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Have efficient, durable, quality NFC Labels created explicitly for you. A chance to have your customization and printing done at your will.

Durable & Quality NFC Tags by MoreRFID

MoreRFID stands reputably for our 13 years of services since 2008 as NFC and RFID Cards and Tags manufacturer. We have served the national and international market for over decades. Our NFC Tags adds to our reputation for their efficient and intelligent wireless communication services.

NFC stickers are commendable for their advantageous activities in communication, solidness in nature, and intelligent touch sensors adaptability. MoreRFID produces NFC & RFID Tags that make you and your business stand out from the crowd. Having abilities to manufacture tags of any design, shape and printing customization are what make us reputable.

Blank NFC Tags

You can choose tags of different specifications and print your artwork on them.


These labels put you in the PET nature and effectively provide you with the features you need while remaining undamaged.

Art Paper NFC Tags

Exclusively manufacture Art Paper NFC tags for you on demand.

Thermal Paper NFC Tags

Excellent production capacity for customizable thermal paper NFC labels.


We manufacture NFC Tags in PVC. PVC nature makes these Tags durable and moldable in any shape and form.

Epoxy NFC Tags

Coated with epoxy resin and equipped with a ferrite layer, it is also suitable for metal surfaces, universal compatibility.

MoreRFID: Your Professional NFC Tags Supplier in China

We are viewed as one of the unrivaled producers of NFC Tags in China. We are known for our service and custom production range of NFC and RFID Cards of high quality for the glorious 13 years since 2008.

These tags allow you to have successful and efficient short-range communication within short-range devices like cellphones, electronics like TV, and other intelligent technologies.

Our warehouses in China are equipped with the most cutting-edge creation bits of hardware. We provide commendable speed in the preparation of your proposed NFC stickers.  Each produced set passes a strong inspection check before the items leave our warehouses to their destination.

We make our NFC Tags as required shape, assembling, customization and personalization, just like our customers ask. We promise you the total out of results of your investment and time.

We help you with customs clearance and delivery routes to experience an absolutely hustle-free deal with us at MoreRFID.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply NFC Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Products TypeNFC Tag, NFC Sticker, NFC Label
MaterialArt Paper, PET, PVC, Thermal Paper, Fabric, Silicone,Other Customer material
Applicable peopleMale, Female,Kids.
Operating temperature-25 to 55(℃)
Minimum QTY100pcs


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI

NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication, also known as close proximity wireless communication.

It is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows transmission of data as a point to point contact (within 10cm) between the electronic devices.

MoreRFID is a custom NFC tags & RFID products manufacturing expert, we supply custom and printable services; you can create best NFC tags according to your designs.

We produce NFC tags and NFC stickers that can carry out short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC, and intelligent control tools.

Universal NFC tags offer a simple, touch-based solution that allows consumers to exchange information with a simple and intuitive way to access content and services.

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We are pretty well-known and reputable to manufacture NFC tags that are customized. We at MoreRFID ensure that principles upheld by quality affiliations overall are abided by in the production. We offer the best quality at super affordable rates.

Not just that, we also provide these tags with a one-year warranty. If any defect is to be found, which is near to impossible, we replace it for you. We also provide services of maintenance that stand us apart from our competitors.

Drop an email at MoreRFID or Reach us on the number given on the contact page on our site.

MoreRFID NFC Tags Type

MoreRFID produces NFC Tags of various types. All of them are made up of advanced technology. We manufacture PVC NFC Tags, PET NFC Tags, Art Paper NFC Tags, Thermal Paper NFC Tags, Silicone NFC tags, NFC Tags Reader, and Blank NFC Tag.


The prevalence of NFC technology in the past decade has undoubtedly been profound. It is safe to assume that you have probably used or encountered NFC stickers at some point over the last 10 years.

Owing to the efficiency and speed of NFC Tags, most people are ditching barcodes and QI codes in favor of them.

Below are the essentials of NFC Tags you need to grasp.


What are NFC Tags?

NFC Tags are essentially a form of contactless radio transmission that operates within short ranges. Iconic facets of technology such as electronic TV sets and cell phones employ NFC technology to improve efficiency in mid-range communication.

The chips fitted in NFC Stickers, enable you to convey through your digital cell phone or TV, digital data within very short arrays. These tags lack inbuilt energy sources, which forces them to rely on external devices such as NFC Tag readers.

What are NFC Tags Used for?

NFC Tags are well equipped to host a large pool of information ranging from games and mobile application links to personal information and Website addresses. Their hasty operation makes them attractive for business applications that operate on the speedy transmission of digital information within short ranges.

The prominent usage of NFC Stickers is in cashless transactions. A phone attached with an NFC Tag can initiate a cashless payment by tapping the phone to an NFC Reader. The followings are other ways in which NFC Tags are used:

  • Cashless payment.
  • Product promotion stickers.
  • Access control cards.
  • Business cards.
  • Transport systems.

usage of NFC tags

What are the Benefits of Using NFC Tags?

NFC Tags are immensely popular for being proficient in their functionality. Adapting the use of NFC Tags in your business, personal use or political campaigns will bring you the following paybacks:

  • Cost-efficiency.

These tags are cheap to acquire and maintain. This means you can promote your business or political campaign at a larger scale without incurring astronomical costs.

  • Flexibility in the application.

Given their speed and efficiency in operation, NFC Tags can be customized to perform multiple functions such as cashless payments and access control.

  • Durability.

NFC Tags are effective short-range communication devices that can serve your purpose for ages with minimal maintenance demands.

How Do NFC Stickers Function?

NFC Tags count on active gadgets for activation due to their lack of ingrained energy supply. They are passive in nature meaning they are incapable of functioning without external supplements.

Through electromagnetic orientation, a current is created in the NFC stickers, which consequently powers the devices. An electromagnetic field created by active devices such as a digital cell phone limits the operation of NFC Tags to shorter ranges.

Once your NFC Tag is close to an active scanner or reader, a current that matches the one on the magnetic field is generated resulting in a powered-up NFC Tag. A powered NFC tag then transmits data resulting in successful communication.

How NFC Tags work

How are NFC Tags Programmed?

NFC Tags contain chips, which are programmed to perform certain tasks. For smooth functionality, most NFC stickers are integrated with a smartphone’s circuit system. Stores or entities with NFC Tag systems employ a similar technology to allow successful digital data transmission.

In this case, you can prompt payment at the checkout section by taping or bringing your phone close to the NFC Tag reader to approve the payment. By writing commands on your smartphone, you are programming your NFC Tag to perform certain functions.

What Types of NFC Stickers does MoreRFID Produce?

MoreRFID produces best NFC Tags in adherence to ISO 14443 certification of type A and B wireless principles. This is a universal standard specification that regulates the manufacture of NFC Tags.

  • NFC Tag 1 and 2.

NFC stickers come in different tag types based on storage capabilities and transmission speeds. Both NFC Tag types A and B have a data memory range of between 48 bytes to 2 Kilobytes. Similarly, both NFC Tag types are capable of transmitting digital information at a speed of 106 Kbit/s, which is usually sufficient for most applications.

  • NFC Tag type 3.

NFC Tag type 3 is capable of transmitting data at a faster rate of 212 Kbit/s and unlike Tag type 1 and 2 they use the Sony Felica principle. Despite being applicable to the most complicated functions, they are not rewritable.

  • NFC Tag Type 4.

NFC Tag type 4 is also non-rewritable but it boasts a higher storage capacity at 32 kilobytes. It has a transmission speed of approximately 106 Kbit/s.

What is the Average Memory Size of MoreRFID NFC Tags?

The memory size of MoreRFID NFC Tags varies from 40 bytes to 4kilobytes. The size of the NGC Tag you opt for should be determined by the functions you expect your NFC Tag to perform. Furthermore, the data you need to be stored in the NFC Tag regulates the memory size of your device.

For basic functions such as web linkages and cashless payments, your NFC Tag requires relatively smaller storage compared to complicated functions that require NFC Tag type three and four.

NFC tags Storage

What Should I Consider When Choosing an Ideal NFC Tag for My Business?

MoreRFID produces different NFC Tags for different applications. The ideal NFC Tag for your business should be based upon the specific application your business is after. The following are factors that will guide you in procuring the best NFC Tags for your business:

  • Longevity.

A good NFC Tag should be able to your business for extended periods without incurring regular maintenance costs. You should not have to keep replacing your NFC Tags year in, year out. The memory should also be sufficient over a long period.

  • Transmission speed.

These tags have varying transmission speeds. You should settle for NFC Tags that can comfortably meet the transmission requirements your project demands.

Other factors you should consider are flexibility, purchase and maintenance costs, simplicity, and accessibility.

How do I Choose the Best Chip for My NFC Stickers?

One of the most essential components of an NFC Tag is the chip. The chip is responsible for your device’s speed and storage capacity meaning the choice you go for typically determines the efficiency of your NFC Tag.

MoreRFID technicians will help you identify the perfect chip for your NFC Tag depending on what is expected of your apparatus. Choosing the right NFC Tag chip will definitely ensure your NFC Tag meets its objective.

What is the Average Range of MoreRFID NFC Tags?

NFC Tags are limited in their range due to their lack of an internal source of power. They are forced to rely on active devices such as smartphones, NFC readers, or scanners for energy. This shortened range influences the ways and settings in which

NFC Tags are limited in their range due to their lack of an internal source of power. They are forced to rely on active devices such as smartphones, NFC readers, or scanners for energy. This shortened range influences the ways and settings in which NFC Tags are applied.

NFC Tags operate at an estimated distance of 10 centimeters within NFC readers. This requires the user to be in very close contact with the reader for his/her NFC Tag to be activated. Despite this limitation, NFC Tags are extremely fast in their digital data transmission hence they are so widely used.

are applied.

NFC Tags operate at an estimated distance of 10 centimeters within NFC readers. This requires the user to be in very close contact with the reader for his/her NFC Tag to be activated. Despite this limitation, NFC Tags are extremely fast in their digital data transmission hence they are so widely used.

NFC tags read Range

How Can I Read NFC Tags?

If you are using a digital device to read NFC Tags, you need to have the NFC tool turned on. On the active device, which might be a smartphone or an NFC Reader, go to the reader tab.  With your active reader or scanner set, slide your NFC Tag behind your scanner and information will be displayed.

Reading encrypted or password-protected NFC Tags is quite different or sophisticated. Before your password-protected NFC Tag is automatically deciphered by NFC Readers, you will be prompted to input your passcode.

Does MoreRFID sell NFC Tag Readers?

MoreRFID has been manufacturing and vending NFC Tag readers for over a decade. We have made over five million sales and are committed to meeting the demand for NFC Tags. Our NFC tags are of superior quality as is evidenced by their smooth functionality and unrivalled longevity.

Our NFC tags are available to our local and universal clients at retail and wholesale prices. We have a variety of NFC Tags in our register and we are open to personalizing your orders. Visit our website for more information on the available NFC Tags, their price tags, and detailed description.

NFC tag reader

How do I Write Information into My NFC Tag?

NFC Tags are embedded with microchips with storage capacities. As we customize your NFC Tag, we input personal information as directed by you. This information enables the NFC Tag to perform tasks that are demanded of it.

Some NFC Tags are connected to smartphones either Android or iPhone. In such cases, you can write data in your NFC Tag using your smartphone. First, you need to have a reader application, which has an ‘add record’ tab. Using this option write your commands and click on write once you are done. To complete the process, slide your NFC Tag at the back of your device.

Why am I Unable to Read or Write on My NFC Tag?

Although MoreRFID NFC Tags rarely experience technical hitches, their rare occurrence may have you asking questions. The following are reasons that may have you unable to read your NFC Tag:

  • Having your NFC Tag password protected.
  • Incompatibility with your NFC reader.
  • A corrupted NFC chip.

Can I Send MoreRFID Samples of My Preferred NFC Tags?

Yes, we encourage our customers to send us their NFC Tag illustrations to ensure our designers and technicians create a product that is exactly what the client ordered. NFC Tag samples are crucial in aiding our designers to create final pieces matching your customization specifications.

You can send us your NFC Tag samples via email address, After this, our designers will engage you to ensure we come up with the finished article. We also have a catalog of NFC Tag samples for your consideration.

NFC tag sample

Do I Have to Pay More to Get My NFC Tag Customized?

The kind of customization you want to be included in your NFC Tags determines the price you pay for your order. Customizations that include NFC chip personalization tend to cost more in the end since the company incurs further costs in production.

Other customizations such as color arrangement that do not result in further expenditure are relatively cheaper.We do not charge you additional design fees. It is, however, worth the extra coin given you get a product of your choice. Some personalization such as logo printing tends to boost your company’s marketing strategy.

How Long Will it Take to Get My NFC Tag Produced?

Production of NFC Tags commences immediately we agree on your preferred design and you have formally placed your order. Several dynamics determine the period your order takes to be produced. These include:

  • The quantity of your order.
  • Factory scheduling.
  • Customization.

MoreRFID is however committed to ensuring you get your order on time. Most of our orders are produced in 2 to 5 days.

Production time

Do MoreRFID NFC Tags Have an Expiry Date?

No. MoreRFID specializes in the manufacture of quality and durable NFC & RFID Tags that give our clients extended service. Our NFC Tags have no given lifespan and are capable of providing first-rate services for years without breakdown.

We have our NFC stickers fitted with sufficient storage that can last you ages without filling up. This prolongs the life of your software. Our NFC tags are also made of plastic or other dependable material, which can withstand water and physical pressure therein preventing regular damages.

In cases where our NFC Tags malfunction, we have mitigation measures such as warranty and maintenance packages that lengthen the lifespan of your device.

How Secure is the Information Stored in NFC Tags?

Information stored in our NFC Tags is impenetrable. NFC Tags that support cashless payment have their information protected using Bank-Level security protocols to safeguard against breaches. In our existence, we have not had cases of information breaches in our NFC Tags.

There is also the option of encrypting your NFC Tag. This customization involves protecting your NFC Tag with a passcode, which ensures unwanted personnel does not have access to sensitive data. Moreover, trusted manufacturers who prioritize the safety of our clients are contracted to produce our NFC chips.

Data security

Is buying NFC Tags in Bulk Cheaper than buying them Piece by Piece?

As is with most industrial products, the purchase of NFC Tags in bulk attracts certain discounts. This is brought about by the production cost cuts made during large-scale production. Bulk production results in economical utilization of manpower, machinery, and raw-material hence the cheaper price.

The bulk purchase discount offered by MoreRFID depends on the quantity purchased. To encourage bulk purchases, we offer a special discount package for customers who purchase NFC Stickers in bulk.

Buying in bulk also has advantages in terms of shipping and shipping, as there is minimal wasted space.

Can MoreRFID NFC Tags be Integrated with Smartphones?

Modern smartphones running on Android or IOS systems are capable of reading NFC Tags.

Intergration with a phone

How to Integrate NFC on your Android Phone.

First, must your smartphone must have the latest Android version.

  • To activate your NFC Chip via android, you need to switch on the NFC icon by going to settings.
  • This action will automatically switch on the Android beam.
  • With the Android beam and NFC Chip on, you can read your NFC Tag using your phone.

How to Integrate NFC on your iPhone.

Not all iPhones can read NFC Tags. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S for instance cannot read NFC Tags even though they can handle NFC transactions.

  • For your phone to read NFC stickers, you need to download an NFC Tag reader from the Apple App Store.
  • Once you open the NFC Reader application, you can access the content of your NFC Tag.

Do you offer NFC Tag Samples?

Yes. We have hundreds of NFC Tag samples in our catalog, which is readily available to our customers. We understand that these models are integral in your decision-making process thus we have invested heavily in our samples index.

To request our NFC Tags samples, kindly email us at We do send physical copies of the samples at a freight fee of $50. We, however, reimburse the amount once you place a bulk order.

How Can I Pay for My Order?

We offer flexible payment options and terms to our customers. MoreRFID allows you to choose your favoured payment option regardless of your destination. Our payment methods are tailored to enable you to make your payments easily and securely. The following are payment methods approved by MoreRFID:

  • Cash payments
  • Online Payments such as PayPal.
  • Western Union
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfers.

More RFID payment methods.

Are My NFC Tags Warranty Protected?

Yes. At MoreRFID, we have all our products including NFC Tags warrantied. Our warranty expires after 12 months whereby you can sign up for our maintenance service at a cost-efficient fee. Over the warranty period, we repair and replace faulty NFC Tags without charging you.

To be eligible for free repairs or replacements under our warranty program, a third party should not tamper with your NFC Stickers. For further directions, contact us using the contact details found on our website.

Do you have NFC Tag Design Templates or Do You Help Clients Design NFC Tags?

Our esteemed team of designers collaborated with our clients to ensure that our clients get the best designs for their NFC Tags. We will help you choose NFC Tag software that best suits your need as well as a glamorous or classy exterior to match it.

You can refer to our sample register for designs or you can request our customer support team to provide you with NFC Tags design templates.

Can I Cancel My Order and be Reimbursed?

You are eligible for a refund upon canceling your order before production begins. Once production has commenced, any order cancellation does not result in reimbursement. This is because we have incurred costs related to the purchase of material and machinery operation.

MoreRFID does not encourage NFC Tags order cancellation at all. We are however committed to finding alternative solutions to NFC Tag’s order cancellation. Do not hesitate to raise your concerns before the production of your NFC Stickers kicks on.

To initiate NFC Tags order cancellation, you need to contact our customer support unit before production commences. An amount equalling your order will be reimbursed into your account.

Cancel my order

How can I Contact MoreRFID on NFC Tag Issues?

In the spirit of customer interaction, MoreRFID has multiple platforms that allow effective communication between our NFC Tags customers and our customer support unit. The following are ways in which you can successfully contact our customer support staff:

Phone Number



What After-sale Services does MoreRFID Offer its NFC Tag Buyers?

For our NFC Tag customers, our interest in your success does not end when we sell close our transactions. We have a couple of mechanisms in place to make sure that the use of MoreRFID NFC Tags is smooth and beneficial.

  • To begin with, we have a one-year warranty policy that ensures we provide repair or replacement services for your faulty NFC Tags within that period.
  • Secondly, we offer reliable shipment and door-to-door delivery.
  • We provide cardholders to keep your secure.
  • Finally, we offer maintenance services for NFC Tags at a discounted price.

How do you Ensure my NFC Tags Order is Safe while being Shipped?

The first step we take in ensuring your NFC Tags get to you safely is packaging them safely. We do this by wrapping them safely to avoid physical damage as well as use three-layered boxes for maximum protection. The boxes are further immaculately sealed with strong adhesives to ensure there are no drop-offs

Additionally, we ship products  using reliable delivery means such as TNT and DHL. During shipment, we keep track of the NFC Stickers and their movement by constantly engaging the courier service. We also ensure your NFC Tags are delivered using safe and trustworthy routes.

What Should I do When my NFC Tag Malfunctions?

Device malfunctions are sometimes unavoidable as they are unprecedented. Even though we put so much work into ensuring our NFC Tags do not break down, there are rare cases where they do flop. In such a scenario, you should email us at, detailing the nature and extent of the malfunction.

In case the malfunction occurs within 12 months of purchase, we will mend or substitute your faulty NFC Tag with a new tag. If the malfunction occurs upon expiry of the 1-year warranty period, we charge a discounted repair or replacement fee.

MoreRFID advises our clients to report NFC Tag malfunction to our customer support team as opposed to consulting third parties.

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