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Exclusive RFID Luggage Tags Manufacturers in China

Follow your baggage wherever it goes! Bring you radio frequency mapping through RFID luggage tags. Get full recognition through your custom designs and high-tech printed labels.

Durable & Quality RFID Luggage Tags by MoreRFID

We, MoreRFID, stand firm due to our manufacturing and production power for the last 13 years. We have served the NFC and RFID Cards and Tags market for decades. Our RFID Luggage Tags add to our name with their utilization in more broad areas to identify luggage.

RFID Luggage Tags by us are reputed for their benefits in correspondence, robustness in nature, and savvy contact sensors flexibility. MoreRFID produces RFID Luggage Tags that make you appear efficient and makes you stand tall. Having capacities to produce RFID tags without the need for any battery is what we pride ourselves over.

Custom RFID luaggage Tags

You can personalize and customize luggage tags, including popular cartoon shapes.

RFID Metal Luggage Tags

The metal material is more textured and not easily damaged. Can be stored for a long time.

UHF RFID luaggage Tags

Using UHF RFID technology to read information is more accurate, fast, and relatively low cost.

RFID Acrylic luggage tag

Acrylic labels can be made transparent, with excellent strength, rigidity, and optical transparency.

RFID Wood luggage tag

Use wood to make your label more unique and personal.

RFID Leather Luggage Tags

The high-quality leather material is soft, durable, and not easily deformed.

MoreRFID: Your Professional RFID Luggage Tags Manufacturer

MoreRFID can acquaint you with RFID Baggage Labels that you can use for broader purposes. With us close by at creation, you can get an immediate supply of RFID Luggage Tags with Standards endorsed ISO.

Our incredible quality and scope of RFID Luggage Tags creation have positioned us as senior and experienced producers, working effectively since 2008.

You can trust MoreRFID with the creation because we support printing and edge-cutting pieces of progressions imported from Germany for our high-capacity production in China.

All our RFID Luggage Tags pass a vital inspection check post-production to ensure you receive defectless, top-notch tags.

In contrast to other competitors in the market, MoreRFID gives out samples to you. The procedure empowers our customers to experience the quality directly they will achieve. You don’t have to pay for the examples; we produce them at our expense.

We Help you with customs clearance and delivery to your door at your place. With us, you do not have to face any hustle. Let it be any issue before or post-production. You have our customer support at access.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Luggage Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Air Interface ProtocolEPC global C1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6C
Operation Frequency902-928mhz
Size95x 25 x 3 (mm) or customized
Max Read Distance8 meter(stationary type);2-3.5meter(handset)
On metal or Balancedon matal and banlanced
MemoryEPC≥96bits,User Momery 512bits
Protection gradeIP65
Quakeproof gradeMIL STD 810-F BS EN 60068-2
Lifetime of sticker8 meter(stationary type);2-3.5meter(handset)
On metal or Balanced10 years
ApplicationsRemote, Severe Environment, Outdoor Asset Management


StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

RFID luggage tags utilize RFID technology to provide baggage and luggage tracking solutions, RFID scanners a few meters away will be able to use the wireless signal automatic identification luggage and baggage tags.

However, baggage tags do not need to be power-driven, they work without the use of the battery, they are the latest technology.

RFID tags with built-in devices are capable of full recognition of luggage, compared to traditional paper labels, RFID luggage tags reduce mishandling by more than 20%.

MoreRFID accepts custom card sizes and shapes & design options, we have high tech printing machines that match colors. Our experience and global presence have given us the expertise to meet the requirements of all kinds of RFID luggage tags.

We have complete solutions for identifying and personalizing RFID & NFC luggage tags & RFID Products.

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MoreRFID RFID Luggage Tags

MoreRFID holds fast to the standards applicable for the production of these RFID Luggage Tags. Alongside, our tags stand longer than the products made with Paper in the market. We make RFID Luggage Tags economically.

We exhibit a great show of quality as RFID producers. MoreRFID RFID Luggage Tags will undoubtedly show strength and versatility due to their raw production material, printing quality, waterproof nature, scratchproof nature, and resistance against any worn-out property.

You can contact us to place a quick order!

Your RFID Luggage Tags

MoreRFID offers you many types of luggage tags, like Custom RFID Luggage Tags, RFID Metal Luggage Tags, UHF RFID Luggage Tags, RFID Acrylic Luggage Tag, RFID Wood Luggage Tag, RFID Leather Luggage Tags. At the same time, you can also choose NFC tags according to your needs.

RFID Luggage Tags-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The invention of RFID Luggage Tags came as a game-changer in luggage tracking systems. Capped off with the ability to provide real-time data on the geographical location of your luggage, RFID Luggage Tags provides status reports.

MoreRFID has invested greatly in machinery and expertise over the last decade to ensure our RFID Luggage Tags are of unrivaled quality. Underneath is an ultimate guide to RFID Luggage Tags shopping.

RFID Luggage tag

What are RFID Luggage Tags?

RFID Luggage Tags are tags mounted with RFID chips and attached to your luggage or item to aid keep track of their physical location or keep records. The information regarding the luggage is conveyed via radio waves to RFID scanners automatically before you are notified of your luggage’s whereabouts.

RFID Luggage tags are also attached to assets such as office furniture to maximize control over losses and damages. Their efficiency in real-time tracking has only served to popularize their usage in airline’s baggage tracking systems.

How can I use RFID Luggage Tags?

RFID Luggage Tags are mainly used in the transport sector that is, airlines, trains, buses, and ships to ensure your luggage is delivered safely. By using radio frequency identification, RFID luggage Tags enable you to access relevant information regarding your luggage by linking you to a map.

The following are the four broader ways in which you can use your RFID Luggage Tag:

  • Keeping tabs on your lost luggage.
  • Identifying your luggage at the pick-up point.
  • Demonstrating that you are not taking someone else’s luggage.
  • Ensuring your luggage is delivered at the right station.

Tracking your luggage

What are the Benefits of Using RFID Luggage Tags?

Luggage transportation can be a bit hectic at times especially during peak seasons. RFID Luggage Tags help mitigate the risks of losing your luggage or having it delivered late. Underneath are ways in which the adoption of RFID Luggage Tags can be of great service to you:

Proof of identity.

RFID Luggage Tags contain vital information such as your name and at times contact details. With this information, the courier service can ascertain the luggage rightly belongs to you. Furthermore, they make it impossible to unknowingly pick someone else’s luggage.


The choice of color, shape, and size of your RFID Luggage Tags solely rests on you. As such, you can have your RFID Luggage Tags customized to match your style.


RFID Luggage Tags are capable of offering lifelong services owing to the durable material they are made of. Unlike past luggage tags made of paper, RFID Luggage Tags are hard to lose and impervious to water thus they cannot be damaged easily.

How do RFID Luggage Tags Work?

RFID Luggage Tags function by relying on radio frequency identification technology. They are fitted with antennas and microchips that permit the transmission and reception of digital data. The user’s information is coded on the RFID Luggage Tag’s microchip.

In the case of airline luggage transportation, information regarding your bag’s location or condition is transmitted via radio waves, picked up by RFID readers or scanners at selected locations, and translated into a map. You are then directed to the map using an app or message containing a link from which you can track the movement of your luggage.

Are RFID Luggage Tags Reusable?

As established by the Reusable Packaging Association, RFID Luggage Tags are capable of carrying out multiple trips without a tear or drop in performance levels. This attribute makes them cheaper to maintain thus they are often referred to as the efficient method.

Reusable Luggage Tags are a welcomed asset to your business given they result in direct savings on new purchases and reduce luggage loss. In addition, reusable RFID Luggage Tags help keep the environment safe by reducing pollution.

Does MoreRFID Customize RFID Luggage Tags?

Yes. MoreRFID is devoted to ensuring our clients get their expectations are perfectly realized in our finished product. This involves tailoring our RFID Luggage Tags to meet the specific demands of our clientele.

Customization of RFID Luggage Tags starts with a color arrangement whereby we offer a diverse range of colors to choose from. Our design team further works with our customers to come up with the perfect shape and size for your RFID Luggage Tags.

Lastly, we personalize information to be displayed on the RFID Luggage Tags to the demands of our clients. This entails coding the RFID chips used to transmit unique information such as the condition of your luggage in addition to tracking the geographical location.

Personalized luggage tags

Do you Offer your Clients RFID Luggage Tag Samples?

Samples are a key element in delivering the ideal RFID Luggage Tag to our customers. To minimize errors and misunderstandings, we have an extensive catalog of RFID Luggage Tags accessible to our clients. Our RFID Luggage Tags register is diverse in terms of color arrangements, designs, and functionality thus widening the scope of your options.

For delivery of the RFID Luggage Tag samples, we charge a slight delivery fee of $50. This amount is however redeemable when you place a bulk order on RFID Luggage Tags. To request samples, email our customer support unit at info@morerfid.com.

How Much do RFID Luggage Tags Cost?

Figure 4 How much do RFID Luggage Tags cost?

MoreRFID avails different, premium RFID Luggage Tags to our customers at different price points. This is brought about by diverse factors such as customization, prevalent market conditions, and quality. Despite all these factors, we have developed a pricing strategy that prioritizes the welfare of our clients at all times.

RFID Luggage Tags that require much detailed personalization will cost more given there are extra costs incurred in the process. Predominant market conditions such as the shock waves associated with the Covid-19 outbreak further determine the cost of RFID Luggage Tags by altering production and shipment.

Our RFID Luggage Tags prices are one of the most customer-friendly in the market, registering a 13% gap in some cases.

Where can I purchase the best RFID Luggage Tags?

If you are looking to purchase RFID Luggage Tags at wholesale or retail prices, MoreRFID is your ideal store. From our register, you have hundreds of RFID Luggage Tag designs to choose from. We offer superior quality RFID Luggage Tags at logical prices and deliver them to your doorstep.

Our seasoned technicians will work diligently with you to ensure you settle for the most efficient FID Luggage Tags. We also customize your RFID Luggage Tags to meet your specifications and our delivery timeline is impeccable.

We have made millions of RFID Luggage Tags sales globally thus we are one of the best in this industry. For an all-around perfect shopping experience, get your RFID Luggage Tags from MoreRFID.


How can I Choose the Best RFID Luggage Tags?

Choosing the best RFID Luggage Tag for your job description is probably more important than purchasing the most expensive RFID Tags available in the market. To ensure you get the best out of your RFID Luggage Tag, you should look at the following features:

  • Customization.

The ability to personalize key data contained in the software (microchip) as well as the casing to suit your demands.

  • Longevity.

An ideal RFID Luggage Tag should last several trips without wearing out or deteriorating in performance. It should be able to tolerate various conditions such as high pressure and water or dust.

  • Price.

The adoption of a perfect RFID Luggage Tag should result in efficiency and revenue savings in your business. It should be cheap to run or maintain and the purchasing price should not outweigh the benefits witnessed.

In What Ways Will my Business Benefit from Using RFID Luggage Tags?

The majority of businesses dealing with the transportation of bulk luggage have adopted RFID Luggage Tags in their luggage tracking systems. The benefits have been attested to by the widespread adoption of RFID Luggage Tags witnessed in recent years.

If you are scrutinizing the prospect of using RFID Luggage Tags in your business, the following benefits should sway your mind in favor of RFID Luggage Tags:

  • Real-time tracking of your product’s location and condition.
  • Reduced losses of attached products.
  • Minimal physical supervision.
  • An economical utilization of time and resources.

benifits of RFID Luggage Tags

Do you Have Discounts Attached to Purchasing RFID Luggage Tags in Bulk?

To appreciate our customers who buy RFID Luggage Tags in bulk, we offer personalized discounts. These discounts are informed by various factors such as the volume of the purchase, the client’s history as well as the payment method.

Bulk buying discounts on RFID Luggage Tags are born out of the savings in labor, material, and machinery brought about by large-scale production. These discounts, however, are not fixed. They are subject to changes in market conditions and other production factors.

MoreRFID capacity to produce voluminous amounts of RFID Luggage Tags is unmatched. Therein, we encourage our clients to place bulk orders by offering customized discounts.

How do you Ship RFID Luggage Tag Orders?

MoreRFID offers door-to-door delivery of RFID Luggage Tags for both our local and international clients. In our extended period of operation, we have established credible shipment methods to ensure our deliveries are timely and efficient.

The following are our most trusted RFID Luggage Tag shipment methods:

  • Air transport.
  • Sea transport.
  • Train transport.
  • Truckload transport.

In some instances, we combine two shipping methods to ensure you get your RFID Luggage Tag orders. During the negotiation phase, we discuss with our customers their preferred shipment method before settling on the most ideal.

How Long Does it Take you to Deliver my RFID Luggage Tags Order?

MoreRFID is renowned for its exceptional customer experience. Our commitment to prompt delivery of RFID Luggage tags is unrelenting. It takes an average of between 5 and 7 days to get your RFID Luggage tags order delivered to your doorstep. This is one of the best delivery timelines globally.

There are, however, unprecedented factors such as shipment hiccups that may delay your order. In the event this happens, we provide timely notifications and work diligently to resolve the hitch.

Long Does it Take you to Deliver

What Types of RFID Luggage Tags do you Manufacture?

RFID Luggage Tags are available in different categories. The choice for your ideal RFID Luggage Tag should be informed by the specification of your job description. These categories have varying attributes and are meant to fulfill different tasks.

Below is a description of the two different RFID Luggage Tags:

  • Passive RFID Luggage Tags.

Passive RFID Luggage Tags have no inbuilt battery, which forces them to rely on RFID readers or scanners for power. They make up for their short range with a cheaper price tag and a smaller size. Most passive RFID Luggage Tags are used to track consumer products such as pharmaceuticals.

  • Active RFID Luggage Tags.

Unlike passive RFID Luggage Tags, active RFID luggage Tags are bigger and relatively expensive. They also have a wider range of up to 100 meters but they are not as durable as Active RFID Luggage Tags. Active RFID Luggage tags are fitted with a battery thus they can have sensors that transmit conditions such as humidity and temperature.

What Should I do if my RFID Luggage Tags Break Down?

Our RFID Luggage Tags rarely malfunction. We however have a mechanism in place to cushion our clients from losses associated with the malfunction of RFID Luggage Tags. If your RFID Luggage Tag breaks down, rest your worries and contact us for assistance.

Email our customer support team at info@morerfid.com detailing the nature and extent of the malfunction. This includes the exact number of defective units, the specific damage, and the time it occurred.

Item malfunction within 12 months of purchase will be remedied at the company’s expense. We also provide discounted maintenance services for RFID Luggage Tags not covered by a warranty.

Do you Offer After-sale Services for RFID Luggage Tags?

As a company that prioritizes customer experience and satisfaction, we have several after-sale services on offer for our RFID Luggage tags buyers.

  • We offer credible and timely delivery services.
  • We have a 12 months warranty period for RFID Luggage Tags.
  • We aid our RFID Luggage tags in custom clearance.
  • Finally, we have cut-price maintenance services for RFID Luggage Tags.

What is MoreRFID’s Production Standard for RFID Luggage Tags?

MoreRFID has all the necessary accreditations by the relevant authorities for meeting the set production standards. We are ISO certified, meaning our RFID Luggage Tags are of profound quality. For over 12 years, we have built an esteemed team of technicians and invested heavily in technology and machinery to guarantee our production is top-notch.

Our RFID Luggage Tags are further rightfully fitted with quality marks. On top of that, we offer a yearlong warranty period for all RFID Luggage Tags. This allows our clients a grace period where they can evaluate the functionality of our devices.

Production Standard for RFID Luggage Tags

What Type of RFID Chips do you Install in your RFID Luggage Tags?

Our RFID Luggage Tags are fitted with RFID Chips, which transmit digital data to RFID readers or scanners. The perfect choice for RFID Chips should be informed by the specific function your RFID Luggage Tag is intended to achieve.

Active RFID chips have an ingrained battery, which provides them the energy to transmit digital data. Passive RFID Chips, on the other hand, lack an in-built power supply thus they are reliant on RFID Readers for activation. Our seasoned technicians will help you choose the best RFID chip for your RFID Luggage chip.

How Secure are RFID Luggage Tags?

From the production of RFID chips to the manufacturing of RFID Luggage Tags, we employ the best technology and specialized labor to ensure the security of our RFID Luggage Tags is impossible to breach. Personal data stored in RFID Luggage Tags is inaccessible to unauthorized entities given our servers are only accessible to our technicians.

MoreRFID’s RFID luggage Tags are coated with a solid material to ensure the chips and antennas beneath are secure from physical pressure and liquids such as water.

How can I place an RFID Luggage Tag order?

We have devised very convenient ways for you to place your RFID Luggage Tag orders. To our local and international clients, you can place your RFID Luggage Tag order at the comfort of your office chair or home by simply visiting our website.

Local customers can physically visit our offices, make phone calls or contact us through our social media pages. After contacting us, our technicians will willingly collaborate with you in designing and creating your ideal RFID Luggage Tag. After negotiations, we will take your order and immediately commence production.

What Color Options are Available for RFID Luggage Tags?

We understand that our diverse client base translates to different tastes and color choices. Therein we have a wide pool of colors for our RFID Luggage Tags buyers to choose from. With the help of our experienced designers, you can pick your favorite color combinations and create RFID Luggage Tags that complement your brand.

We are also receptive to suggestions not included in our register thus, you should not shy away from sharing your recommendation.

What Should I do if some of my RFID Luggage Tags are Delivered with Defects?

Your RFID Luggage Tags order might be tampered with during shipment resulting in a few defective RFID Luggage Tags. Although we have enforced different packaging measures to ensure your order is well protected during shipment, some pieces arrive with defects.

If you experience a few broken pieces, kindly reach out to our customer service team via info@morerfid.com. In your email communication, including the type of breakdown experienced, the number of defective items, and the order number. With this information, you will be advised on the way forward.

Ideally, the defective RFID Luggage Tags will be shipped back for repair or replacement. Alternatively, you can be reimbursed an amount equaling the damaged items.

contact us

What are your Preferred Payment Methods for RFID Luggage Tags?

We have devised various payment options to enable our customers to make their payments safely and conveniently. Our payment methods are designed to suit our diverse customer base thus we have several accredited payment options.

The most prominent payment methods for RFID Luggage Tags are:

  • Bank cheques.
  • Cash payments.
  • Debit and credit cards.
  • Online payments such as PayPal.
  • Mobile payments.

Can I Return the Purchased RFID Luggage Tags?

MoreRFID does not allow clients to return used RFID Luggage Tags. The return of unused RFID Luggage Tags is however permitted in some instances. Our return policy is stipulated in our purchase contract.

Defective RFID Luggage Tags are liable for return if they qualify for a warranty. For further details, contact our customer service team using the contact details on our website.

Are RFID Luggage Tags Packaged Safely During Shipment?

To ensure your RFID Luggage Tags are safe from physical damage during shipment, we use quality wrappers before arranging them in boxes. These wrappers act as a cushion against minor tremors witnessed during movement.

Our packaging boxes are uniquely designed to ensure your RFID Luggage tags are secure. To seal the boxes, we deploy high-quality seals that are impenetrable. We also use three-layered boxes to guarantee the safety of your order during shipment.

Finally, we have your RFID Luggage Tags covered with polythene to alleviate the risk of contamination when in contact with liquids.

How my package be shipped

Can I Recycle RFID Luggage Tags?

Most of the material used to make RFID Luggage Tags is not privy to recycling. Our RFID Luggage Tags are, however, reusable meaning you will have less to dispose of. You can use our RFID Luggage Tags for multiple long-distance trips without them wearing out or accomplishing less.

In cases where you have a large number of RFID Luggage Tags you no longer need, you can contact MoreRFID for directions on returning them for reuse.

How can I Dispose of RFID Luggage Tags?

Whenever you are looking at disposing of your RFID Luggage Tags, your number one consideration should be the environmental threat posed. To get rid of your no longer tenable RFID luggage Tags in an environmentally friendly manner, kindly adhere to the following steps:

  • Shredding your inoperable RFID Luggage Tags into smaller pieces and setting them on fire in a safe environment.
  • Disposing of your RFID Luggage Tags in a trashcan far from children’s reach.
  • Disposing of your RFID Luggage Tags in a pit latrine.

Can I Cancel an RFID Luggage Tag Order?

Order cancellation before production of your RFID Luggage Tags begins is possible. Canceling an order after production has commenced is however complicated. This is because the manufacturer has purchased raw materials, made machinery allocations, and designated human labor to production.

MoreRFID advocates for different solutions as opposed to ordering cancellations, which leaves both, parties unhappy. In case production is yet to commence, you need to initiate your order cancellation by contacting us via the contact details outlined on our website.

Successful cancellation of RFID Tags orders will result in reimbursement of any paid amount.

How can I Contact MoreRFID on RFID Luggage Tags Related Issues?

In a bid to foster customer engagement, MoreRFID has incorporated various means of communication. If you have any concerns, constructive criticism, or feedback to provide, kindly feel free to contact our customer support unit.

Our customer service team will get back to you promptly during recognized working hours. The following are ways in which you can reach out to MoreRFID:

Phone number: +86 13559818852

Email address: info@morerfid.com.

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