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Provide free design, each with different specifications and different materials

A Reliable RFID Key Fob Manufacturer will Bring you More than These

  • Every MoreRFID RFID key fob through strict quality control processes.
  • 100% QC, every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certified quality.
  • Acceptable custom card size and shape & craft options for RFID key fob
  • Gigh tech RFID key fob printing machine to control the color difference.
  • Our experience and global presence has given us the expertise to meet the requirements of kinds of RFID Key fob.

If you are looking for a high-quality RFID keyfob supplier, obtain high-quality products, contact our engineers immediately!



allotype rfid key fob
  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Key Fobs
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
NFC key fob
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
  • Water Resistant
  • Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From
Epoxy Card
  • Factory Direct Supply Epoxy Cards
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • Epoxy cards are made of all kinds of chips.

A reliable RFID Key Fobs Supplier Give you One-Stop Service

MoreRFID has specialized in RFID key fobs Since 2000, our company offers a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes offers a variety of options for your business. such as ABS KeyfobEpoxy KeyfobLeather Keyfob. More than 100 models to choose from.

We can also customize smart key fobs with your own logo and/or design. Our RFID key fobs have many design options such as silkscreen printed logos, engraving, numbering, and inject numbering.

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RFID Key Fobs have Many Design Printed Logos

Smart key fobs are the chips and coil enclosed in a keychain, also called RFID key fobs, NFC key fobs, proximity key fobs, hide key fobs, RFID key tags, and RFID keychains.

MoreRFID has specialized in RFID cards & RFID key fobs Since 2000, our company offers a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Such as ABS KeyfobEpoxy KeyfobLeather Keyfob. More than 100 models to choose.

We can also customize smart key fobs with your own logo and/or design. Our RFID key fobs have many design options such as silkscreen printed logos, engraving, numbering, and inject numbering.

They are dustproof, waterproof, and anti-vibration. There are many options for you to choose from to personalize them for your employees and/or customers.

In addition, various types of chips can be included inside the key fobs like EM4100, TK4100, EM4200(LF125KHZ), MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Ultralight®, I-Code® 2/SLI. We use only ultralight series chips and composite packaging.

You can trust MoreRFID to produce your high-quality smart key fobs, they include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

RFID Key Fob Manufacturer- The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Wanting to purchase an RFID key fob and do not have any prior information about it? Luckily, you have landed in the perfect place.

This guide is your ultimate solution to look for if you are looking to buy the best but affordable and reliable RFID key fob. We have gathered information through authentic sources for you to easily understand the basics of RFID key fobs.

The guide has all the answers you are searching for before making a purchase regarding the RFID key fob, including its usage, benefits, price, programming, cloning, and much more.

1.      What is RFID Key Fob?

RFID key fobs are the coil and chips of an RFID system enclosed in a keychain.

They look like your normal keychains, but interestingly, they contain a huge amount of data in it that is stored in a tiny chip inside.

They are also known as smart key fobs, proximity key fobs, NFC key fobs, hide key fobs, and RFID key tags.

RFID key fobs are made of plastic and various other materials. They differ in shape, size and color.

Blue RFID Key Fob

2.      How Do RFID Key Fobs Work?

Smart key fobs work by radio frequency identification system.

RFID, a technology by which data is transferred and read through RFID codded tags.

All the information is transferred with the help of radio waves.

It is an entirely wireless mean of transformation and storage of information from one place to another or from one device to another.

3.      Can I Buy an RFID Key Fob with a warranty?

Yes, MoreRFID takes care of this problem as customer satisfaction is their utmost priority.

Their RFID key fobs have a one-year warranty.

They also offer lifetime maintenance service along with the warranty.

For regular customers, they offer discounts and other services as well.

4.      How Can I Copy RFID Key Fob?

For this, turn on your device first and then follow the instructions given below:

  1. Hold RFID key fob towards the handgrip.
  2. Click “Read.”
  3. If the command is right, your device will start beeping.
  4. Now shift the copied tag into an empty one.
  5. Click “Write.”
  6. Data will be moved from the RDIF key fob to the new device.

5.      Do I Get RFID Key Fob with My Logo?

Yes, you can buy customized RFID key fobs.

You can choose from different designs and ask the company to put your logo on an RFID key fob.

Ask for an engraved or printed name logo having different color at the background.

It will be a good addition to your personality.

Customized RFID Key Fobs

6.      Can iPhone Read RFID Key Fob?

Yes, iPhones can read and copy RFID key fobs.

There is an in-built NFC hardware present in iPhones, means IOS APIs do give permission to access NFC hardware.

Without NFC hardware, wireless RFID microchips are not be readable.

If the phones do not have an NFC reader, you can buy an external RFID reader to be attached to the phone and it will read the RFID tags.

Android smartphones can read RFID key fobs via an external reader.


  1. How Much You Pay for RFID Key Fob Duplicator?

RFID key fob duplicators are available in different price ranges.

They can be from $3 to $100, depending upon the quality of the material and the storage of the chip inside it.

Some extremely high-quality RFID key fob duplicators cost more than $100.

It is now easy for you to search any RFID key fob duplicator of your choice through the internet.

Figure 3 RFID Key Fob Duplicator

8.      Can You Get RDIF Key Fobs in Different Varieties?

Yes, there are many varieties of RFID key fobs.

They could be Epoxy Keyfob, ABS Keyfob, and Leather Keyfob.

Though these different types of key fobs are made of different materials, they work exactly the same.

The cost could be different, but their programming, cloning, and usage are entirely similar.

RFID Key Fob Duplicator


9.      Which Applications Can You Use from Your RFID Key Fob?

You can utilize RFID key fobs for many applications such as

  1. Physical security
  2. Ticketing
  3. Mobile phones
  4. Automobiles
  5. Information exchange applications
  6. Door accessibility.

It is considered safe to use RFID key fobs for different tasks these days as they are lightweight, and you can carry them around wherever you go.

 RFID Key Fob Applications

  1. What are the Uses of RFID Key Fob?

RFID key fobs are a modern-day tool, and you can use RFID key fobs for different purposes such as:

  1. You can get access to the doors of your house, apartment, and automobiles.
  2. Tracking of time can be done through these smart key fobs.
  3. You can easily do shopping without carrying cash as RFID key fobs are reliable for e-payments.
  4. RFID key fobs come in handy at the airports during boarding for identification of the passports.Epoxy Key Fob

11.  Can You Purchase RFID Key Fob in Bulk?

Yes, you can purchase RFID key fobs in bulk.

It is always an advantage to buy things in bulk as the wholesale price is economical.

You can order key fobs in bundles from authentic suppliers like MoreRFID. They provide a vast variety of original products.

RFID Key Fobs in Bulk

12.  What is the Price of RFID Key Fob?

RFID key fobs have different price ranges according to the manufacturing company.

You can get an RFID key fob for $3 to $200.

The pricing is according to their quality. The higher is the price, the better is the product.

Price also varies by color, shape, and size.

13.  What Benefits Do I Get from RFID Key Fob?

RFID is an efficient and compact tool. It has different advantages including:

  1. Safe to use.
  2. Mean of transfer of data and its storage.
  3. It is small in size, which makes it highly user-friendly.
  4. Most of the RFID key fobs are resistant to scratches and any external damages.
  5. It is a wireless system that runs through radio waves; hence, no extra wiring and plugs required.
  6. Its handling is quite intuitive.
  7. RFID key fob is an innovative marketing tool that comes in handy during flights and foreign trips.

14.  How Do You Program RFID Key Fob to Your Vehicle?

RFID key fobs cannot start on their own. When you buy a key fob, you have to program it yourself or with the assistance of a professional.

The steps for programming RFID key fob to your vehicle are:

  1. First thing, programming depends on the car model. Check the user manual.
  2. To confirm if your key fob is self-programmable, look into the key fob section of the user manual.
  3. Put your key in the keyhole. Set the time to 10 seconds, turn it on and off about 8 times.
  4. If the locks of the car get locked by this, press the remote’s button.
  5. And you are done. Your key fob is programmed to your car.

Note: These instructions may vary for different car models.

15.  What will be the Purchasing Cost of RFID Key Fob if ordered in Bulk?

On average, it will cost you approximately $100 for 100 pieces if you do not want to invest too much in high-quality RFID key fobs.

For high-quality key fobs, the cost will be about $990 for 10 pieces.

The price range of the bulk varies with the product’s material and its manufacturer.

The wholesale rate of RFID key fobs costs you less as compared to if you buy them individually.

16.  What are the Factors that Enhance the Supply Chain Visibility of RFID Key Fob?

The 5 factors that improve the supply chain visibility of RFID key fobs are:

  1. Correct identification of pain points.
  2. Accurate explanation of the goals you set for the product.
  3. Network building for selling and buying of the product.
  4. Use of high-quality technology to enhance the working efficiency of the product.
  5. Result analysis to check for the success, failure, and the margin to improve.

17.  How Much Time is Required for Shipping RFID Key Fob from One Place to the Another?

RFID key fobs usually take 3 to 5 days for shipping.

You can get your desired product shipped at your door place through FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, or other shipping services.

Most of the companies sign a contract before the shipment so that everything is kept in order and the package is delivered safely to the customer.

18.  Can RFID Key Fobs be Customized?

Yes, you can purchase the best quality customized RFID key fobs.

You can ask for custom printing and can choose the theme of your liking. Instead of this, there is also an option of designing your own key fob on by companies.

Customized options could be in the form of numbering, printing, injecting numbers, silk logo designs, company logos, and many more.

Isn’t it amazing to have an RFID key fob with your name or picture on it? Of course, it is.

  1. Are RFID Key Fobs Water Resistant?

Yes, the RFID key fobs are waterproof. They are made of water-repelling materials like epoxy and silicon.

RFID key fobs are robust tools against not only water but scratches also.

You can easily use them outdoors.

Water Proof Key Fob

  1. What Makes RFID Key Fobs High Quality and High Security?

The radio frequency identification system makes them secure as they are read through radio waves only.

Their programming, reprogramming, and accessibility are customized for you; hence, there is no chance of data leakage.

Like other products, RFID key fobs vary in price and quality. Most of them are high-quality as they are made of expensive but reliable materials such as epoxy, leather, and silicon.

High-quality Key Fobs

21.  What are Some Reasonable Methods to Ship RFID Key Fob from One Place to Another?

There are multiple options to ship RFID key fob from one place to the other such as:

  1. Shipment through airline service
  2. Shipment by sea (ships)
  3. FedEx
  4. DHL
  5. TNT Express
  6. UPS
  7. DB Schenker
  8. YRC Freight
  9. Blue Dart
  10. DTDC

All these services have unique features than the other, like delivery timing, terms, and conditions, weekend services, tracking, restrictions, insurance, and rates.

It is advised to select a shipment service that is easily accessible in your region.

Shipping services

22.  Which RFID Key Fob is Better, NFC Key Fob or Epoxy Key Fob?

There is no difference between the two in terms of quality and working. They differ in the material only.

NFC Key fobs are direct contact, and high-frequency recognition key fobs used mostly for field communication.

NFC key fobs could be of leather, epoxy, or plastic made.

Epoxy key fobs are made by shades of epoxy paint, and they work between the temperature range of -20°C to +50°C.

NFC Key Fobs

23.  How Can RFID Key Fob Aids to the Betterment of My Business?

RFID key fobs are a compact yet powerful marketing tool. They are quite practical in their usage.

Most of the high ranked companies have key fob programmed devices, office cabins, and stock stores. Likewise, they utilize key fobs to upgrade their security system.

Key fobs allow selective entry making them a trustworthy source of security.

24.  How to Copy RFID Key Fob Through Android?

Since android phones do not have an RFID reader, it means you cannot copy your key fob through the android operating system.

It would be best if you bought an external reader for this purpose. Once you get that, the android phone will detect and copy high-frequency RFID.

However, some android phones possess inbuilt NFC hardware; reading and copying NFC key fobs is relatively easier for them.

Fun fact: There is a hack video attached below.

  1. Can I Read RFID Key Fob with My Phone?

Those smartphones that are NFC enabled can definitely read NFC key fobs and RFID of high frequency.

They do so only when your phone and key fob are extremely close to each other. You can say that it worked within a very short range.

If your phone does not have an NFC reader, you need to get one online by searching for external key fob readers.

Once you have your external reader, your phone can read the RFID key fob and the other way round.

26.  Is RFID Key Fob Same as NFC Key Fob?

Actually, the NFC key fob is an RFID branch. NFC stands for near frequency communication.

It basically reads and copies within a short-range, or you can say it reads high-frequency RFID.

It reads passive RFID tags. HF-RFID and NFC both work at 13.6 kHz of frequency.

On the contrary, RFID has more advantages over NFC as it has a wide range of applications, and it detects active RFID tags.

27.  Can I Buy Two Different RFID Key Fobs with Separate Numbering?

Yes, custom printing enables you to have your desired product.

You can ask for different key fobs with separate numbering by placing your order with a customized numbering option.

You can go with a simple numbering option or ask for injecting the digits into the epoxy key fobs. It looks super cool and nifty.

RFID Ket Fobs with Numbering

28.  Are RFID key Fobs Dustproof?

Yes, RFID key fobs are dustproof.

High-quality key fobs are made not only dustproof but water and scratch proof also.

These are ideal to use outdoors as they resist water, dust, and most of the oxidative gases present in the air.

They are anti-vibration as well.

Dustproof RFID Key Fob

29.  How to Purchase RFID Key Fobs Easily?

RFID key fobs are easily purchased through MoreRFID and other online product selling websites.

Just type ‘RFID Key Fobs,’ and you will get multiple options on your screen.

Search with concentration and compare the required product from different websites.

Make a wise choice and finally order.

30.  Can I Get a Lifetime Maintenance Benefit for My RFID Key Fob?

Yes, you can get not only lifetime maintenance of key fob, but you can buy it with a warranty of one year if you make a deal through MoreRFID.

They believe in customer satisfaction and goes beyond to provide support to the customer.

If you become a regular customer, they give you more offers and discounts.

31.  Does an RFID Key Fob Have an EM4100 Chip?

Yes, these key fobs are available in various types of chips, including EM4100, EM4200, TK4100, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE Classic 1K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire, and I-Code 2/SLI.

The price of RFID key fobs varies according to the chip inside.

You can search and order any key fob of your liking on the basis of the suitable chip.

RFID Key Fob Chip


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