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Provide high-quality chip cards at the most economical price. These cards can enjoy a one-year and lifetime warranty and can be customized freely.

Advanced and Versatile Chip Cards by MoreRFID

MoreRFID has been an industry leader in chip card manufacturing since 2008. We have refined our processes over the years to ensure that our customers get the highest quality products only. We manufacture our products using advanced German technologies so that the fit and finish of every product are unmatched and 100% perfect.

The chip cards by MoreRFID have been used for multiple applications like transportation, credit cards, EMV cards, health care cards, and a lot more.

The different types of chip cards offered by MoreRFID are RFID chip cards, magstripe chip cards, contact IC cards, and much more.

Blank Chip Cards

These plastic white cards are embedded with high-quality chips that can store data.

RFID Chip Cards

There is no need to directly contact the corresponding card reader for data exchange.

NFC Chip Cards

NFC chips can be used for these contactless chip cards.

Magnetic Chip Cards

There is a thin magnetic label on the back of this chip card, which contains the card holder’s information.

Plastic Chip Cards

The main material of this card is PVC, which is durable, light, and recyclable.

Metal Chip Cards

It has a luxurious and atmospheric appearance, and the metal material is more textured.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Chip Cards Manufacturer in China

With over 10+ years of experience, we’ve been producing the most durable and advanced chip cards since 2008. The standards for our manufacturing are set extremely high which is why our QC team at our factory in Fujian thoroughly checks every batch to be defect-free.

The products by MoreRFID all come with a guarantee of quality, we ensure that each and every step of your production process is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

We offer a 1-year guarantee on all our NFC/RFID products and free lifetime maintenance to provide you with ease of mind.

MoreRFID has a no minimum order policy and we deliver straight to your door with our trusted door-to-door delivery.

MoreRFID products are unmatched in quality and even price since we only sell at factory prices. Also, any of your customization needs will also be taken care of once you contact our warm and friendly customer service.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply Chip Cards
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing


Sample display

Smart Card Specification

Card type

Full color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card


PVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone


85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)


ISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and



MIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options

Card`s Personalized Options

Chip Cards, are also called IC chip cards or IC cards. They work using the chips as their medium.

MoreRFID offers superior chip cards to ID card manufacturers, branding companies, distributors, dealers, and wholesalers.

MoreRFID customizes chip cards for your business or organization. Our IC chip cards support reminder cards, electronic payments, electronic purses, financial applications, offline payments, fast payments, etc.

They can also be applied to financial credit cards, transportation IC chip cards, communications, business chip cards, education chip cards, health care chip cards, social security chip cards and tourism industries fields such as entertainment, the multi-function chip card provides a convenient service for your customers.

We are a top rated chip card manufacturer, we supply our customers with customized chip cards and create personalized services. You can customize and personalize chip smart cards for your employees and customers.

MoreRFID uses advanced machines like German flip-chip machines, German Heidelberg printing machines, CTP machines, high speed automatic die-cutting machines, and etc. to ensure superior chip card quality and craftsmanship.

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MoreRFID Chip Cards

The chip cards by MoreRFID can help increase the speed and efficiency of your day-to-day tasks like identity verification, EMV use, access control, contact/contactless electronic payments, and can be used for many other applications.

The chip cards by MoreRFID are made using the German flip-chip machines, German Heidelberg printing machines, CTP machines, and high-speed automatic die-cutting machines which produce high-quality and premium finished products.

With MoreRFID, you can customize many different parameters, like the shape, color, and size of your chip cards. You can adjust all these variables easily by contacting our customer support team, which will help you customize the chip cards for matching your desired color scheme and aesthetics.

If you’re seeking a reliable manufacturer who can help you fulfill your needs without breaking the bank. Then you don’t need to look anywhere else because MoreRFID believes in prioritizing customer experience first.

Types of Chip Cards From MoreRFID

We at MoreRFID offer various chip cards for multiple applications. Some of our many offerings include EMV cards, NFC chip cards, RFID chip cards, magstripe chip cards, prepaid chip cards, blank chip cards, and a lot more.

Chip Card – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Every Card issuer worldwide is coming up with cards that incorporate the Chip technology. Chip Cards have become of much use due to the advancement in technology. This is because most people can use it in a wide range of application fields, and it offers more advanced security of the customer’s information than others. MoreRFID is a leading producer of Chip Cards in China and beyond. The following FAQs give further information about Chip Cards.

What Is A Chip Card?

A chip card is a standard-size plastic charge or Visa which contains an installed microchip just as a customary magnetic stripe. The Chip encodes data to expand information security when making exchanges at stores, terminals, or computerized teller machines (ATMs).

Additionally, Chip Cards are also known as smart cards, chip-and-PIN cards, chip-and-mark cards, and the Euro pay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) card.

The Chip Card is used in stores, terminals, and ATMs.  Chip Cards are EMV Chip, Chip-and-Signature cards, and Chip –and -Pin Cards.

what is a chip card

Why Choose A MoreRFID Chip Card?

Chip card innovation—otherwise called chip-and-PIN or EMV—is a brilliant illustration of how these synergistic endeavors can succeed. Chip-and-PIN innovation is a protected strategy to store and exchange data and check card account information among shippers and clients.

Chip Cards have an added security, especially when making transactions at stores, terminals, and ATMs. This is because they are hard to skim.

MoreRFID Chip Cards are also customized in terms of shape and size of the customer preference.

Additionally, MoreRFID is a top-rated Chip Card manufacturer due to the personalized services they offer and the use of German Heidelburg machines, CTP machines, and high-speed automatic die-cutting machines to ensure superior chip card quality and craftsmanship

What Are The Benefits of Using Chip Cards?

Some of the benefits of Chip Cards include:

Chip card innovations provide an extra layer of security when used on chip-driven terminals because they are more difficult to navigate. Although this encryption security is currently observed through blackmail countermeasures provided by card vendors.

In most cases, the purchase involves fraudulent use. This inclusion limits the customer’s obligations in the event of a robbery.

Embedded chips can help dealers stay away from false statements about the existence of the card, but different insurances should come from various technologies to prevent extortion that the card does not exist.

It helps reduce fraud caused by data breaches. It does not necessarily prevent data leakage, but enhanced chip security includes preventive measures to reduce data leakage.

When used on a chip-supporting terminal, the chip card transaction is made more secure by encrypting the information.

MoreRFID Chip Cards are ISO: 9001: 2008 certified hence the assurance of quality.

benefits of chip cards

What Are The Drawbacks of Chip Cards?

Employees who work at Chip Card enabled terminals to need to be educated on using the technology since it is a bit complex.

The transaction process for Chip Cards takes a lot of time. Although they are fast, they still need some more seconds to complete the transaction. Sometimes, this might frustrate the customer.

The cost of updating Chip Cards is high. This includes the cost of updating the system.

What Are The Main Areas Where Chip Cards Are Used?

The following are the most current application fields of Chip Cards:

  • Banking and retail – Financial chip cards, ATM cards, credit cards, and debit cards are used. Most of them are Chip and Pin cards that require the user to supply a PIN for the transaction to occur.
  • In Healthcare where health care chip cards are used. The amount of data in Healthcare is rapidly increasing, and improved technology is needed to ensure patients are provided with efficient care, and privacy is safeguarded. The Card will allow patient’s information to be stored, accessed at any time, and updated if need be. This has reduced healthcare fraud. The Card also provides compliance with government initiatives such as organ donation.
  • Access control – they are used to verify the identity of individuals in areas such as offices and universities to allow entry.
  • In tourism industries
  • In the entertainment industries.

How Does A Chip Card Work?

The following are steps followed while using a Chip Card:

  • The cardholder inserts the Chip Card into the terminal. The Chip and terminal pick the application if they both support and agree with it.
  • The terminal then reads and goes through the application that has been chosen.
  • Authentication of the information takes place, which tells whether the information is authentic and genuine.
  • Restriction checks occur- this is to confirm the Chip can perform the processing of the information.
  • The card owner then verifies by either supplying a pin or a signature.
  • The terminal cross-checks whether the requirements for online processing are available.
  • The terminal chooses the action that will take place; decline, proceed, or accept.
  • The Chip also responds with the action that will take place based on the rules it has.
  • The finalizing of the transaction occurs whereby it is either confirmed or declined.
  • Online processing of the transaction by building the connection between the Chip and terminal.

What Types of Chip Cards Are Available At MoreRFID?

There are two types of Chip Cards present at MoreRFID company, namely:

  • Chip and Signature Card:
  • It provides more security to some extent. Cardholders do not use stripes, but instead, use chips to send information from the terminal to the money institution. If the exchange is approved, the customer should sign to complete the sale. Chip and Pin Card.

These cards offer the most security for customers. They work similarly as a customary chip card yet also require a PIN to finish an exchange. A client should enter their PIN to make a buy or withdraw cash from the ATM utilizing their credit or charge card. PINs usually are used for ATM withdrawals utilizing charges and Visas in the United States. Shoppers in Canada and different nations are needed to operate their PINs, paying little mind to how or where they utilize their cards—regardless of whether it’s a Visa.

What Is The Degree Of Safety While Using Chip Cards?

Generally, Chip Cards are safer than other cards. This is because, unlike other cards that require to be swiped, Chip Cards only need to be dipped or inserted into the terminal. This makes it hard for fraudsters who may want to copy or steal sensitive information from the Card.

The Chip Cards makes information change over time, not static hence skimming it might be tricky

Do You Offer Free Customized Samples, And What Is The Delivery Time?

Yes, our company offers customized samples, and they are free of charge. We give out free samples to evaluate the Chip Card, which leads you to purchase one from our company.

We can customize your Chip Card according to your choice’s shape, size, logo, and print make.

However, you will be required to pay for the shipment cost to the country you reside in.

Delivery usually takes 5-7 working days for it to arrive.

Customed chip cards samples

 What Types of Microchips Does MoreRFID Use in Making Its Chip Cards?

MoreRFID aims to use the best and latest chips in the market for it to manufacture quality Chip Cards. They include:

  • MIFARE Classic® S50
  • MIFARE Classic® S70
  • MIFARE Plus®
  • MIFARE® DESFire®
  • MIFARE Ultralight®

All the above Chips are ISO: 9001: 2008 certified.

What Information Is Stored in A MoreRFID Chip Card?

The microchip embedded in the Chip Card stores information that is used while making transactions using the Card. Chip Cards does not store the personal information of the cardholder. It stores:

Chip card account number, Expiry date, Country’s code, Service code, Card verification code, Currency code.

This is the information used to authorize, authenticate and process transactions.

Why Is A Chip Card Not Swiped?

Not in all situations is a Chip Card swiped since not all terminals support chip technology.

Due to the technological advancements currently and safety precautions, MoreRFID opts to manufacture Chip Cards that will primarily use the chip technology. Chip cards are safer since data is not prone to fraudsters and any skimming.

Swiping may put the Chip Card at risk of exposing its information to fraudsters. However, if the terminal does not support chip technology, you will have to swipe it.

What Are The Differences Between Chip Cards And Magnetic Cards?

  • Chip cards have a computerized code embedded in the Chip that changes each time you buy something. For an individual to finish an ensuing exchange with the chip card, they need to enter the PIN while the Card is as yet in the handling machine. It isn’t until the individual confirms the exchange with their PIN that the bank supports that transaction.

However, for Magnetic Cards, static information is stored at the back of the Card. This makes data available every time since once the person swipes the card, the information is transmitted.

  • Chip Card security is unbeatable by the Magnetic Card. The technology that Chips Card is made of is one in a million. The processing time for the Chip Cards is faster than that of the Magnetic Card. It contains more security measures than the Magnetic one making people opt to insert the Card than swiping it as it is in the case for Magnetic ones.
  • Chip cards support digital signatures, which is an excellent technological advancement as opposed to Magnetic Cards.

Chip Card vs Magnetic Card

How Long Does Manufacturing and Delivery of Chip Cards Take at MoreRFID?

Our company does its best to ensure it takes the least time while manufacturing and delivering your customized Chip Card. It takes 2-4 working days for your Chip Card to be produced. However, it takes 8-12 days to be produced; after receipt of advanced payment for any order below 50,000 pieces. For the shipment period, it takes 3-5 days for your RFID Inlay to arrive.

What Process Is Followed in Making Chip Cards?

The following process is followed:

  • Silicon Wafer manufacturing.
  • Silicon Wafer dicing
  • Die bonding
  • Wire bonding
  • Chip module encapsulated
  • Tape inspection
  • Electrical test
  • Chip module initialization
  • Card body production

Can I Use My Chip Card To Pay For Items Purchased Over The Phone?

Yes, you can.

When you are at the installment checkout, you need to pick “Pay Using Chip Card. When you select the choice, you need to determine the Card, i.e., Debit Card, and whether it is a Visa or MasterCard.

At that point, type the 16-digit Chip Card number on the front side of your Chip Card. You will likewise need to enter the lapse date of the Card.

Whenever you’ve entered the Chip Card subtleties, you might be requested a pin or a signature. Much of the time, it is a three or four-digit code that demonstrates that you are approved to utilize the Card. This code is generally found on the rear of the cards.

When you are through the installment entry, you will be requested to enter a unique exchange code or an OTP (once secret word) shipped off the versatile number connected to your Chip Cards. When you enter the number, your exchange is confirmed, and you get a notification.

To utilize a Chip Card on the web, you should know the correct charging address connected to the card being used.

What Are Possible Security Threats for A Chip Card?

  • Prone to lose and misplacements. In case, you do keep your card safely, then fraudsters might use the Chip Card to obtain your information from them and use it.
  • Outdated system software. A 2017 overview of 35,000 organizations found that practically 25% of them were utilizing obsolete programs. Those organizations were twice as liable to encounter an information break. The solution is to install refreshes as they become accessible. However, at MoreRFID, we ensure our systems are updated every time.
  • PIN attacks that happen if you share it with a second party may it be at the Chip terminal or any other place.

Can Chip Card Be Reprogrammed Once Made and In Use?

No, it cannot. Once you try reprogramming your Chip Card, the transactions will not go through. The reason is that MoreRFID identifies the Card they gave you as well as the Chip in it. Therefore, reprogramming alters everything.

Is It Possible To Use Chip Cards Outside China?

Yes, it is.

MoreRFID Chip cards are generally utilized in global business sectors and are acknowledged in all the countries that accept the use of Chip Cards/Smart Cards.

Using Chip Card make it simpler for you to make purchases and complete ATM exchanges when you travel universally.

What Happens If A Chip Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

There are federal laws of China that spell out what should be done if you lose your Chip Card or it is stolen. The type of Card and the time you report the misplacement will spell out the charges you will encounter.

First, report Loss or Theft Immediately.

Acting quickly restricts your responsibility for transactions from the Chip Card you disapproved. Report the loss or burglary of your Card to the card guarantor as fast as could be expected.

Numerous organizations have complementary numbers and 24-hour administration for such crises, and MoreRFID is not exceptional. When you report the misplacement of your Chip Card, government law says you can’t be expected to take responsibility for unapproved moves that happen after that time.

For a quick service:

  • Follow-up letters or emails. Include your account number, the date and time you discovered that the card was lost, and the time you originally specified the loss.
  • Double-check your card statement for exchanges that you did not make. Report these exchanges to the card issuer as soon as possible.
  • Check if your mortgage holder’s or leaseholder’s protection strategy covers your risk for car burglaries. If not, some insurance agencies will permit you to change your strategy to incorporate this assurance.

Plastic Chip Card Sample

What Aftersales Services Does MoreRFID Offer for Chip Cards?

MoreRFID provides Chip Card aftersales services, spare parts, and maintenance services after you have made a purchase. This is because Chip Card requires regular maintenance.

We give you a lifetime warranty and provide technical support and maintenance. However, you have to pay for the shipment cost for delivery.

How Are MoreRFID Chip Cards Protected?

Protecting your Chip Card should be essential if you want it to work correctly the next time you use it.

While your chip-prepared Card works effectively securing you, the actual Card isn’t impenetrable to harm. This is what you need to do to secure the Chip:

Get your Card far from fluids and sharp items. As per the New York Times, “the brilliant chips on the facade of the Card can be harmed by scratches from keys, coins and different things with sharp edges.

Store in a protected place. Computerized security site suggests that you utilize a wallet or a card carrier to store your Chip Card and shield them from hurt.

 How To Get A Chip Activated?

For your Chip Card to start working, you will need to activate it first. Making a Chip payment at the terminal that supports Chip technology. After completing this process, the Chip Card will be activated.

Get A Chip Activated

How Are MoreRFID Chip Cards Protected?

Protecting your Chip Card should be essential if you want it to work correctly the next time you use it.

While your chip-prepared Card works effectively securing you, the actual Card isn’t impenetrable to harm. This is what you need to do to secure the Chip:

Get your Card far from fluids and sharp items. As per the New York Times, -the Smart chips on the facade of the Card can be harmed by scratches from keys, coins, and different things with sharp edges.

Store in a protected place. It best to use a wallet or a card carrier to store your Chip Card and shield them from harm.

Do Chip Cards Have Limited Number of Use?

No, they don’t. MoreRFID manufactures Chip Cards that can be used in various application fields.

Smart cards fill in as credit or ATM cards, fuel cards, cell phone SIMs, approval cards for pay-TV, family utility pre-installment cards, high-security ID and access identifications, and public vehicle and public telephone installment cards.

Chip cards may likewise be utilized as electronic wallets. They can be embedded with a chip can be “stacked” with assets to pay to stop meters, candy machines, or shippers. Cryptographic conventions ensure the trading of cash between the Chip card and the device.

They are also used for identification purposes. They work by authenticating the identity of the customer.

Chip cards are utilized as travel passes and are being used by numerous public travel administrators. Card clients may likewise make little purchases ‘using the cards. Chip Cards are being given to students at certain schools and colleges. Uses include:

  • Following understudy participation.
  • Following and checking food decisions at the canteen, to assist the student with keeping a sound eating diet.
  • Following credits from the school library
  • Access control for induction to confined structures, dorms, and different offices.

How to Get Rid of A Compromised Chip Card?

Unlike in the past, where we would cut up our cards and throw them away, the advanced Chip technology will require progressive destruction.

Regarding chip cards, the American Bankers Association suggests cutting through the Chip, after which you will cut the Card on a couple of more occasions. At that point, discard the parts of the Chip Card in more than one garbage sack.

If the Card is metal, you could utilize tin cuts, pull out your power apparatuses, and get down to business. Or, on the other hand, you could demand a prepaid envelope from the MoreRFID company, then send it back to them.

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