastic cards with extensive customization cost more. The price of printed plastic cards is also influenced by the prevailing market dynamics. For example, price changes were witnessed on printed plastic cards amid the Covid 19 global outbreak.

How Durable Are Printed Plastic Cards?

Printed plastic cards are made of PVC, which is very long-lasting. Additionally, they are coated with a protective coating, which is resistant to both water and dust. This ensures you are able to get the best from your printed plastic cards over a prolonged period of time.

Moreover, Printed plastic cards can tolerate physical pressure and high temperatures without losing their glow or declining performance. Our printed plastic cards are first-rate hence they are highly durable and can serve you for ages without necessitating maintenance.

Does MoreRFID Offer Delivery Services?

Yes, MoreRFID provides door-to-door delivery for printed plastic cards where applicable. We utilize various shipping methods to ensure you get your printed plastic cards delivered irrespective of your geographical location. Our choice of delivery is informed by the delivery location and our clients’ preference among other determinants.

The following are trusted shipping methods we exploit to deliver your printed plastic cards:

  • Air shipment.
  • Sea shipment.
  • Truckload shipment.
  • Train shipment.


Is There A Minimum Order For Printed Plastic Cards?

No. At MoreRFID, we produce printed plastic cards regardless of quantity. Our commitment is to provide quality printed plastic cards to both our small and bulk buyers. Our price for printed plastic cards is cost-effective irrespective of the order volume.

Minimal printed plastic card orders subsequently result in higher turnaround times compared to bulk orders. Our technicians are able to focus on smaller details during the production of small order printed plastic cards.

What Should I Do In case My Printed Plastic Cards Order Arrives Damaged?

MoreRFID has a lot of trust in the shipment methods and courier service providers we use to ship printed plastic cards.  As such, cases of printed plastic cards arriving with defects are quite rare. In the event you experience a damaged printed card on arrival, kindly contact us via email us.

Your email notification should contain the order number, the number of damaged printed plastic cards, the nature, and the extent of the damage. Such a scenario will prompt a return of the damaged printed plastic cards and a subsequent refund or replacement.

Damaged plastic cards

How Can I Contact MoreRFID?

MoreRFID has a fully functional customer support team dedicated to providing prompt aid to printed plastic card buyers. Our esteemed team of customer service experts is easily accessible via several communication avenues. Below are some of the communication channels you can use to contact MoreRFID:

Phone number: +86-135-5981-8852.


Do not hesitate to provide feedback, make an inquiry, criticize or make a recommendation regarding printed plastic cards via the channels mentioned above.

What After-sale Services Do You Provide On Printed Plastic Cards?

MoreRFID has a myriad of after-sale services offered to customers who buy printed plastic cards from us. We have devised several packages meant to ensure you have a smooth and faultless experience using our printed plastic cards. The following are some of our after-sale services on printed plastic cards:

  • Doorstep delivery:

MoreRFID delivers printed plastic cards right at your doorstep. We have trusted courier service partners who ensure you get your order in one piece and on time.

  • Warranty:

We offer 12 months of warranty on our printed plastic cards. During this tenure, we cover costs related to repair or replacement costs incurred on defective printed plastic cards.

Maintenance services.

MoreRFID provides maintenance services on printed plastic cards not covered by a warrant. This is an alternate method, which sees us repair your printed plastic cards at discounted prices.

How Long Does It Take To Delivery My Printed Plastic Cards Order?

Once we are done producing your printed plastic cards, we immediately ship them to your desired location. The duration it takes to deliver your printed plastic cards is relative to the distance of travel. It however takes approximately 2 to 7 days depending on your location.

Local orders to destinations close may take considerably less time to deliver your printed plastic cards. The shipping method we utilize considerably influences the duration. Flights are significantly faster compared to sea shipment. We are committed to ensuring you get your printed plastic cards order on time.

Can Printed Plastic Cards Be Recycled?

PVC, which is used to make printed plastic cards is recyclable. This makes the use of printed plastic cards environmentally friendly and does not necessitate the need for disposal. If you have idle printed plastic cards, you can deliver them to organizations that recycle plastic.

Thanks to their recyclable nature, printed plastic cards are collected by recycling companies, shredded into smaller pieces, and molded to form other kinds of plastic. This process is very environmentally friendly and it significantly reduces cases of land pollution.

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