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Get yourself and your business an elevating factor, customized in – color, shape, and design, direct factory supplies of high-quality RFID Metal Tags.

High-Quality & Cost-Effective RFID Metal Tags by MoreRFID

We at MoreRFID hold experiences worth of treasure. Operational since 2008, RFID Metal Tags’ creation and manufacturing are some of our much applaudable services. We utilize the best Fictional Metal as raw material to produce metal craft RFID tags that display excellent strength over a longer duration.

We offer these RFID tags for metal objects, generally known as Anti Metal or Fictional Metal Tags, with a wide range of customization. The options include a modified logo, silk screen printing, and laser engraved printing. Our tags are of ideal quality that you can broadly use for extensive purposes.

UHF RFID Metal Tags

These tags can provide a reading range of up to 6.5 meters. They have great application value.

Asset RFID Metal Tags

This kind of metal tag can still achieve the performance of ordinary RFID tags on the surface of wooden objects, cartons, and other objects.

Passive RFID Metal Tags

They are widely used in the library shelves, file management, resistance to metal shelves.

MoreRFID: Your Professional RFID Metal Tags Manufacturer

MoreRFID produces RFID Metal Tags with extensive personalization options that you can use in various application areas. With us, you can have your hands on great quality tags that conform to global standards of production.

Our decades of services, first-class technical tags, and affordable rates have made us a foremost choice for many RFID and NFC solution manufacturers across the globe.

You can confide in MoreRFID with the creation of your metal craft RFID tags. We offer the best printing and edge-cutting bits advancements for the smooth completion of our products.

We follow strict standard guidelines of ISO and RFID international for the production mapping of our anti metal rfid tags.

Unlike others, MoreRFID permits you to observe the item all alone and gives a sample to review with no charges. You only have to pay the delivery charges.

We take only 8-12 working days for the competition of your bulk orders. And proceed through the customs clearance for the delivery of your package.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Metal Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Special FeaturesWaterproof / Weatherproof
Communication InterfaceRFID
Chip ProtocolEPCClass1Gen2Iso18000-60
Operating Frequency865~868MHZor902~928MHZ
IC Type U8Memory EPC96Bit(upto480bits)User512bitTlD64bit
Function Read/WriteApplicable surface Metal surface
Product SpecificationMaterial FR4
Color BlackInstallation process adhesive backing or screw fixing
Environmental ParametersWaterproof rating IP65
Working temperature -25°C~+180°CStorage temperature -25C~+110°C

Available RFID Chip

Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

Reading Distance

High frequency2-5 cm, with big memory, is widely applied in various fields.
(for ISO15693, reading distance can reach 1m)
Ultra high frequency1-10 m, the most sensitive, easy to be affected by humidity, dust, temperature, etc

RFID metal tags, also known as anti-metal tags, anti-metal NFC tags, have special anti-electromagnetic and metal interference RFID tags.

MoreRFID, the world leader in performance RFID & NFC products, makes products that can prevent interference, and are anti-collision. Ordinary electronic tags cannot be read by tag readers when they encounter metal and electromagnetic interference.

According to the frequency, metal tags can be divided into HF(13.56MHz) RFID metal tags, UHF(915MHz)RFID metal tags, and microwave RFID metal tags.

A high-quality rfid metal tags uhf supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust MoreRFID products, our products include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

Depending on the application and characteristics of the environment, metal tags often have different shapes. Usually, they are card typeslabel types, and profiled classes. We can produce any shape according to a customer’s needs.

MoreRFID is glad to customize RFID metal tags with your own designs.

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MoreRFID RFID Metal Tags

MoreRFID provides you with excellent assistance in the creation and supply of RFID metal tags. These tags display the magnificent functionalities of RFID. Their anti-metal, otherwise known as fictional metal properties, make them flexible and durable.

MoreRFID RFID tags for metal objects can perform well in any challenging environment. The tags we make are replaceable and repairable. You can avail of the replacement policy with one year of purchase from us.

Feel free to contact us to have every one of your inquiries replied to!

Your RFID Metal Tags Types

We provide you with UHF RFID metal tags, asset RFID metal tags, passive RFID metal tags, and you can also customize them in MoreRFID.

RFID Metal Tags-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Asset tracking especially in metal environments can be relatively tricky given metals inhibit the transmission of Radio frequency identification technology. MoreRFID has specialized in the production of quality RFID Metal Tags that have optimal performance levels in metallic surfaces and metal surroundings. Consequently, our metal mount RFID tags have been warmly welcomed in medical device tracking and computer tracking among other industries.

RFID Metal Tags

What Are RFID Metal Tags?

RFID Metal Tags, similarly known as RFID Anti-Metal Tags are electronic tags made of magnetic rubber capable of overcoming reading obstruction caused by metal to perform set objectives. To overcome this inhibition, RFID Metal Tags contain specialized antennas that reflect radio frequencies and subsequently enable reading.

MoreRFID has the machinery and expertise to produce different variations of RFID Metal Tags based on size, shape, chip type, and functional requirements.

What Are The Gains of Using RFID Metal Craft Tags?

The application of RFID technology in metal environments is of immense value given the setbacks offered by metal surfaces in transmission. RFID Metal tags enable industries dealing with metallic assets to track their equipment easily and efficiently.

Here are some of the rewards you stand to reap by deploying RFID Metal Tags in your business:

  • Minimized Human Error: Unlike human employees who are prone to error, automated RFID tracking technology is error-proof meaning you will not be losing assets or accruing losses associated with human beings.
  • Time Preservation: RFID Metal craft tags provide real-time data on the geographical location of your tagged items. Unlike physical supervision, record-keeping will take significantly less time.
  • Efficient Asset Management: RFID management systems will provide timely and error-free inventory data with minimal expenses.
  • Reduced Wage Bill: An efficient RFID tracking system is able to do the work of multiple employees competently and more promptly. With RFID on metal tags, you do not need several employees to manually take count of your assets.

Why Should I Consider Using MoreRFID RFID Metal Tags?

Quite a greater number of RFID Tags and cards are incapable of transmitting radio frequencies through metal surfaces. MoreRFID has in turn devised RFID Metal Tags that operate on metals with no fluctuation in performance.

By tracking your metallic assets with our RFID metal craft tags, you will automatically get accurate updates on the geographical location of your assets. Furthermore, our RFID tags meet all the production quality standards stipulated by global institutions such as ISO.

These tags have sufficient storage capacities for collectible data and they come with a variety of reading ranges, which means you can track your assets even from a distance.

Morerfid Tags

What Types of RFID Metal Tags Do You Produce?

MoreRFID is adequately stocked with a wide range of RFID Metal Tags for metallic possessions tracking. They are categorized into the following classifications:

  • High-Frequency RFID Metal Tags.

Majorly characterized by a higher reading distance and higher storage capacities, high-frequency RFID on Metal tags usually exhibit a frequency range of between 3 to 30MHz.

  • Ultra-High Frequency RFID Metal Tags.

In addition to having high reading distances and sufficient storage capacities, these RFID tags for metal objects are considerably inexpensive to acquire. They average a frequency range of between 300MHz to 3GHz.

Why Are Ordinary RFID Tags Affected By Metal?

Radio frequencies are reflected by metal surfaces and can be absorbed by water hence most RFID tags are rendered inactive in metal or water surfaces or surroundings. Metallic surfaces block the antenna from the RFID reader from receiving frequencies emitted by RFID tags thereby invalidating the electromagnetic field required for effective transmission.

To overwhelm the challenges generated by metal surfaces on RFID technology, MoreRFID manufactures RFID metal tags, which bypass the eddy currents caused by metal surfaces. This has enabled, for instance, the use of RFID tracking technology in container transport despite their metallic composition.

Can I Read My RFID Metal Tag Through Metal?

Yes. Our RFID tags for metal objects are specifically made to operate in metals and metallic environments. We have instituted several modifications to overcome the transmission obstacles emitted by metals. Metals detune the RFID Tag receiver from ordinary RFID Tags thereby cutting the transmission of radio signals from the RFID Reader.

Metal mount rfid tags are however fitted with a coating of rubber or foam that prevents contact between the RFID antenna and the metal surface. Without the contact, the metal surface is unable to detune the receiver resulting in the transmission of digital data between the RFID Metal tag and the respective RFID Reader.

Do You Manufacture RFID Metal Readers?

Yes. We produce specialized RFID readers for your RFID metal tagging systems. To perfectly meet the unique demands of RFID metal tags, our technicians appropriately modify RFID readers. From our extensive register, you can purchase the ideal RFID reader for your application at fair prices.

We also offer guidance on RFID readers to ensure our customers procure the perfect reader for their scanning objectives. MoreRFID is a comprehensive supplier of premium RFID apparatus and accompanying devices.

Can RFID Readers Read Multiple RFID Metal Tags Simultaneously?

Practically, it is hardly plausible for RFID readers to read multiple RFID tags all at once. RFID readers are however capable of collecting and transmitting digital data at lightning speeds, which makes it seem like they are reading multiple, RFID metal tags instantaneously.

The result of this is that you are able to accomplish so much data collection within a few seconds, therefore, saving your business a lot of time. It is projected that a proficient RFID reader can read approximately three hundred metal craft rfid tags in a second.

Reading multiple tags

Do RFID Metal Tags Have An Expiry Date?

No. We coat our RFID Metal tags with compact and rigorous material capable of tolerating the rough conditions the metallic assets are exposed to. Most RFID tags are deployed in environments with harsh conditions such as great physical pressure, water, and chemical exposure. To ensure our product serves our clients well without breakages, we coat our tags with impenetrable material.

For instance, we imprint RFID on-metal tags on metallic surfaces using steady adhesives that can tolerate chemicals, dust, and heavy loads. Some of our RFID tags are also elastic allowing them to withstand various movements without wearing them out.

Can I Reuse My RFID Metal Tag?

Yes. Our RFID Metal tags can be rewritten and they can endure exposure to severe conditions meaning they can be reused to track other metallic possessions. By reusing RFID tags for metal objects, you can make marginal savings by eliminating the need for newer purchases. Additionally, you are protecting the environment by reducing the amount of waste disposed of.

What Industries Employ RFID Metal Tags?

The productivity and resilience of RFID Metal tags have generated a need for them in multiple industries dealing with metallic assets or operating in metallic environments. The rare ability of rfid metal tags uhf to transmit digital data in metallic spaces has necessitated the deployment of these tags in the following fields:

  • Logistics industries for asset identification.
  • Medical industries for device identification.
  • Military for weapon identification.
  • Labeling of Government metallic assets.
  • Warehouses


What Should I Consider When Choosing The Ideal RFID Metal Tag?

Before settling on the ideal RFID metal tags for your enterprise, there are several requirements you should tick off. Different metal tags accomplish different roles therefore you should examine the available options prior to making your decision.

Here is a list of factors to guide you in selecting your perfect RFID Metal tag:

  • Reading Distance

Before settling on a certain RFID Metal tag, you should be aware of its reading range and compare it to the demands of your application.

  • Durability

Another key factor to tick off should be the tag’s life span. You definitely do not want to procure RFID Metal tags that need replacements frequently. Given the conditions your tags will be subjected to, can they last longer?

  • Purchasing and Maintenance Cost

An ideal RFID Metal tag brings financial efficiency rather than operational burdens to your business. The cost of purchasing and deploying Metal craft RFID tags should not outweigh the benefits gained.

What Chips Do You Mount On RFID Metal Tags?

Our RFID Metal tags have active and passive electronic chips installed in them. The chips are responsible for collecting data before the antennas transmit the digital data in the form of radio waves to the RFID readers.

Active RFID chips are characterized by an inbuilt power supply system, which enables them to initiate digital data transmission without relying on RFID readers. They have a wider frequency and reading range and are ideal for RFID Metal tags.

Passive RFID chips on the contrary are not fitted with a power supply system and are therefore reliant on RFID readers for energy. Contact with RFID readers initiates a transmission of electromagnetic waves which powers and activates the passive RFID metal tag. This subsequently prompts the conveyance of data from the tag to the RFID reader.


How Long Does It Take You To Manufacture RFID Metal Tags?

Owing to our state-of-the-art printing machinery, modern technology, and unmatched professionalism, we are able to produce enormous amounts of RFID metal tags without unnecessary lapses. On average, it takes us two days to wrap up production of relatively large RFID Metal tag orders.

Our production duration is not fixed given various orders take different times to fulfill. Machinery availability is also a worthy determinant of the duration it takes us to produce your order. During peak periods, the production of your order is queued on a first come first serve basis.

Where Do I Buy The Best RFID Metal Tags?

MoreRFID produces unrivaled RFID on metal tags customized to meet the aesthetic value of your brand as well as exhibit top performance levels. We have no limitation on minimum or maximum orders and we manufacture and ship your RFID Metal tags order expeditiously.

We adhere to international RFID Metal tag production principles and our product has no expiry date. We offer several after-sale services and we showcase samples to prove the quality of RFID metal tags uhf.

What Is The Average Price of RFID Metal Craft Tags?

Prices are informed by various manufacturing and market dynamics. We supply our RFID tags at competitive price points, often bettering our rivals. Factors such as the material used to produce RFID tags will determine the price.

The chip mounted an RFID Metal tag and its frequency range will further inform the pricing of the apparatus. Large-scale purchase of RFID Metal tags is regularly discounted.

Average Price of RFID Metal Tags

Do You Discount The Purchase of RFID Metal Mount Tags in Bulk?

Yes. We customize our bulk buying discounts based on the volume of the order. Our discounts are liable to changes in market conditions thus they are always changing. You should, however, not misconstrue this to mean placing minimal orders with us is expensive since we offer some of the best prices on the market.

The upward and downward fluctuation of our discounts will always be a genuine reflection of the production and shipment costs we incur to deliver your quality metal craft rfid tags.

What is The Reading Range of RFID Metal Tags?

Different metal mount RFID tags are endowed differently when it comes to frequency ranges. Most of our RFID Metal tags are in either the high-frequency range or ultra-high frequency range. High-frequency RFID Metal tags have a relatively great reading range and are comparatively economical.

Ultra-high frequency RFID tags have the greatest reading range starting from 30 centimeters. Some may have a reading range of up to 3 kilometers making them suitable for application in metallic container tracking.

Reading range

How Do I Input Data Into My RFID Metal Tag?

Loading data into RFID metal tags is possible if your tags are writable. Metal mount RFID tags with read-write chips allow you to add data to your RFID metal tag as long as an active RFID reader is close. There are also fitted with read-only electronic chips, which only contain data written during the production of the tags. These RFID metal tag types do not permit you to input data.

They are encrypted with a specific serial number or code, which makes them non-rewritable.

How Secure Is My RFID Metal Tag?

The materials we use as well as the production processes we use to manufacture RFID  tags are verified and approved by respective quality insurance institutions locally and globally. Accordingly, our RFID metal tags are safe and harmless to the user and his/her products.

RFID metal tags collect and transmit vital data regarding your tagged assets. We have constituted several security procedures that ensure your information is impossible to leak to unwanted persons. Furthermore, you can protect your data by encrypting your RFID metal tag with a password possessed by authorized personnel only.

How Will You Deliver My RFID Metal Tag?

Well, MoreRFID’s commitment to enhancing your customer experience is augmented by our door-to-door delivery program. To ascertain your RFID metal tags order is delivered in perfect shape and without delays, we have built trustworthy and professional relationships with multiple courier services all over the world.

The following are ways in which we will deliver your RFID tags:

  • Shipping via trains.
  • Shipping via air for example using DHL.
  • Shipping via sea.
  • Shipping via truckloads.

What Are The Common RFID Metal Tags?

RFID metal tags are tailored into different shapes and sizes. We have rounded, squared, and rectangular RFID metal tags all for your consideration. Additionally, these tags operate optimally at frequency ranges of between 860 MHz to 960 MHz.

The following are the most prominent RFID metal tag labels:

  • PCB RFID Metal Tags.

PCB RFID metal tags are characterized by small size and they are mostly applicable to small metallic assets tracking.

PCB metal tags

  • ABS RFID Metal Tags.

ABS RFID metal labels are made of ABS engineering plastic and are resistant to water, high temperatures, and high pressure.

  • Epoxy RFID Metal Tags.

Epoxy RFID metal labels are relatively inexpensive therefore making them suitable for large-scale use.

  • Ceramic RFID Metal Tags.

Ceramic RFID metal tags are impervious to water, chemicals, and high temperatures. They are mainly used to prevent counterfeits.

Is There A Minimum Order For RFID Metal Tags?

No. At MoreRFID, there is no set limit to the number of RFID Metal tags you can include in your order. Our commitment is to provide quality RFID on metal tags to all our clients at reasonable price points regardless of the quantity or location. It is however worth noting that the singular production of RFID metals might be comparatively expensive and wasteful.

How Do I Contact MoreRFID on Issues Related To RFID Metal Tags?

Our customer support team is forever ready to receive your feedback, inquiries, or even criticism on recognized working hours. We have instituted several platforms and protocols to permit all our clients to contact us freely and smoothly, irrespective of their locality.

Reach out to MoreRFID’s customer service unit using the following methods:

Email: info@morerfid.com.

Phone number: +86 135-5981-8852.

Further contact details are available on our website under the Contact Us section.

contact us

What Should I Do If My RFID Metal Tags Order Arrives Damaged?

During transportation, your products might get partially damaged due to the pressure from heavy loads or contamination from coming into contact with erosive chemicals. In such a scenario, you only need to contact our customer support team via email at info@morerfid.com.

Your notification message email should state the number of damaged RFID tags, the nature of the defect, and the extent of the damage. After an assessment, we will prompt a return of the damaged RFID metal tags and consequently replace them or refund you a similar amount.

Do You Safely Package My RFID Metal Mount Tags?

Yes. For a huge number of RFID metal tags placed in a box, we use three-layered boxes, which are resistant to logical amounts of physical pressure. For a smaller number of RFID metal tags, we use one-layered boxes capable of comfortably withstanding the pressure exerted.

Prior to packaging the RFID metal tags into the boxes, we use high-quality wrappers that protect against bombardments during the journey. Additionally, we use strong adhesives and seals to cover the boxes thereby ensuring your tags do not fall off or come into contact with contaminants.

How Long Does It Take You To Deliver My RFID Metal Tags Order?

The delivery  is contingent upon several factors:

  • The shipping method.
  • The distance.
  • The size of your order.

Irrespective of the above-mentioned factors, MoreRFID averages a delivery duration of between 2 to 5 days depending on your location. We regularly maintain interaction during the shipment period, providing timely updates on the location and condition of your RFID Metal tag order.

delivery time

Can I Encrypt My RFID Metal Tag With A Password?

To control the number of people who can access the information collected by RFID metal tags, you might want to encrypt them with password protection. MoreRFID has designed a feature that enables you to input a security lock on your RFID metal tag that can only be bypassed by keying in the correct passcode from an RFID reader or an integrated computer.

To access information from an encrypted RFID metal tag, you will be required to input the set password via an integrated RFID reader or CPU.

What Payment Methods And Terms Apply To RFID Metal Tags Purchase?

Payment methods generate a certain level of skepticism due to fraudulence. To curb such cases associated with money transfers, we have approved several payment methods certified by respective financial regulators. Our payment methods are also designed to generate trust and consumer convenience.

  • Cash payments.
  • Bank to bank transfers.
  • Credit and debit card payments.
  • Online payments mainly PayPal.

Our payment terms are also geared towards advancing consumer experience. We require our RFID metal tag customers to make a 30% deposit payment prior to the commencement of production and the remaining 70% prior to the shipment of the order.

What Is The Ideal Way To Dispose Of RFID On Metal Tags?

The majority of our RFID tags are reusable thereby eliminating the need to discard them. However, if they are no longer tenable, you dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. One way to do this is by discarding your worthless RFID metal tags in a closed trash can to prevent others from accessing them.

Similarly, you can dispose of your unusable metal craft RFID tags by carefully throwing them in a pit latrine. This method causes the environment no harm since there is no consequent air or water pollution.


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