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The highest quality NFC Wristbands in the market. These bracelets last longer and are used in many applications around the world.

Durable & High-Quality NFC Wristbands From MoreRFID

MoreRFID has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of NFC/RFID products. We have overcome the competition by providing top-of-the-line products that are manufactured at our factory in Fujian. This guarantees that each one of our products is defect-free and made from the most premium quality materials.

The NFC wristbands can be utilized for various purposes like identification, location control, access control, authorization, and much more. The Near Field Communication chips enhance the functionality by providing a contactless experience.

We also offer these NFC bracelets in variants like silicone NFC wristbands, ABS NFC wristbands, woven NFC wristbands, and many more.

ABS NFC Wristbands

These long-lasting bands are made from ABS which is a very strong and cost-effective material.

Silicone NFC Wristbands

Made from high-strength silicone, these bands offer more durability and a very premium finish.

Paper NFC Wristbands

For all disposable one-time uses, these bands offer a cheap and effective solution.

MoreRFID: Your Professional NFC Wristbands Supplier in China

MoreRFID has produced NFC wristbands in its own factory for more than 10 years. We have a wide variety of products, including these NFC wristbands, which are manufactured with strict quality control for each product so that you can get the best experience.

Our manufacturing process is one of the best and most trusted ones in the industry, all the steps of this process are compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure the highest possible quality.

You can order these NFC wristbands directly from us at factory prices and we’ll provide door-to-door delivery to make your experience more convenient. There’s no minimum order quantity on any of our products so you can order any number of products you want.

Our customization options are quite extensive as well, we provide you with the option to change the color, pattern, shape, and thickness of your final product.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply NFC Wristbands
  • Customized Wristbands Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display


Applicable peopleMale, Female,Kids
MaterialSilicone, Plastic, Woven, Fabric, ABS, PVC,  PP paper / Soft PVC or Customized
LogoCustomized logo
Logo printingSilk screen printing, laser engraved printing
Minimum QTY100pcs


StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

NFC wristbands are also called NFC bracelets. Depending on their material, they can be divided into silicone NFC wristbands, ABS NFC wristbands, woven NFC wristbandsPVC NFC wristbands, and paper NFC wristbands.

NFC wristbands are widely used in identification and location control; such as in access control, security, attendance, etc.

Their use can also be extended to exhibitions, parks, hotels, restaurants, and other public places.  We produce NFC wristbands that use the NTAG series chip, and HF(13.56MHz) frequency.

As a professional manufacturer of NFC wristbands, our products are made according to your customized requirements and are tailored to your needs.

Having a high-quality NFC bracelet supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust MoreRFID because our products include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours!

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MoreRFID NFC Wristbands

The NFC wristbands, also known as NFC bracelets can be used in a variety of applications such as identity verification, access control to important areas, attendance systems, security clearance systems, and much more.

Our NFC bracelets come in a variety of materials such as PVC, ABS, woven material, silicone, and so on. We only use the highest quality NTAG series chips to make sure that the NFC abilities of our products are up to the mark.

If you wish to customize your NFC wristbands according to your style and brand identity then MoreRFID provides you with the option to customize the colors, sizes, and shapes of all our products.

So if you have the will to conduct your business with a reliable manufacturer with a great reputation then MoreRFID is ready to serve you at any time, just call us and we’ll help you out.

Types of NFC Wristbands From MoreRFID

MoreRFID provides you with a variety of NFC wristbands in different materials, colors, and functionality. Some of the products that we offer are PVC NFC wristbands, ABS NFC wristbands, paper NFC wristbands, silicone NFC wristbands, and much more.

NFC Wristband- An Ultimate FAQ Guide Questions

The introduction of the NFC wristband has considerably decreased the risk of data interchange and payment fraud. Waving or tapping the smartphone attached to the NFC wristband over the NFC scanner allows for cashless transactions. People can be tracked and monitored, which is useful in areas like hospitals and sporting events.

The NFC wristband also makes security control at events simple and safe. In this article, we answer a variety of queries about NFC wristbands.

NFC wristband samples

What Is An NFC Wristband?

Near field, a communication wristband is a device is used to communicate data or make payments. It provides a convenient cashless payment alternative while also lowering the danger of fraud. The device can also be used in healthcare to control and manage people who are in hospitals.

Why Choose An NFC Wristband?

Our NFC wristband can help you increase your return on investment by making you fashionable, which will help you get the most out of your money. To begin with, using an NFC wristband saves you time that would otherwise be spent utilizing a manual approach for ticketing and managing entry to an event.

Second, our NFC wristbands enable you to make cashless payments, which reduces the risk of fraud and money loss.

Our NFC wristbands also allow you to implement many applications, like involuntary access, security control at event doors, and athletic event timing, among others.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An NFC Wristband?

Our NFC wristband comes with the following advantages;

  • Convenient: This allows you to make payments without using your wallet or credit card.
  • Adaptable: works with a variety of payment mechanisms.
  • Communication between devices is seamless.
  • NFC payments made with our NFC wristband are often safer than credit card payments.
  • It is possible to program an NFC wristband for several NFC applications and projects, including sporting events, festivals, trade shows, and swimming pools. It is a dependable and simple approach to regulate entry, monitor a location, and issue tickets.
  • Reduces risks of frauds
  • Any NFC-enabled smartphone can recognize our NFC wristband with a simple tap.

using NFC wristbands

What’s The Greatest Way To Put An NFC Wristband To Good Use?

The best to determine how to put Nfc wristbands is to decide what you want to do and then choose the style and kind that best meets your needs. Contactless purchases, managing crown admittance in an event or area, monitoring a party or a location, and Android phone access control are common ways to use our NFC wristbands.

Our NFC wristbands are attractive and waterproof, so you may wear them when swimming or participating in other activities. Give us your idea, and we’ll create a custom NFC wristband for you.

What Are The Uses Of NFC Wristbands?

  • Our NFC wristbands are utilized for event tickets and access control. The NFC Wristband makes it easy to pay without cash and decreases the danger of fraud.
  • NFC wristbands allow users to enjoy speedier financial transactions and shorter wait times.
  • NFC wristbands allow event planners to spend less time behind the scenes and more time on-site while also reducing the danger of ticket theft.
  • NFC wristbands may keep track of specific people in certain places, hence enhancing security.
  • NFC Wristbands can monitor and track inpatients in the health care industry.

Is It Possible To Obtain A Customized NFC Wristband?

Our NFC wristband can be customized to customers’ specifications. We typically modify NFC wristbands in several ways, including chip encoding, size, color, serializing numbers, printing, and material.

We have an outstanding technical staff that creates NFC wristbands that meet your needs. Place your order and tell us what kind of NFC wristbands you want, and we’ll make them for you at a low cost.

Do You Include The Clients In The Design Selection?

We respect our customers’ demands. For this reason, we collaborate with our customers during the designing stage so that their need is met according to their specifications. You can reach our engineering team via the firm’s website to discuss your ideas, and we’ll send you high-quality templates with the best design for your needs.

Furthermore, we have specialists who provide our clients with the information they need to make key decisions or choose the finest design for their purposes.

Some NFC wristband designs

How Does An NFC Wristband Works?

Your smartphone can be paired with the NFC wristband. On your Android handset, first, download the free NFC utility application. Next, place your NFC silicone wristband near the smartphone’s head. Finally, you can write anything you want on the NFC wristband that you wish to share.

You may also use the NFC reader with our NFC wristband. A person only needs to tap their phone against the reader. NFC is supported by the majority of Android phones out of the box. Data can be transmitted to a computer system using an NFC reader.

Don’t worry about not knowing how to use the NFC wristband because we provide instruction through our simple guidebook.

What Are The Different Types Of NFC Wristbands?

Passive communication NFC devices and active communication NFC devices are the two types of NFC devices that we offer. NFC wristbands that are passive don’t have any power and can only link to active devices. Active NFC wristbands feature a source of power and can switch between transmitting and receiving states to send and receive data.

Silicone, Tyvek, ABS, soft PVC, and PET are among the high-quality and ECO-friendly materials used in our NFC wristbands. The NFC wristband you choose will be determined by your choices or planned use. Simply contact us, and we’ll assist you in finding an NFC wristband that matches your needs.

types of NFC wristbnads

How Do I Order My NFC Wristbands?

No matter where you are in the world, you can use our NFC wristband services. All you have to do now is visit our website and order your NFC wristbands. You can reach us by phone, email, or social media.

When you reach us, we’ll send you worthy samples or even help you create one, as well as a reasonable estimate. Our pricing is always fair and adaptable, regardless of the design or type of NFC wristbands.

Can An NFC Wristband Be Programmed Depending On Various Applications?

NFC wristbands can be programmed for a wide range of NFC applications involving sports matches, parties, trade exhibitions, and public parks. The NFC wristband is a safe and easy way to control access, track a place, and issue fines.

It is possible to use it to keep track of a certain location. However, all of these features are primarily reliant on your preferences, so let us know what you’d want to see on your NFC wristband. After the order is confirmed, our skilled staff will make it happen within a few days.

Are NFC Wristbands One-Time Use or Reusable?

Our NFC wristband can only be used once per event. To put it another way, it can only be used by one person at a time. As a result, event organizers can manage who has access to the venue and ticketing can be done precisely. As a result, NFC wristbands keep everyone at your event or venue safe and healthy.

However, because NFC chips are recyclable, they may be reused, lowering costs and reducing waste. That is, you can utilize it to retrieve several events while also executing other operations. The wristband, on the other hand, is only good for one user and cannot be recycled.

What Are The Delivery Options For Purchased NFC Wristbands?

Our dependable delivery alternatives include TNT, UPS, EMS, Sea shipment, air freight, FedEx, and DHL. We work with all B2B clients throughout the world to make sure they have a cost-effective shipping services plan.

The turnaround time for our services is between up to 7 days. Based on the order quantity, factory schedule, flight, and other considerations, our workers can confirm the exact requests, and our technicians may call you at a certain time.

What Components Make an NFC Wristband?

The NFC chip and wristband are the two main components of our NFC wristband. Because it is where all the programs are installed and it is detected during use, the chip is usually the brain or rather the primary element of the NFC wristband.

The wristband, on the other hand, aids in the attachment of the components to your hand, much like a watch. Our wristbands are typically comprised of sturdy and high-quality silicone fabric materials, making them both flexible and water-resistant.

How Long Does It Take for NFC Wristbands To Be Delivered?

Our NFC wristband will take 5-7 days to reach the destinations of our clients, based on your region. Don’t worry if you live far outside our operating zone; we have shipping and air options.

When it comes to offering high-quality NFC wristbands, we have the knowledge and a team of certified technological professionals that puts us ahead of the competition. Place your order for NFC wristbands and take advantage of our low and flexible prices.

How Can I Use An NFC Wristband with My Phone?

Linking with an NFC wristband is simple if you have an Android phone. After that, an NFC-enabled smartphone can readily identify the wristband with a simple tap, allowing users to enjoy reduced wait times and speedier payment transactions. At the same time, NFC-phone connection wristbands are an excellent choice for radio-frequency identification access control and digital payment services.

With this technology, event organizers may spend less time behind the scenes and more time on-site while also reducing the possibility of ticket theft.

However, if you have any technical questions or require assistance, our knowledgeable staff is here to show you around and offer you relevant information.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For NFC Wristbands?

Our ISO-certified NFC wristbands are available in quantities of as little as 100 pieces. Don’t worry if you require a large quantity because different types and styles of NFC wristbands have various pricing. We can also satisfy your entire manufacturing capacity if necessary, so make your order now to take advantage of our low rates and high-quality products.

What Is The Difference Between An NFC Wristband And An RFID Wristband?

The near field communication (N.F.C) wristband focuses on communication, whereas the RFID wristband focuses on identification.

RIFD wristbands are particularly efficient at storing and processing simple information in big volumes, however, NFC wristbands can store long and more complicated information and have a bit more flexibility when it comes to storing and interpreting data.

RFID wristbands have a range of 1 to 100 meters depending on the setup, whereas NFC wristbands have a range of less than 1 to 10 centimeters.

Because NFC is both more complicated and newer technology than RFID, it tends to be more expensive than RFID wristbands. RFID has been around since 1980, whereas NFC technology has been around since 2002.

Because NFC wristbands can be used to make cashless payments via cellphones, spectators must keep their devices on them at all times while on the festival grounds. RFID wristbands, on the other hand, do not require smartphones or power to operate. If a bracelet is misplaced, it can be deactivated right away and a new one issued.

RFID wristbands

Are NFC Wristbands More Secure Than RFID Silicone Wristbands?

Our NFC and RFID wristbands are less likely to be dropped or misplaced because they are worn. At the same time, they provide excellent access to secure areas for employees, members, and customers. But NFC wristbands may be more secure than RFID bracelets because it functions over a small range and requires a steadier network.

What Kind of Information Can Be Stored In An NFC Wristband?

Because our NFC Wristbands are utilized in many industries, such as personal identification and payment, the information you can put in them includes your personal information, which allows you to be identified and gain access to events and festivals.

To facilitate cashless payments, the NFC wristbands must also include monetary information. To complete payments, you must first load the money value into the chip. Our NFC bracelet can also save hospital data, allowing for the monitoring of hospitalized patients.

NFC wristbands, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of purposes. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make sure you find NFC wristbands that meet your demands.

Are NFC Wristbands Cheaper Than RFID Silicone Wristbands?

The price of NFC and RFID is determined by a variety of factors, including design and kind. As a result, the prices are difficult to compare. The pricing, once again, is determined by the retail store, as business owners charge different prices for these things.

We provide both wristbands at flexible costs, so don’t be concerned about price increases; we’ve got you covered with our low prices.

silicone NFC wristbands

Can My NFC Wristband Be Hacked?

In most cases, NFC is a beneficial technology for specific purposes. However, it, like NFC wristbands, cannot tolerate some security dangers. Because your NFC wristband does not have a password, hackers may be able to access the NFC data stored on it.

Eavesdropping is one of the most common issues with NFC technology. This process occurs due to the act of a third party intercepting a signal exchanged between two devices.

We give a user manual that instructs our customers on how to keep their NFC wristbands safe against fraud.

What Are The NFC Wristbands’ Potential Drawbacks?

The NFC wristbands require a steady network to function properly, and they may be disrupted if a secure network connection cannot be established. It means that if your festival is taking place in an area where data is readily available, NFC is a viable option. The data transfer rate is always low, peaking at around 424 Kbps.

However, if you can’t ensure a good signal for everyone, you’ll have no choice but to go with RFID. NFC wristbands can also only communicate over small distances of up to 20 centimeters. Furthermore, an NFC bracelet is typically costly.

Are There Expiry Dates for The NFC Wristband?

Our NFC wristband has an expiration date that allows clients to update their information before it expires. We provide a range of different designs and types of NFC wristbands for you to select from.

Our NFC wristbands also have expiration dates to protect your information from fraud. Changing your NFC wristband lowers your chances of becoming a scam victim.

If you contact us through any of our contact pages, we will assist you in changing your NFC wristband at a reasonable rate. If you can access one of our retail locations, please do not hesitate to contact us; we are always delighted to help.

Expiry Dates for The NFC Wristband

In Case I Change My Mind After Placing An Order, What Are The Steps Of Getting A Refund?

It is not a smart idea to refuse your order. You must be compensated if you believe it is necessary. You will only be refunded if you cancel your order before it is finalized.

You will not be eligible for a refund if you wait until the production process begins. If you have made up your mind and would want a refund, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us at any time; we value our customers’ preferences. Please let us know ahead of time if you want your money returned.

How Can I Ensure My NFC Wristband Is in A Good Condition?

Third parties can utilize your NFC wristband without your knowledge, so keep it out of their reach. There isn’t anything to be concerned about as long as you don’t lose your phone’s connection to it, so keep your phone in situ to avoid theft. Also, keep your NFC wristband safe from harsh weather conditions like heat and wetness.

Because NFC is a fairly short-range technology, we recommend that you keep your NFC wristband off while not in use because it is enabled on some devices nearby. When the NFC wristband is not in use, it is also crucial to turn it off to save battery life because it has a major impact on the battery.

What Are The Possible Security Risks Associated With The NFC Wristband?

Eavesdropping, which occurs when a third party intercepts the signal transferred between your phone and the NFC wristband, is one of the most prominent issues with NFC wristbands. As a result of this operation, the information sent between the two devices was accessible.

Data tampering is another security risk. This happens when a third party intercepts and modifies a signal before sending it on its way. The information that the receiving party receives may be tampered with or corrupted.

Finally, security risks may arise as a result of viruses. While smartphone viruses are now rare, they are on the rise. Because NFC technology allows users to store their financial information on their wristbands and phones, they become targets.

When you buy your NFC wristband from us, you’ll get a user handbook with instructions on keeping your information safe.

What After-Sales Services Do You Offer?

We respect our valued customers, and the following are the services we provide to them after the sale:

We provide door-to-door delivery to ensure that you don’t lose out on your NFC wristband; place an order with us, and your NFC wristband will here in no time.

All of our products are covered by a one-year warranty. That means you have a whole year to check out our products, and we’ll be here to help if you run into any problems.

Once the guaranteed time has gone, we give free replacement NFC wristbands and lifelong maintenance services for a fair price.

We also help our clients with customs and clearance procedures. We collaborate with the consumer’s preferred cleaning supplier.

What Can I Do with My Expired or Damaged NFC Wristbands?

Because NFC wristbands cannot be recycled, care must be taken while discarding broken or unused ones. The only thing you can do with a malfunctioning NFC wristband is responsibly disposed of.

As a result, because these materials are not biodegradable, you can toss them out in difficult-to-reach places to safeguard the environment.

What Are The Maintenance Practices of An NFC Wristband?

Maintenance services for NFC wristbands are often provided by distributors and technical specialists. The rates, however, may vary depending on the technical shops.

But don’t worry about upkeep because our NFC wristbands are composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. Using our NFC wristbands will save you money on maintenance.

Also, if your NFC wristband stops working properly within the first 12 months, we offer a warranty that covers any issue, including maintenance or replacement.

If you have any troubles, please contact us because we are here to help you with any NFC wristband issues.

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