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Your Credible RFID Laundry Tags Manufacturer from China

Give your business an all-rounder washable rfid tags! MoreRFID manufactures Laundry Tags of all shapes and sizes to provide you with radio frequency tags to work even in high-intensity situations.

High-Quality & Competitive Rated RFID Laundry Tags by MoreRFID

With a wide variety of production of RFID and NFC solutions at local markets in China and markets overseas, MoreRFID is perhaps known broadly as one of the commended manufacturers of RFID Tags. Our standing is majorly due to the work devotion and quality consistency we have exhibited since the time of our advent in the industry.

MoreRFID provides high-tech RFID Laundry Tags with saleable frequency chips. We offer our design teams’ services to you for the ideal outcome in customization at absolutely no cost. You can have your business waterproof RFID tags of desired size and shape.

Silicone RFID Laundry Tags

These RFID laundry tags are made up of silica solutions

RFID Laundry Disc Tags

We produce top-notch radiofrequency Laundry Disc Tags so can have clothes now digitally recognizable at laundries.

RFID Washing Industry Laundry Tags

We provide our services as RFID Laundry Tags manufacturers to Washing duties all across the globe.

RFID Hospital Laundry Tags

We are among the prominent names in the production of RFID Laundry Tags for Hospitals.

Blank RFID Laundry Tags

Blank RFID Laundry Tags can allow you the total personalization and customization of tags for laundry use.

UHF Fabric RFID Laundry Tags

They are made of fabric material, softer and stronger, not easily damaged.

MoreRFID: Your Professional RFID Laundry Tags Manufacturer

We laid our foundation back in 2008, and ever since, MoreRFID holds a bewildering ground for creating our NFC and RFID Cards. We profoundly regard the nature of creating the RFID Laundry Tags that we supply to our clients all across the world.

Our company adheres to ISO9001:2008 Certifications itself for the manufacturing of RFID Tags.

We have German flip-chip machines, German Heidelberg printing machines, CTP machines, and cutting and shaping machines to ensure the preferred craftsmanship of RFID Laundry Tags.

We offer in-house accessible design plan administrations to regard your decision and pick us as partners for your washable RFID tag production.

We at MoreRFID don’t charge you for test samples. We let you have the models evaluated to guarantee that you invest your time, money, and trust in the right place.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Laundry Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Available RFID Chip

Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

Reading Distance

High frequency2-5 cm, with big memory, is widely applied in various fields.
(for ISO15693, reading distance can reach 1m)
Ultra high frequency1-10 m, the most sensitive, easy to be affected by humidity, dust, temperature, etc

RFID laundry tags include RFID silicone flexible laundry tags and RFID disc tags. They are widely used in the washing industry, hospital logistics, and other fields.

MoreRFID is a professional washable RFID laundry tags manufacturer. Our company produces RFID tags for clothes with the advantage of safe, washable, non-toxic, durable wear, green environmental protection, etc.

Our laundry RFID tags can also be used in high temperature, high humidity, and high-intensity situations.

A high-quality RFID laundry tags supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust MoreRFID products, our RFID laundry tags include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will respond within 24 hours or less!

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MoreRFID RFID Laundry Tags

We at MoreRFID provide exceptional services in the production and supply of RFID Tags for our clients. These tags exhibit excellent functionalities of radiofrequency. Their Silica Nature and aluminum antenna material helps to provide sustainability over the years. That is what enables us to offer moist-proof and durable RFID Laundry Tags to you.

MoreRFID RFID Laundry Tags are made to perform well in high temperatures, high humidity, and high-intensity situations. These tags are recyclable and eco-obliging that benefits back for not being risky to mother nature.

Go ahead and reach us to have all your queries answered. Our customer representatives entertain any question in less than a day!

MoreRFID RFID Laundry Tags Type

MoreRFID manufactures waterproof RFID tags for many industries. The MoreRFID RFID Laundry Tags Type includes Silicone RFID Laundry Tags, RFID Laundry Disc Tags, RFID Washing Industry Laundry Tags, RFID Hospital Laundry Tags, Blank RFID Laundry Tags, button RFID laundry tag, and many other fields.

Laundry Tags-The Ultimate FAQ Guide RFID

Businesses dealing with large volumes of laundry cleaning and circulation such as commercial hospitality are continuously incorporating the use of RFID Laundry Tags. RFID technology brings efficiency to laundry management hence the growing demand for RFID Laundry tags. MoreRFID has the experience, expertise, and machinery needed to manufacture and deliver diverse categories of washable RFID tags and readers locally and internationally.

RFID laundry tag

What Are RFID Laundry Tags?

RFID Laundry Tags are washable electronic tags that use RFID technology in laundry applications such as tracking medical uniforms and hotel sheets. Our  tags are coated with soft rubber for flexibility and longevity.

They are impervious to water and heat emitted by washing dryers. They are majorly used to regulate the issuance and return of garments mostly in commercial hospitality enterprises. MoreRFID has a wide variety of RFID tags laundry to choose from.

What Benefits Does A Laundry Store Gain From Using RFID Laundry Tags?

Regardless of the magnitude of laundry, your business deals with, RFID Laundry tags are of immense significance. With benefits ranging from reduced theft of garments to accurate inventory keeping, RFID Laundry technology is a lifesaver. Underneath are some of the most advantageous implications of using washable RFID tags:

  • Accurate Laundry Records.

Unlike manual record-keeping, automated inventory-keeping aided by RFID technology is much more accurate given there is no room for human error. These tags are also vital in keeping track of garments’ wash cycle, therefore, necessitating repairs or replacements promptly.

  • Minimal Use of Human Labor.

Sorting large chunks of laundry manually can be hectic and very time-consuming. RFID Laundry tags are able to perform this task better, more accurately, and with less time consumption. For a business, this is profound since you can cut down on human labor costs.

  • Reduced Cases of Laundry Theft.

With a functional RFID laundry management system, the whereabouts of every garment is accounted for. In cases where your business handles hundreds or thousands of laundry, your staff may not manage to account for all items.

  • Efficient Check-in System.

RFID tag systems can be incorporated to provide vital information such as check-out dates and return dates. With this system, you will be able to plan when certain textile will be returned and the condition it comes in.

use of RFID Laundry Tag

Is It Possible To Reuse RFID Laundry Tags?

Yes. Owing to their soft rubber coating, RFID Laundry tags are reusable with some capable of enduring close to 200 wash cycles. Furthermore, our waterproof RFID tags have a pressure tolerance of up to 60 bars meaning they are not easily prone to tear.

The quality material used to coat RFID Laundry tags ensures they are impermeable to water or even high temperatures emitted by washing dryers thus you can reuse them hundreds of times without diminishing their quality or performance levels.

How Do RFID Laundry Tags Function?

By employing radio frequency technology, RFID laundry tags are able to capture and transmit data to RFID readers or integrated CPUs for analysis and translation. Every tag has a unique code attached to it. The transmission of this code and other digital data such as laundry item numbers to an RFID reader will result in the provision of details such as the location of the item.

Ideally, an RFID reader transmits electromagnetic waves to an RFID Laundry tag thus activating it. Consequently, the tag conveys digital data to the RFID reader, which in turn transmits the data to a computer for processing and implementation.

How RFID Laundry Tags Work.

Can RFID Readers Read Several RFID Laundry Tags Simultaneously?

In principle, RFID readers can only read one RFID tag at one time. Having two RFID Laundry Tags transmitting signals instantaneously will result in a situation where the RFID reader cannot tell the two apart.

However, premium RFID Readers are able to read RFID laundry tags very fast and rapidly you might think it is happening simultaneously. With this kind of speed, you are able to read a multitude of waterproof RFID tags within a very short span of time therefore conserving time.

What Are The Fundamental Attributes To Consider When Choosing RFID Laundry Tags?

When picking an ideal RFID laundry tag for your business, there are certain factors you should contemplate to make certain you will not regret your choice. Although our technicians will advise on the RFID Laundry type, the following are essential attributes that should inform your selection:

  • Type and range of frequency.
  • Type of chip mounted.
  • The type of tag that is passive or active.
  • Certifications.
  • Durability.

Attributes of a good RFID Laundry Tag

What Is The Average Frequency Range Of RFID Laundry Tags?

RFID Laundry Tags usually come in three different frequency variations depending on your intended application.

  • Low Frequency.

The majority of passive RFID Laundry Tags have a low-frequency rate of about 125 kHz. One of the benefits of passive low-frequency RFID Laundry Tags is that they can properly function even in metallic or water surrounded environments.

  • High Frequency.

High-frequency RFID Laundry Tags average a frequency rate of about 13.56MHz. These tags are powered through inductive coupling whereby they rely on radio waves from RFID readers for power. They have a faster transmission speed averaging 100 Kbps.

  • Ultra-High Frequency.

With an average frequency range of between 860 to 960MHz, Ultra-high frequency RFID Laundry Tags are very fast in transmitting digital data. This frequency range is available in both active and passive RFID chips.

How Are RFID Laundry Tags Produced?

MoreRFID has invested massively in top-notch machinery, staff expertise, and innovations to ensure we produce the best RFID Laundry Tags. Production occurs in the following steps:

  • Layout Sketching: First, our technicians generate operating software and formulate an ideal storage capacity. The operating software determines the transmission speed of the tag.
  • Chip Production. We commence the production of your laundry tag by manufacturing the ideal electronic chip. This step is carried out in a very protected environment by skilled technicians.
  • Coding: Thirdly, we code commands to your RFID Laundry tag stipulating the functions your apparatus should undertake.
  • Loading Your Data: To conclude the manufacture of your waterproof RFID tags, we load data regarding the client and operational needs of the device onto the microchip.

What Chip Types Do You Install In RFID Laundry Tags?

MoreRFID produces two types of RFID chips. The client chooses the chip type to be mounted on his/her RFID laundry tag. Our technicians will help you choose the perfect RFID chip for your laundry tag once you specify your objectives.

  • Active RFID Chip.

This is a chip made with an ingrained power source meaning it can initiate transmission on its own. Active RFID tags are relatively expensive but they possess higher transmission speeds compared to passive RFID chips.

  • Passive RFID Chips.

These chip types are not endowed with a battery or power source. As a result, they are forced to rely on electromagnetic waves emitted by RFID readers for power and activation. They are relatively cheaper and can transmit signals even when surrounded by water and metal.

Chip types

Do You Personalize RFID Laundry Tags?

Yes. Our technicians will deliver custom RFID laundry tags that match your unique specifications. By working closely with our clients during the sampling and designing phases, we are able to capture your desired color arrangement, tag shape, and size, logo, and artwork on the finished RFID Laundry tags.

We use the latest color combination technology to ensure your tag has your desired color arrangement. In addition, our printing machinery is able to imprint exclusive logos and artwork on washable RFID tags, therefore, aligning with your marketing scheme. Moreover, we personalize the electronic chip and data held to perform your dictated objectives.

Regardless of the uniqueness of your product description, our design team will customize your RFID Laundry Tags.

Are RFID Laundry Tags Washable?

Doing your textile laundry on a washing machine is no cause for concern regarding your RFID Laundry Tags. Our laundry tags are made to withstand all the pressures that come with washing without deteriorating performance.

These tags are water and chemical resistant thereby they can be used during washing without ruining their performance levels. Thanks to the soft rubber used to wrap them, RFID Laundry tags can tolerate hundreds of washing cycles. They are pressure-resistant meaning they rarely malfunction after washing.

Can RFID Laundry Tags Be Used To Track Laundry?

The reason most commercial hospitality joints are embracing RFID Laundry Tags is because of their efficiency in combatting textile loss and theft. Having your uniforms, hotel bedding, or hospital scrubs fitted with RFID Laundry Tags will provide you with vital information on the item’s location and condition.

Tagging garments with washable RFID laundry tags enables you to keep abreast with the state of your textile without physically taking count. The speed at which data is transmitted is also important given you can access key inventory data within minutes.

reading distance

How Do I Read Data From RFID Laundry Tags?

Reading data from your RFID Laundry Tags requires you to have RFID readers/scanners. For you to decipher digital data from your laundry tag fitted with an active RFID chip, you are required to flash the tag across the RFID reader. This will prompt the transmission of data collected and stored in your RFID Laundry tag to the reader will, in turn, convey it to a linked computer for processing and interpretation.

Reading data from an laundry tag fitted with a passive chip on the other hand will occur when your RFID Reader emits radio waves to power up the tag. Consequently, the data stored in the laundry tag will be conveyed to the RFID reader and subsequently transmitted to an integrated CPU for analysis.

How Much Do RFID Laundry Tags Cost?

The price of MoreRFID RFID Laundry tags is reliant on several factors. MoreRFID however, offers some of the best RFID Laundry tags at very competitive price points. For instance, these tags fitted with passive chips are comparatively inexpensive compared to active chip fitted RFID Laundry tags.

Customization of washable RFID laundry tags also comes at a cost meaning the price you pay for your RFID Laundry tags will be inclusive of the personalization included. The price also takes into consideration the prevalent market dynamics as was evidenced by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Other price determinants include:

  • The volume of the order.
  • Discount applied.
  • Delivery destination.

What Time Does It Take MoreRFID To Produce RFID Laundry Tags?

RFID Laundry tags production is a process that is without a doubt, time-consuming. We, however, have specialized machinery, expertise, and technology that enables us to manufacture washable RFID laundry tags within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our duration of approximately one to two days is one of the best production timelines in the RFID Laundry tags industry. There are nonetheless, factors that determine the duration of your order production. They include:

  • The magnitude of your order.
  • The machinery schedule.
  • Level of customization.

Do You Manufacture RFID Laundry Tag Readers?

Yes. MoreRFID is a one-stop shop for all your smart cards, tags, and related appliances. We produce high-quality RFID readers customized to flawlessly work with your waterproof RFID laundry tags. You can choose the RFID Readers of your choice from our lengthy stock list by visiting our website.

MoreRFID offers guidance and education on RFID Tag usage through our manuals and freely available professionals. Our prices are friendly and we also deliver locally and internationally.

RFID reader

Does MoreRFID Offer Discounts To RFID Laundry Tag Bulk Buyers?

Purchasing RFID  tags in bulk attracts varying amounts of discounts. We customize our discount packages depending on the vastness of your order. This means an order of 500 RFID tags will attract lesser discounts compared to an order of 1000 RFID tags.

This is because as we produce large amounts of RFID laundry tags, we save on raw materials, time, and labor. Bulk buying discounts do not translate to us charging more on singular RFID Laundry tag purchases given we offer some of the cheapest prices on the market.

What Are The Different Types Of RFID Laundry Tags?

MoreRFID is stocked with different varieties of RFID Laundry tags. To fulfill the distinctive needs of our diverse customer base, we produce different RFID tags with different specifications such as chip type and reading range. The following are the different types of RFID Laundry tags on our shelves:

  • Silicone RFID Laundry tags.
  • RFID Laundry disc tags.
  • RFID washing industry laundry tags.
  • RFID hospital laundry tags.
  • Blank RFID laundry tags.

What Expected Setbacks Come With The Deployment Of RFID Laundry Tags?

The deployment of RFID Laundry tags is not a perfect experience as is everything in life. Although the benefits massively outweigh the cons, you should be aware of some of the setbacks. A good understanding of the setbacks will aid you to choose the best washable RFID laundry tags and deploy them correctly to reap maximum benefits.

Here are a few of the setbacks:

  • The operation of some washable RFID laundry tags is inhibited by metals and water.
  • RFID Laundry tags are relatively expensive.
  • Implementing RFID laundry tag technology can be hectic at first.

What Happens If My RFID Laundry Tag Malfunctions?

MoreRFID will repair or replace defective RFID Laundry tags if the defect is experienced within 12 months of purchase. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will repair the defective items at a discounted price.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact details availed on our website to notify us of the malfunction. The quality of our RFID tags is unquestionable hence, it is extremely rare for your RFID Laundry tag to break down.

What Shipment Options Does MoreRFID Provide For RFID Laundry Tags?

MoreRFID has established a trusted network of delivery partners across the world. This enables us to deliver your orders to your doorstep, safely and on time. Although our choice of shipment method to use is informed by the customer’s choice, the order volume, and delivery distance, we will deliver your order in one piece.

Here are some of the trusted ways we use to deliver your order:

  • Air shipment.
  • Sea shipment.
  • Train shipment.

shipping methods

Does MoreRFID Offer After-Sale Services To RFID Laundry TAGS?

To appreciate our customers for buying our RFID Laundry tags, we offer the following post-purchase services in return:

  • 12 months long warranty.
  • Door-to-door delivery regardless of your location.
  • Education through user manuals and professional training.
  • Maintenance services at discounted prices.

How Do You Ensure My RFID Laundry Tags Are Safely Packaged?

Shipment can be challenging. To overcome setbacks that shipping possesses, we package our RFID Laundry tags in ways that will ensure your order is delivered in perfect condition. Before positioning the RFID laundry tags in boxes, we first cover them in high-quality wrappers. These guard against vibrations encountered during transport and also prevents damage from liquid contact.

Secondly, we use three-layered packs or boxes capable of withstanding physical pressure and close contact. To seal the boxes, we use strong adhesives that are highly impassable to prevent spillage.

Why Should I Buy My RFID Laundry Tags From MoreRFID?

MoreRFID has been producing RFID Tags for decades. Over the years, we have upgraded our printing machinery and massively grown our experience in this field. This has enabled us to become one of the best RFID Laundry tag manufacturers across the globe. The quality of our RFID laundry tags is unmatched.

In addition, we are able to manufacture large volumes of RFID laundry tags and ship them to your doorstep in a short span of time. We have instituted multiple procedures to boost your consumer experience. Procuring your RFID laundry tags from MoreRFID is a decision you will not regret.


How Do I Order RFID Laundry Tags From MoreRFID?

We have several methods you can use to place your order in a few steps. First, you only need to visit our website, select your ideal RFID Laundry tags, input the quantity and you will be prompted to pay using your preferred payment method.

Alternatively, you can call us at the phone number on our website and place an order. For prospective clients within our locality, you can physically place your order by visiting our company offices.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver RFID Laundry Tags To Me?

As a business, we understand the essence of timeliness. As such, we are unrelenting in our pursuit of timely delivery of your orders. It takes an average of between 5 and 6 days to deliver your washable RFID laundry tags.

For our local clients, this period may massively shorten given the distance and procedures involved are less. Overseas shipment takes longer because there are customs clearance issues to be resolved and the distance is much longer.

The shipment method deployed is also a substantial determinant of the time it takes us to deliver your RFID Laundry order. Air shipment is considerably fast, resulting in faster deliveries as opposed to sea shipment.

How Safe Are RFID Laundry Tags?

We have constituted several measures that guarantee the safety of data stored in your RFID Laundry tags. Furthermore, our product is designed to ensure that our RFID laundry tags are safe for handling and application.

The data stored in RFID Laundry tags is only accessible to the client and the people he/she authorizes. Respective information stored in our servers is out of reach to third parties meaning you will never experience any breach. It is also possible to protect your RFID Laundry tags by encrypting them with a password.

What Payment Methods Are Available To Me When I Place RFID Laundry Tag Orders?

Our payment methods are designed to enable our RFID Laundry tag buyers to make payments securely and conveniently irrespective of their geographical location. To safeguard our clients from fraudulent leeches, we only accept payments from recognized and certified institutions.

Here is a list of our trusted payment methods:

  • Bank transfers from recognized banks.
  • Online payments through platforms such as PayPal.
  • Debit and credit card transfers.
  • Bank cheques.

payment methods

What Is The Perfect Method To Dispose Of RFID Laundry Tags?

To dispose of your RFID Laundry tag, you should first scrutinize the implications your disposal method will have on the environment. If your RFID tag is made of recyclable or reusable material, you consider recycling or disposing of the tags to firms that do so.

For washable RFID laundry tags made of non-recyclable material, you should dump your unproductive RFID laundry tags in a trashcan not accessible to others. Alternatively, you can dispose of the unusable RFID Laundry tags in a pit latrine.

In some instances, you can shred your RFID Laundry tags into smaller pieces and burn them while observing fire and waste disposal protocols.

What Should I Do If My RFID Laundry Tags Order Arrives With Defects?

After assessing the defect, you should immediately contact our customer support via email at info@morerfid.com. Your email communication should be inclusive of the following details:

  • Order Number: This is a number used to identify your order. It is issued once you place your order.
  • The Number Of Damaged RFID Laundry Tags: In your notification, including the exact number of damaged RFID laundry tags.
  • Nature And Extent Of The Damage: In detail, explain what exactly is the defect and to what extent is the damage.

You will be directed by our team on the next steps, which might include shipping back the damaged tags and having them replaced or reimbursed.

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