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Wear Proof & Quality Printed Plastic Business Cards by MoreRFID

MoreRFID holds an exclusive place in the production of NFC and RFID Cards. We have served the domestic market of China and international markets as manufacturers of Plastic Business Cards for over 13 glorious years. Within the span, we have produced sterling customized Cards.

We at MoreRFID provide quality Plastic Business Cards that make you stand out from the crowd. Possessing the ability to mold your requirements of any format, design, size, and shape into highly printed and smooth-edged Plastic Business Cards. All of it under competitive market rates.

Blank Plastic business cards

Customize your Plastic Business Cards, we provide blank/transparent/white Blank Cards.

Photo Plastic Business Cards

You can have a Photo Plastic Business Card designed customized with your picture on it.

Embossed Plastic Business Cards

With Embossed technology integrated on them. You are having all your crucial information prominent.

Magnetic Plastic Business Cards

Made of plastic material. The magnetic stripe at the back to contains all your information.

Folded Plastic Business Cards

Want to have a Plastic Business Card in a folding manner, have it from MoreRFID.

Double-Sided Plastic Business Cards

A business card to have information on both sides at affordable rates.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Plastic Business Cards Manufacturer

Standing tall since 2008, we are esteemed manufacturer of Plastic Business Cards in China. We are pretty well known for our services in NFC and RFID Cards of sterling raw material.

The quality of Plastic Business Cards produced by us remains unsurpassed across the globe. We at MoreRFID ensure all the products made are well complied with as per the quality standards of the International Standards Organization.

We do not outsource our production and pride ourselves on the fact. Our warehouses in China are equipped with heavy machinery that ensures the best printing and cutting services. We offer fabulous printing directly out of our factory.

Our production houses are capable of producing bulk Plastic Business Cards. All of the top-notch quality straight out of German Technology Solutions.

We mold our Plastic Business Cards according to the shape, format, color, and design of the requirements proposed. We ensure you the safety of your time and value of money while signing the production contract.

Smart card Printing machine CTP  Smart card Printing machine CTP Smart card Printing machine DTE

Heidelberger Machine   Smart card Printing machine LCF

Smart card printing machine  Smart card production process1 Smart card production process2

Smart card Raw materials  Smart card Raw materials2 Wire Bonding

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply Plastic Business Cards
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing


Sample display

Smart Card Specification

Card type

Full color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card


PVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone


85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)


ISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and



MIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options

Card`s Personalized Options

Whether you’re searching for the most creative plastic business cards or you want unique metal business cards, MoreRFID has just what you’re looking for. We are a metal & plastic business cards manufacturing expert.

We offer business cards in these product categories:

  • photo business cards
  • embossed business cards
  • magnetic business cards
  • letterpress business cards
  • transparent & clear business cards
  • die cut business cards
  • foil business cards
  • folded business cards
  • double-sided business cards

Whether you want custom designed, simple, printed, or blank business cards, we have many high quality personalized business cards customizable with your own logo and/or designs.

Our business cards are recommended by all kinds of professionals including, artists, real estate, dj, construction, dental, music, designers, and so on.

MoreRFID is a company you can count on to customize your business cards, or you can design them yourself, we will create business cards to your exact specifications that are perfect for the needs of your business.

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    Precious metals – copper and 18K, or 24K gold for surface processing. Multi-channel traditional crafts, and modern advanced technology.

  • RFID wristbands

    Use RFID technology. The RFID wristbands are crafted for the male, female as well as for kids.

  • RFID tags

    Like passive RFID, semi-passive, and active RFID Tags. They can also be divided into LF(125khz), HF(13.56 MHz), UHF RFID Tags.

  • RFID readers

    Used with smart cards to obtain or “read” data.

  • Magnetic Cards

    Using magnetic characters and record digital information used for identity verification and other purposes.

  • Rewritable Cards

    Covered with a layer of sensitive copying material on a standard magnetic card or smart card.

  • UHF RFID cards

    UHF allows faster data transfer rates, can shorten transaction capture time and speed up data processing.

  • Dual Interface Cards

    Dual interface cards have a contact and a contactless interface combined in a smart card.

MoreRFID Plastic Business Cards

Our statistics are self-annotating of our services within the years we have served. MoreRFID produces these Plastic Business Cards as thick as 1.8mm that last longer than cards made in the market. Due to their thickness, they take longer to wear out. And due to their PVC nature, they are waterproof and repellent to moisture and damage it causes.

Additionally, we offer up to 12 customization options for our Blank Plastic Business Cards. MoreRFID also offers a one-year warranty for our well-crafted, recyclable products.

In case of any reassurance or query, drop an email at MoreRFID or contact us on the number given on the contact page on our website.

MoreRFID Plastic Business Cards Type

MoreRFID produces Custom Designed Plastic Business Card, Simple Plastic Business Card, Printed Plastic Business Card, or Blank Plastic Business Card. We also manufacture Photo Plastic Business Cards, Embossed Plastic Business Cards, Magnetic Plastic Business Cards, Blank Plastic Business Cards, Folded Plastic Business Cards, Double-Sided Plastic Business Cards, and much more.

Plastic Business Cards-Ultimate FAQ Guide

Doing business is all about getting the right contacts and sharing your contacts with the right people. Plastic business cards offer a better and presentable way to achieve this.

You can print all the information that is necessary on your plastic business card and use it to communicate with your prospective clients even after you have left. We have prepared some of the most important information you need to know about plastic business cards below.

What Are Plastic Business Cards?

Plastic business cards are small-sized cards that carry given information about an individual for purposes of conducting business. Apart from plastic business cards, cards can also be made from many materials such as:

  • rubber cards
  • metal business cards
  • wooden business cards
  • wooden nickels
  • paper business cards

Plastic business cards are however more common and better due to the many benefits and durability that they offer.

Plastic business cards are used to carry a summary of information. This is information that identifies a person, what they do, where they work among others.

Standard plastic business cards come with sharp corners, but some will also come with rounded corners.

The plastic business cards can either be frosted translucent plastic, white plastic, metallic plastic, or even crystal clear plastic business card.

Plastic business cards

What Are Plastic Business Cards Used For?

Plastic business cards can be used in so many ways, some of them include:

Promoting your social media: By displaying your social media platforms on the business card, your clients will be able to visit and follow your brand.

Business Loyalty Cards: Plastic business cards can be used to promote business loyalty. By having a card with your brand, customers become even more loyal to the brand.

Making new contacts: The most common way of exchanging contacts is through business cards. Plastic business cards are more unique compared to paper cards and can best elevate your brand.

Event Card: Plastic business cards can also be used to make invitations to the event.

Information card: Plastic business cards are the best way to carry a summary of all the information about yourself and your brand.

Appointment Card: Plastic business cards are used in inviting someone for an appointment. It contains the contact information and address of your office.

What Are The Benefits Of Using MoreRFID Plastic Business Cards?

Plastic business cards are normally the first way of making an impression in any business introduction. Most of today’s business is done online and therefore the need to have a business card in place. Plastic business cards become vital now than ever.

Among the benefits that Plastic businesses offer include:

Affordable Means Of Promoting Your Brand

Printing a plastic business card is cheap especially when ordered in bulk. The number of plastic business cards you are going to print will mainly depend on how many cards you will issue out in a day. A good number of plastic business cards will be used when there is a meeting, exhibition, presentation among other events that will make you meet up with new people.

Good For Events And Exhibitions

The perfect opportunity to showcase your brand is when attending trade shows and exhibitions. They help you in building your contact list and making sales. These are the perfect opportunities to use your plastic business card to share with new friends and prospective clients.

By issuing out your plastic business card, you will be sure that they will get a way to contact you and interact with your brand after the event.

During the exhibition, plastic business cards will occupy no space and will also make your brand stick in people’s minds. This makes plastic business cards the best tool for any event and exhibition.

Tangible Business Promotion

People now prefer hard copies more than just the word of mouth. Plastic business cards provide them with an opportunity to have something that they can fee and hold. When marketing, you will have few options that people can take home and interact with your brand.

Plastic business cards provide you as the marketer with something that your clients can refer to later in case they have a question. Good plastic business card designs are quite hard to throw away and this increases the high chance that you will contact you in the future.

Easy To Display And Distribute

You can use plastic business cards as static displays. By placing them at the right place, people will be able to pick them as they go. You can exhibit plastic cards in places like:

  • On top of the counter
  • Office noticeboard
  • Holding them on a display holder

When displaying the plastic business cards, you should ensure that the company name, logo, and your name are visible while on display.

Keeps Your Email Addresses

Sometimes email addresses, phone numbers, and names may be forgotten. With plastic business cards, you will be able to capture all the necessary information to be remembered after you are done with the meeting.

Easily Visible Compared To An Email

An email will only be relevant once it’s open. It will be the only time it will communicate your brand. Plastic business cards on the other hand remain a constant and physical reminder about the brand. Business cards are normally put at a place that is easy to retrieve and that means they have high chances of being seen almost every day.

Pocket-Sized For Carrying Around

Plastic business cards are carried in the pocket during work or even when out of work. Plastic business cards are very small and concise and take very little space compared to the volume and value of the information they carry around. Plastic business cards will help the prospective client have:

  • A clear view of your brand
  • The benefits of your brand to them
  • Your contact information

This will easily sell your brand easily and less expensively.

How Are Plastic Business Cards Made?

Plastic business cards are made of thin plastic sheets laid on top of each other. The number of plastic layers that make up plastic business cards can range between 3 to 7 layers which are stacked together to form a single sheet through both heat and adhesives. The final plastic sheet will then be cut into finished plastic business cards at the factory.

Making of Plastic Business Cards

How Much Do Plastic Business Cards Cost?

As MoreRFID, we not only produce high-quality plastic business cards but also work hard to offer you the most competitive prices all over the world. Some of the factors that determine the price of plastic business cards include the features of the cards as well as the number of cards ordered.

Although there is no specific price of a plastic business card, the average price can range between $0.25 and $1.5 all depending on the requirements of the client including custom professional design.

How Long Can Plastic Business Cards Last?

The major advantage of using MoreRFID plastic business cards is their durability. Plastic business cards can last for a very long time. The only damages may be associated with scratching and scrubbing it which may make the content unclear.

However, in terms of durability, plastic business cards can last from 20 to 500 years before decomposing. The length of durability will all depend on the structure and the material of the plastic business card.

Do You Offer Custom Designs For Plastic Cards?

Yes, at MoreRFID, we provide custom designs for your plastic business cards to fit unique ideas. We will also provide some latest design suggestions for your plastic business cards. The custom plastic business cards can be unique in shape, size, thickness, material type, graphics, and design among others.

Custom Designs For Plastic Cards

What Kind Of Information Can I Put On Plastic Business Cards?

You should put any information that best communicates about your brand on the plastic business cards. A plastic business card is a summary of your website or profile. As such, a plastic business card can have the simplest information to the most detailed one.

Some of the information that can be necessary on the plastic business card includes:

  • Your name
  • Name of your company or brand
  • The brand’s tagline
  • The vision of the company
  • The company’s mission statement
  • The address
  • Social media pages
  • Products and services

Plastic business cards can have all the above details or just a few. The amount of information will depend on the purpose of the business card.

Which Font Is Better For Plastic Business Cards?

The font that will work on a plastic business card will depend on the type of message that you are looking forward to conveying. For a designer, you may want to use unique artistic fonts that reflect your line of profession. For a finance professional, they may need something much simpler and direct.

Some of the most used fonts in designing plastic business cards include:

  • Baskerville
  • Black Caviar
  • Futura
  • Helvetica
  • Leyton
  • Myriad Pro
  • Times New Roman

Which Is Better Between Glossy And Matte Plastic Business Cards?

Although clients will have different preferences, choosing glossy or matte is a personal decision. Both are good at different lengths. Glossy plastic business cards can offer better protection and quality service compared to matte ones.

The matte finish on the other hand will provide you with a clean, smooth look and tend to work well with different colors. Matte does not show fingerprints when touched which is something common with glossy surfaces thus giving a good clean look.

The choice of any of the two finishes will all depend on one’s preferences. The main goal of a plastic business card is to create a memorable and lasting image of your brand which both of them offer.

Glossy And Matte Plastic Business Cards

What Is The Difference Between 16pt And 14pt Plastic Business Cards?

14pt plastic business cards are more common compared to 16pt because it is cheaper. It is less stiff but has the feel of rigidity on it. 14pt is good and can hardly flop on its own thus good for consideration when making plastic business cards.

16pt plastic business cards on the other hand are more stiff and rigid compared to 14pt. It is more expensive and is more preferable when dealing with small quantities of plastic business cards. 16pt is less likely to get damaged or bent due to its strength.

Are There Any Color Restrictions For Plastic Business Cards Designs?

MoreRFID does not restrict to colors for printing plastic business cards. We print plastic business cards of a wide range of colors. We can handle plastics of any color, design, and print the best designs for your business.

Color Restrictions For Plastic Business Cards Designs

How Can I Send My Artwork For Plastic Business Cards?

Before we proceed and produce your plastic business cards, we will need you to send us the perfect and most clear artwork. You can send the artwork files via PDF and we will be able to print and your plastic business cards in the best form possible.

Can You Cut My Ordered Plastic Business Cards Into Different Shapes?

Our team can customize your order into your desired shapes and sizes. You can have your plastic business cards into sharp corners or round corners. You can also have your plastic business cards cut into any other shape you desire.

Do You Produce 4/4 Colour Printing (Full Colour On Both Sides)?

Yes, we do produce 4/4 color printing plastic business cards. The prints on the plastic business cards utilize dots of four different colors. The four dots are the ones that mix to form a wide spectrum of hues and produce very high-quality plastic business cards.

This process is also referred to as CMYK color printing. The process utilizes four colors: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black also referred to as (K) (CMYK). It is these four colors that are used in the production of all other necessary colors. It allows us to print for you high-quality plastic business cards of any color, gradients, and blends.

Every color is applied on the surface in a layered manner one after another by use of four unique printing plates. This 4/4 color printing process is normally expensive compared to spot printing due to the level of quality associated with it.

44 Colour Printing

Can I See Some Real Printed Sample Of Plastic Business Cards Before I Proceed To Order?

We have a huge number of samples that you can request to have for you to compare and check the quality before you proceed to order. To get the samples, you will need to pay for the shipping fees and we will go ahead and send you the samples you need.

If you need to have your samples customized based on your specific requirements, you will have to send us your requirements for consideration. You will also have to pay $50 for the customized samples to be designed. This amount will act as part of the payment once you order your bulk plastic business cards for production.

I Don’t Have An Artwork For My Plastic Business Cards, Can You Help With It?

Yes for sure, we help you in all steps of the plastic card production process. If you do not have artwork or are not in a position to decide on the best our design team will help you in coming up with nice and perfect artwork.

To get this, you will be required to provide all the relevant information both in terms of images, text, and colors.

Artwork For My Plastic Business Cards

What Type Of Printing Process Do You Use To Print Plastic Business Cards?

To get your fine print of plastic business cards, we normally apply two-card printing techniques. They include Digital Printing and Litho printing. Digital printing normally uses a printing machine that prints toner or liquid ink onto the plastic business cards.

Litho printing technique will normally use plates when adding color and other details onto your plastic business card. For fine and detailed text and graphics on your plastic business cards, we use Litho printing.

Does The Quoted Price Include Printing On All Sides?

The quote received from our team will be all-inclusive. The quote will include all costs associated with the production of the plastic business cards from the start to the end except the shipping costs which are handled by the client.

If the plastic business card design is being handled by our team, the same will be indicated on the invoice as such. All the factors that are associated with your order will be clearly illustrated on the invoice we will send.

What Is The Lowest Quantity Of Pre-Printed Colour Plastic Cards Can You Produce?

We accept a minimum order quantity of 100 plastic business cards. We operate the lowest minimum order quantity to be able to accommodate all our clients. We also handle clients from small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

With an attractive minimum order quantity from plastic business cards, we can guarantee the best price in the market. We also maintain the same quality across our printing works and our plastic business cards have passed all of the internationally set standards.

Lowest Quantity Of Pre-Printed Colour Plastic Cards

Can I Cancel My Order Plastic Business Cards If I Change My Mind?

Yes, indeed you can decide not to proceed with your order if for any reason something comes up. However, to protect both your business and our business, we recommend that all cancellations be done when it costs absolutely nothing to do so.

This means that you should cancel when the production process is yet to start. There will be no full refund for cancellations done after the start of the production process.  The deduction will be based on the amount of money incurred during the ongoing production process.

How Can I Dispose Of My Plastic Business Cards After Use?

Plastic business cards are easily disposed of through recycling. Since plastic business cards carry no private information, they can be taken back to a plastic recycling plant for recycling as they are. To protect the environment, we encourage all our plastic users to consider taking all our plastic products for recycling.

Can You Deliver My Ordered Plastic Business Cards To My Door Step?

As MoreRFID, we are committed to ensuring that we give all our clients the best services in the most convenient way possible. As such, we do door-to-door deliveries for all our local orders. We have also partnered with other international couriers to help us in ensuring the plastic business cards get to you in the safest and timely manner.

Deliver My Ordered Plastic Business Cards To My Door Step

Will You Give Me A Discount For Bulk Purchasing Of Plastic Business Cards?

Yes, indeed we work closely with all our clients and promise better deals depending on the volumes of purchase. We seek to ensure that your business grows through our discounted pricing and regular offers. To get the latest discounts and offers, please subscribe to our newsletter.

What Can I Do If My Plastic Business Cards I Received Are Different From What I Ordered?

In case by any chance, you receive a parcel that does not match with what you had ordered we ask that you prepare for its return. To prepare for its return, make sure that all the documents that had accompanied them are intact that the package is as it came.

We will take care of the damages and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We can also offer discounts in future as a show of concern for your business.

Returning Wrong Package

My Payment Method Is Not On Your List, What Can I Do?

We accept most of the internationally accepted payment methods. We are also open to discussion on your most convenient payment method based on the region you come from. If none of our accepted payment methods is working for you, you can let us know and we will find out how we can fix the situation.

How Soon Can I Receive My Plastic Business Cards After Ordering?

We have invested heavily in an efficient production system that guarantees timely delivery of your plastic business cards. For the production of less than 50,000 plastic business cards, it will take us about 8 to 12 working days. We can also discuss the best working timelines to make sure you meet your deadlines especially if you are under contract.

Do You Deliver Plastic Business Cards During Weekends And Holidays?

We do not deliverplastic business cards during holidays and weekends since our workers and most of the other shipping couriers also do not operate. We however work out everything to ensure that you are well informed in advance and work out a plan that best serves all of us.

We can speed up the production of your plastic business cards before the holidays or weekend starts to make sure you are not inconvenienced in any way. Engage with us and we will discuss your deadlines and our capabilities to find a balance on both ends.

How Can I Track The Progress Of My Plastic Business Cards Order?

Once you place yourplastic business card order, you will be issued with an order number. It is this order number that you will use to follow up on your order.

You should quote the order number every time you are inquiring about your plastic business cards so that it becomes easier to identify your specific order considering the number of orders for different products that we have to deal with.

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