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Low costly engineered, ABS thermoformed RFID Nail Tags.  Strong enough to endure hammer and delicate to be punched into soft boards.

High-Quality & Cost-Effective RFID Nail Tags by MoreRFID

MoreRFID is catering to the needs of RFID and NFC Solutions for the last 13 years. Operational since 2008, RFID Nail Tags’ creation and assembling are a portion of our much acclaim capable administrations. We use the best acrylonitrile-butadlene-styrene to create RFID Nail Tags that show tremendous strength over a broader drawn out-term.

MoreRFID brings to you tags shaped into High-Quality nails. We offer these tags with a broad scope of customization. The choices incorporate an altered logo, silk screen printing, and laser engraved printing. Our Tags are of ideal quality that you can comprehensively use for general purposes.

ABS RFID Nail Tags

It is made of ABS material and coil chips can be applied to supply chain management, trash bin management, and industrial parts management.

Tree RFID Nail tags

It can drive all kinds of wood products. It has the functions of waterproof and chemical corrosion resistance.

13.56HMz RFID Nail tags

According to different application environments, the chip can choose LF, HF, and UHF. Widely used in supply chain management, logistics, cargo tracking, etc.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Plastic Cards Supplier in China

Our experiences worth years, the top picks in design and printing, and still maintaining reasonable rates have settled on us the first decision for some world-class RFID Nail Tags across the sea.

You can trust MoreRFID with the production of your RFID Nail Labels. We offer the best printing and edge-cutting pieces of headways for the smooth finishing of our items.

We observe global rules and regulations for the production, manufacturing, and inspection procedures of our RFID Nail Labels.

MoreRFID produces RFID Nail Labels with broad personalization alternatives that you can use in different application regions. You can have your hands on great quality labels that are strong, durable, and widely applicable to us.

Unlike others, MoreRFID grants you to notice the thing in isolation and gives an example to survey without any charges. You need to pay the conveyance charges.

We require just 8-12 working days for the opposition of your requests for bulk package preparation. Also, continue through the traditions of freedom for the conveyance of your bundle.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Nail Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Available RFID Chip

Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

Reading Distance

High frequency2-5 cm, with big memory, is widely applied in various fields.
(for ISO15693, reading distance can reach 1m)
Ultra high frequency1-10 m, the most sensitive, easy to be affected by humidity, dust, temperature, etc

RFID Nail Tags are RFID tags in the shape of a nail. They are strong enough to be hammered into wood or other soft materials.

MoreRFID is a custom smart card & RFID products manufacturing expert. Our company’s nail tags can be nailed into any type of wood such as pallets, trees, etc.

We can customize any chips packaged in RFID nail tags such as TK4100, EM4100, EM4102, FM1108, I code 2, S50, hit 2, EM4305, etc.

The recommended RFID nail tags installation method is as follows: For driving surface drilling, it is recommended to use a drill size not less than 5 * 33mm, driving with a rubber mallet. They are suitable for installation in concrete products, prefabricated parts, plastic products, wood, and other non-metallic items.

RFID nail tags applications: For a variety of non-metallic materials management, security inspection, packaging and labeling, vehicle identification, park management, asset management, and other tree and identity management systems.

RFID nail tags installation: embedded in the wood or the wall. MoreRFID is glad to customize RFID nail tags with your own designs.

If you have any questions about RFID nail tags or other RFID products, feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours or less!

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MoreRFID RFID Nail Tags

We at MoreRFID offer exceptional services in the production and supply of RFID Nail Tags. These Tags exhibit excellent functionalities of RFID and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.

The Radiofrequency enables its digitalization and tracing, whereas the ABS natured ensures the strength and excellent creep resistance and, above all, economic feasibility.

RFID Nail Tags of MoreRFID are made to perform well in any problematic conditions. Our tags are uniquely built and come with replaceable and repairable facilities. You can benefit from the supplanting strategy with one year of procurement from us.

Go ahead and get in touch with us at MoreRFID to have all of your requests answered!

Your RFID Nail Tags Types

We offer you the best ABS RFID Nail Tags, Tree RFID Nail tags, 13.56MHz RFID Nail Tags.

RFID Nail Tags-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The application of RFID technology in wooden possessions management and tree identification continues to impress. By offering unmatched asset tracking and accurate inventories, RFID nail tags are now a necessity for most enterprises dealing in wooden or non-metallic appliances. MoreRFID provides you with crucial information you need before purchasing the best-priced, quality RFID nail tags for your business.

What Are RFID Nail Tags?

RFID Nail tags are special smart tags carved like nails that are fitted into wooden possessions, trees, or other solid products for electronic data collection. They are to mount to wooden assets and difficult to uninstall. Our RFID nail tags rely on radio frequency identification to collect and transmit digital data used for asset management and inventory keeping.

The rigid and heavy-duty nature of RFID Nail tags casing provides unmatched levels of tolerance to harsh climatic and operational conditions such as hammering. The productivity of MoreRFID’s RFID nail tags is impeccable thereby boosting your business’s efficiency.


What Are The Basic Features Of RFID Nail Tags?

RFID Nail Tags are unique electronic tags manufactured specifically for exclusive purposes. They are broadly renowned for their resilience and durability in the construction and wooden transportation sectors.

RFID nail tags are identifiable by the following features:

  • Fast and uncomplicated to install.

RFID nail tags are extremely easy and straightforward to deploy in your desired wooden appliance or container. Due to their rigidity, they can be hammered into a piece of timber or placed in a drilled hole.

  • Extremely durable.

The hard and impenetrable nature of RFID nail tag coating provides the user with a long-term application at peak performance levels.

  • Water and rust-resistant.

When exposed to moisture or rust, RFID nail tags do not rust or record a decline in productivity levels. This is of great benefit to users who deploy RFID nail tags in outdoor environments.

What Are The Uses Of RFID Nail Tags?

The value of RFID Nail tags in the management of wooden and majorly non-metallic possessions is immense. From offering instantaneous data to supplementing human supervision, RFID nail tags will be a welcomed addition to your enterprise.

The following are ways in which you can incorporate RFID nail tags into your entity:

  • Supplementing Logistics and Inventory keeping.

RFID nail tags provide information on the geographical location, count, and condition of key non-metallic resources within your business enterprise. Integrating RFID technology into your inventory system will make your inventory keeping precise and accurate.

  • Identification and Tree Monitoring.

RFID nail tags fitted onto certain trees for various reasons such as scientific studies provide vital data such as the age and production rate of the tree.


  • Tracking of Key Wooden Assets.

You can deploy your RFID nail tags to containers ferrying your valuable wooden possessions for real-time updates on the geographical location of your cargo. Furthermore, you can install the tags on your wooden appliances at your workplace to minimize theft.

What Are The Advantages Of Using RFID Nail Tags?

The benefits of RFID technology in various industries are as clear as daylight. Similarly, the deployment of RFID nail tags in tree identification, construction, and wooden asset management in businesses bears many returns. The following are some of the fundamental returns born out of RFID nail tags installation:

  • Accurate and timely record keeping.
  • Instantaneous collection of tracking data.
  • Reduced need for human supervision.
  • Fast and error-proof identification of trees.
  • Better asset management.

What Are RFID Nail Tags Made Of?

MoreRFID produces RFID nail tags of unparalleled quality by blending excellent machinery, contemporary innovation, and immaculate expertise. Our RFID nail tags are internally composed of an electronic chip with a storage capacity enough to last 10 years.

For supreme protection of the chip and internal components of our RFID nail tags, we use stout adhesives to coat the tag with exceptional ABS material. This casing equips your RFID nail tag with a robust casing impervious to water, dust, and extreme temperatures.

How Do RFID Nail Tags Work?

RFID nail tags function in tandem with RFID readers or scanners. For RFID nail tags fitted with a passive RFID chip, they are fired up by power transmitted by RFID readers in the form of radio waves. An active RFID nail tag is then able to convey digital data regarding the respective wooden appliance to the RFID reader, which transmits the data to an integrated CPU for analysis and interpretation.

RFID nail tags operating on active RFID chips are powered up by an engrained battery. This enables them to transmit radio frequencies within a reasonable distance of an RFID reader, which subsequently conveys the data to a computer system that translates the data and displays it as the location of your wooden possession.

how rfid tags work

How Do I Choose The Best RFID Nail Tag?

Adoption of new technology could massively boost your business’s productivity or marginally lower it. As such, it is particularly fundamental that you choose the best RFID nail tag for your business. RFID nail tags are different in their composition, features, and applicability. To mitigate against having RFID nail tags that do not supplement your role, you should consider the following factors when selecting your ideal tag type:

  • Reading distance.
  • Storage capacity.
  • The quality of ABS material used.
  • The chip type used.
  • Compatibility to RFID readers.
  • Compatibility to your job description.

What Is The Average Reading Range Of RFID Nail Tags?

The reading range of RFID Nail Tags refers to the distance between the RFID Nail tag and an RFID reader with an active electromagnetic field that permits transmission. Different RFID nail tags have different reading distance capabilities. Some tagged items in containers are readable from 5 meters conveniently allowing tracking of items from a distance.

We also provide RFID nail tags with relatively longer reading distances that are not affected by water or high temperatures.

Do You Offer RFID Nail Tags Installation Services?

The installation of RFID nail tags can be done in very easy and unsophisticated ways. You do not need a specialist to mount the tags for you. In our user manual, we comprehensively take you through all the steps of installing RFID nail tags. You can also contact us if you are stuck trying to mount the RFID nail tags.

installation service

What Is The Storage Capacity of RFID Nail Tags?

The chips fitted on RFID nail tags are awarded different storage capacities. The selection of RFID nail tag capacity should be informed by the objective of the tags. Despite the magnitude of your storage needs, we will customize your RFID Chip to provide exactly that.

On average, typical RFID chips mounted on RFID nail tags have between 1 and 256 kilobytes of data storage capacity. These options are sufficient for most RFID nail tag applications and can last up to ten years without depletion.

What Is The Lifespan Of RFID Nail Tags?

Equipped with ample memory capable of initiating a hundred thousand rewrites and rigid casing, RFID nail tags are durable devices capable of providing top-notch services for ten years. Additionally, RFID nail tags are rust-free and impervious to water meaning they can be subjected to harsh climatic conditions without showing any signs of wearing out.

This trait is indispensable to RFID nail tag users given they do not have to reorder the tags frequently or incur costs covering repairs and maintenance.

Do You Manufacture RFID Readers For RFID Nail Tags?

MoreRFID is a leading manufacturer of RFID nail tags and RFID readers making millions of sales locally and globally. We are stocked with various RFID readers capable of reading distinct RFID nail tags efficiently and promptly.

Our RFID readers have different range capabilities ranging from Low frequency to ultra-high frequency range. This variation offers our clients a pool of choices from which they can pick quality RFID readers that perfectly match their respective RFID nail tags.

We also provide user training and deliver our RFID nail tags to your doorstep at friendly fees. You can visit our website for more detailed information on RFID readers.

RFID nail tags reader in use

What Is The Price Of RFID Nail Tags?

RFID nail tags are priced differently depending on the materials used, personalization, and prevailing market conditions.  For instance, RFID nail tags fitted with active RFID chips are priced higher compared to RFID nail tags with passive RFID chips. This is as a result of active chips being expensive to manufacture.

Personalization resulting in extra production costs also increases the price of RFID nail tags. MoreRFID however has a customer-conscious pricing strategy that ensures our prices are within the means of our clients. MoreRFID’s RFID Nail tags are available to both local and international clients at very competitive price points.

Do You Customize RFID Nail Tags?

Our RFID nail tags are personalized in size, shape, color and functional features to match the diverse needs of our miscellaneous clientele. In your order description, you will be asked to specify all the modifications you need your RFID nail tags to bear and our technicians will deliver your wish precisely.

We also tailor RFID nail tags to perform certain specialized roles such as long-distance frequency transmission.  You will be provided with a blueprint incorporating all your demands and your verification will prompt the commencement of production.

Custom you RFID nail tags

Where Can I Purchase The Best RFID Nail Tags?

The availability of quality RFID nail tags at modest prices is what all buyers look for. MoreRFID offers just that. We have state-of-the-art production machinery and technicians with unrivaled expertise handling the production of our RFID nail tags.

Additionally, you can place your RFID nail tag order in simple steps at the comfort of your home or office by visiting our website. We will collaborate with you in designing, manufacturing, and delivering your flawless RFID nail tags all at a reasonable price.

What Chips Do You Install On Your RFID Nail Tags?

Our RFID nail tags are mainly fitted with two types of RFID electronic chips, active or passive RFID chips. Our active RFID chips contain a power supply internally, which facilitates transmission of radio waves to and from the RFID reader within certain ranges.

On the other hand, passive RFID nail tags are limited in operational range since they lack an internal energy source. They are reliant on the RFID reader for power, which is availed in the form of electromagnetic waves. Contact or tight proximity is key in activating passive RFID nail tags.

How Long Is The Production Period Of RFID Nail Tags?

Before commencing the production of your RFID nail tags order, we provide you with samples and design sketches to guide your decision-making. Once you verify the blueprint and quantity, production commences immediately.

To optimize the production duration, we have first-class printing technology, which supports the production of plentiful RFID nail tags simultaneously. This has seen us average a 1 to 2 days production period even when dealing with bulky orders.

Can I Reuse My RFID Nail Tag?

Yes. RFID nail tags can be safely detached from one wooden asset after meeting the set objective and easily attached to a different piece. Courtesy of their adequate storage and rigid exterior, RFID nail tags can last years without retrograding in productivity levels.

Consequently, you save hundreds of dollars in auxiliary and care charges. RFID nail tags installed for indoor applications can last longer and be used interchangeably due to the friendly conditions they operate in. This quality is additionally irrefutable given the environmental conservation gained by reusing.

How Do I Place My RFID Nail Tag Order From MoreRFID?

To place your RFID nail tags order on MoreRFID, you simply need to visit our website, select your preferred RFID nail tags, fill your virtual cart and proceed to payment terms and options. All you need to place an order is a computer or a smartphone and a good internet connection to place your order on MoreRFID.

Alternatively, you can visit our establishment in China to physically place your order. This order placement method is however applicable to local clients. The other ways you can place your RFID nail tags order are:

  • Calling our customer service team.
  • Email us your order.
  • Contacting us via our social media handles to place your order.


Do You Offer Shipping Services For RFID Nail Tag Orders?

In cases where applicable, we offer door-to-door delivery services to our RFID nail tags customers. We charge shipping fees relative to the distance traveled and the shipment method used. Over time, we have developed mutual relations with prominent transport service providers, which is a massive step in ensuring your RFID nail tags are delivered safely and timely.

These shipping service providers include:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • EMS

What Should I Do If My RFID Nail Tag Order Is Delivered Damaged?

The delivery of partially or wholly damaged RFID nail orders should automatically prompt a return of the defective items. You should begin by notifying our customer service team of the damaged RFID nail tags and the order number. Ways in which you can raise your grievance include emailing or calling us using the contact details provided on our website.

For easier and faster resolution, be specific in detailing the quantity, nature, and scope of the damaged RFID nail tags. Such cases are incredibly rare but MoreRFID is always ready to help.

Do You Offer Any After-Sale Services?

Yes. To ensure you have a smooth and great time using our RFID nail tags, we provide the following services post-purchase:

  • Warranty cover.

All our RFID nail tags have a one-year warranty period in which you can examine and get to familiarize yourself with our product. MoreRFID resolves any defects witnessed during this period without burdening you with any extra costs.

  • Custom clearance aid.

This is mostly applicable to our overseas customers. MoreRFID provides custom clearance assistance on RFID nail tags by collaborating with the respective authorities.

  • Doorstep delivery.

Delivery of RFID nail tags.

We will deliver your RFID nail tag order right to your doorstep safely and on time. This might however come at a cost relative to the distance traveled and the bulkiness of your order.

Other after-sale services you are likely to benefit from include, free user training, hardcopy user manuals, and a maintenance subscription at reasonable prices.

What Are The Payment Terms and Methods For Your RFID Nail Tags?

MoreRFID allows you to make a 30% initial payment of your RFID nail tags order once you place the order and clearance of the whole amount once your order has been processed. This policy is inspired by our drive to constantly uphold customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we permit our clients to use their preferred payment methods as long as they are globally recognized and trustworthy. From our pool of verified payment methods, feel free to pick one that you find most convenient for you.

  • Online payments: We specifically recommend PayPal.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Credit and Debit card payments.
  • Cash payments: This is mostly applicable to local clients.

How Can I Make Enquiries About RFID Nail Tags?

MoreRFID understands the value of effective communication with clients in establishing trust and long-lasting relationships. As such, we have constituted various avenues for our customer base to make inquiries, give feedback and raise their grievances.

By reaching out to us through the following avenues, a MoreRFID worker will promptly respond to you:

Email: infor@morerfid.com.

Phone: +86-135-5981-8852.

For clarity on the contact details, kindly visit our website.

Is It Cheaper Buying Large Scale RFID Nail Tags Or Piece By Piece?

Irrespective of the quantity of RFID nail tags included in an order, our prices are always customer-friendly. Large scale buying of RFID nail tags however attracts corresponding discounts as is with most wholesale and retail businesses.

Discounts offered on bulk orders are constantly changing due to respective changes in production and market conditions. One enabler of bulk-purchasing discounts is the economic utilization of several factors of production such as labor and time.

RFID nail tags in bulk

Can I Withdraw My RFID Nail Tags Order?

MoreRFID would hate to see you cancel your order since our priority is to deliver quality RFID nail tags for your application. There are instances where you can initiate order cancellation as it is within your rights. Before we commence production of your order, you can notify us of your intent to withdraw the order thereby prompting us to refund any payment made.

It is however impossible to refund your order if you initiate the withdrawal process midway through the production of your RFID nail tags. This is complicated by the fact that production materials have been procured and partly put into use. MoreRFID is always open to working on alternative solutions.

What Should I Do If My RFID Nail Tags Malfunction?

If you are experiencing trouble using your RFID nail tags, quickly contact our MoreRFID customer support team via the channels provided on our website. Once we are aware of the nature, scope, and magnitude of the malfunction, we will initiate ideal correctional measures.

Correcting RFID nail tag malfunction is predominantly covered by MoreRFID in cases where the warranty period has not expired. On the contrary, repairs on RFID nail tags not warranted are done by the company at reasonably priced fees.

Do You Provide RFID Nail Tag Samples?

Yes. We have a lengthy register of RFID nail tag samples readily available to our customers for consultation during their decision-making. These samples are inclusive of different color arrangements, artwork prints, and information put on RFID nail tags.

By studying our RFID nail tag samples, you will get a better understanding of the different chip types we use and the correct ways to deploy them to reap maximum benefits. To request the samples, email us at info@morerfid.com. Delivery of RFID nail samples is charged $50.

RFID nail tags samples

What Is The Average Shipping Period For RFID Nail Tag Orders?

To ship your RFID nail tag order, we use the most competitive courier service providers. Once production and packaging are finalized, it will take between one and 5 days before your RFID nail tags order is delivered.  The duration is mostly contingent upon the geographical location, shipment means, and customs clearance.

MoreRFID provides regular and timely updates on the shipment progress and you will be notified prior to the arrival of your RFID nail tags order.

How Do I Dispose Of Idle RFID Nail Tags?

Discarding unusable RFID nail tags should be done strictly in adherence to the waste disposal protocols instituted to conserve the environment.  Some RFID nail tags are reusable and therefore they do not necessitate the need for disposal.

To appropriately discard your inoperative RFID nail tags, use one of the following environmental friendly methods:

  • Thrust the RFID nail tags into correctly labeled dumpsters.
  • Discard the RFID nail tags into a pit latrine.
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