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High-Quality & Cost-Effective Magnetic Cards by MoreRFID

Initiating as RFID and NFC Cards production, MoreRFID has grown to become one ultimate choice to have all your production completed. We are experienced enough to provide you with the best quality magnetic stripe card at a factory price.

The magnetic card is convenient to read and write, low cost, and easy to promote,so it still has a wide range of applications at present. We can provide you with various types of magnetic cards.

MoreRFID also allows the customization of magnetic cards for you. We entertain various formats and designs, use Magnetic strips and different personalized options proposed by you. Our team of experts ensures that you get what you require.

Blank Magnetic Cards

The blank magnetic cards have versatile application areas. You can print on them and utilize them as per your need.

Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic Business Cards enable people to reach you quicker. They are easy to read and prominent in many others.

magnetic gift cards

Magnetic Gift Cards make a great point of sale and provide accuracy.

Magnetic Metal Cards

The appearance of our magnetic card can be made of metal material, which is more luxurious.

Magnetic PVC Cards

The recyclable magnetic card uses PVC as the material, which is light and waterproof.

Magnetic Cards reader

A magnetic card reader (magnetic stripe reader or MSR) reads and processes data by touching the magnetic stripe.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Magnetic Cards Manufacturer in China

MoreRFID holds a record of supplying its customers with top-quality Magnetic Cards all across the globe. We produce Magnetic Cards following the RFID standard and the standards of International Organizations.

We manufacture using high-end German cutting and printing machinery to attain Magnetic Cards with perfect finishing. The technologies we use enables us to prepare your bulk orders within a short span of 8-12 days.

Our entire produced batch goes through a strict inspection against quality to ensure that every packed and shipped item is free from defects. Our one-year and lifetime warranty service can guarantee you the quality of the magnetic cards.

We can cater to all your needs of format, design, color range, and other personalization options of Magnetic Cards. You only need to give us your needs, and we can also provide you with free design services. At MoreRFID, demand no hidden charges for your design or sample deliveries.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply Magnetic Cards
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing


Sample display

Smart Card Specification

Card type

Full color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card


PVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone


85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)


ISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and



MIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options

Card`s Personalized Options

Magnetic stripe cards use magnetic characters and record digital information used for identity verification and other purposes.

Magnetic stripe cards are made of high strength, high temperature plastic or plastic coated paper, to repel moisture, resist damage; they are flexible, durable, easy to carry, and reliable.  Magnetic business cards are one of the most common types.

MoreRFID is a brand you can count on to provide the best quality magnetic business cards. All our magnetic business cards are produced with advanced equipment, high quality materials, exquisite workmanship, and backed up by our exemplary warranty and lifetime maintenance service.

We don’t have minimum order requirements, and welcome both retail and wholesale customers. Each order is important to us, and we strive to offer high quality services with a quick turnaround MoreRFID products must pass strict quality control inspections before they are carefully packaged and shipped fast to your door.

MoreRFID is a brand you can count on to provide the best-quality magnetic business cards.

Magnetic cards are convenient and inexpensive, so they are extremely versatile. A MoreRFID magnetic business card is the perfect addition to any credit magnetic cards, bank magnetic cards, subway magnetic cards, bus magnetic cards, ticket magnetic cards, phone magnetic cards, and electronic game magnetic cards.

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  • PVC/Plastic Cards

    Plastic cards are used in many ways, like business cards, gift cards membership cards, security cards, ID cards, etc.

  • Metal business card

    Precious metals – copper and 18K, or 24K gold for surface processing. Multi-channel traditional crafts, and modern advanced technology.

  • RFID wristband

    Use RFID technology. The RFID wristbands are crafted for the male, female as well as for kids.

  • RFID tags

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  • RFID reader

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  • Smart key fobs

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  • Dual interface cards have a contact and a contactless interface combined in a smart card.

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MoreRFID Magnetic Cards

With high durability and competitive market prices, we deliver Magnetic Cards that we can customize according to your needs. Not just that, our Cards exhibit durability and flexibility. The Cards produced at MoreRFID are scratch-proof and are resistant to moisture.

To ensure you of our services, we provide you with the option to claim a warranty of all our products till one year from your purchase. You can also demand maintenance when required.

We can be contacted to have a rough estimate and design service. You can also land your hands on free samples before placing your bulk order.

Your Magnetic Card Types

A MoreRFID magnetic card is highly versatile and can be customized for a wide range of applications. They make perfect use as magnetic credit cards, magnetic bank cards, magnetic subway cards, magnetic bus cards, magnetic ticket cards, magnetic phone cards, and electronic game magnetic cards.

Magnetic Card – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

A Magnetic Card is made of tiny iron particles in plastic-like film and is used to store data.

The Magnetic Card consists of a stripe, commonly referred to as magstripe, which is swiped past a magnetic head reader.

Standard magnetic stripe cards in the market that MoreRFID manufactures include credit cards, public transport transit cards, driving license cards, staff ID cards, gift cards, hotel rooms door cards, etc.

What is a Magnetic Card?

It is a card that has either a magnetic strip or an object encrypted with digital information. It contains data about an individual, e.g., passcodes for entering secure buildings, accessible credit on a Visa, and transportation tickets. It is typically the size of a business card.

We are a leading producer of Magnetic Cards in China which are ISO: 9001: 2008 certified. Some of the common types of Magnetic Cards include employee ID cards, gift cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses, and public transit cards.

Samples of Magnetic Stripe Card

Why Would You Prefer a Magnetic Card?

The Card helps to store data and communicate data to your transaction terminal. Moreover, the Magnetic Card is relatively inexpensive and can store a maximum of 60 characters, making it a good preference.

It also has a PIN whose core purpose is to provide an additional layer of security to the electronic transaction process of the Magnetic Card.

What are the Merits of a Magnetic Card?

Some of the advantages of a Magnetic Card include;

  • The codes of the Magnetic Card are reprogrammed after manufacture.
  • The Magnetic Cards highlight texts and images and are used as identification badges.
  • They meet the ISO: 9001: 2008 Certification, which makes it to be of standard.
  • Reliable – it is incredibly reliable, and its longevity has been tested over the years, hence proof that it achieves what it set out to do.
  • Versatility– it can be changed, adjusted, and modified persistently. They can be used severally, hence installing them on credit cards that depend on consistently evolving data.
  • Durability– it is exceptionally robust and incorporated into another strong material such as plastic. It is immune to outside effects such as water, dust, soil, and dampness.
  • One-year warranty that affirms our quality guarantee to our customers.

What are the Demerits of Magnetic Cards?

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Since it is not in a human-readable form, it can be a disadvantage in some applications.
  • Data can be damaged easily by stray magnetic fields.
  • It does not work in the distance, therefore, requiring close contact with the reader.
  • It offers inadequate security in most instances.

Magnetic Cards support less functionality, and they need online infrastructure to support most applications.

How do Magnetic Cards Work?

Magnetic strips usually use specific components to read data from the magnetic card, called a read head.

Microcontroller-based devices, magnetic card readers, can read heads containing signal amplifiers and line drivers.

Modern magnetic read heads contain integrated F/2F bit recovery circuits, and they interface with the host controller.

Each of the cards has a code that it uses.

Is it Safe to Use Magnetic Cards?

Yes, though they are susceptible to attacks due to minimal security features. Since data is handily read and written from a magnetic stripe card, one can easily duplicate data and another magnetic card effortlessly created. The Magnetic Card is swiped; this makes it easier for a fraudster to copy the Card’s sensitive information.

Also, the magnetic stripe on the rear of your Card can get worn out each time you make a purchase. If exposed to a magnet for an extended period, it can sustain damage.

How Do You Use a Magnetic Card?

The first step for using a Magnetic Card is to print the design of your Card. Secondly, you will encode the Card. Once the Card is encoded, you use a magnetic stripe reader to read and decode the data, whereby the data is converted into a usable format.

At the point when the card is read, the data is converted into a usable configuration. Information is usually divided into three tracks that hold a particular character—for example, your name, your number, and the expiry date of the Card. Lastly, you will need a system that will interpret and make use of the data in the Magnetic Card.

Where are Magnetic Cards Utilized?

There are various areas where the cards are used, including:

  • In banks by using credit/ATM and Debit cards. This is the most common use of the Card. The client’s financial exchange subtleties are encoded onto the dark or brown colored stripe on the backside of the Card. The details are only accessed by swiping the Card. In transport by using driver’s license. It is the second most common use of the Card.
  • In driving licenses – the holder’s data such as name, address, age, expiry date of the Card. This makes it simple for the police to track down somebody while speeding or different offenses.
  • Loyalty cards – The cards are standard due to their ease of use and convenience, e.g., making payments at retail outlets or supermarkets. You only need to convey this Card, swipe it, and that is it. Numerous retailers make this Card for regular clients.
  • In ID cards.
  • They are used as access control.

What To Consider When Buying a Magnetic Card?

There are a few factors to consider when trying to get a quality Magnetic Card. They include;

  • Durability– you need to consider the Card’s environment and how frequently the Card will be used. This will prevent it from tearing.
  • Programmability– it should be customized to separate, modify, change and approve magnetic card information fields. Programming the card to change the way the data is displayed is very important for running programming that requires information to be communicated in a specific format.
  • Variety: whether it is of high coercivity or low coercivity. Those with high coercivity are hard to erase; hence it would be more appropriate for frequently used cards. Low coercivity ones require low magnetic energy to operate and are therefore cheaper.

MoreRFID, through our professional staff, can assist our customers in customizing their products to achieve their desired designs.

All our products have passed 9001:2008 certification making them most competitive by standards adding as.

Also, as MoreRFID provides for one year, warranty availability is another additional consideration, where we avail it for all our products.

How Many Types of Magnetic Cards Does MoreRFID Provide?

MoreRFID Magnetic Cards in use include:

  • Credit Magnetic Cards
  • Subway magnetic Cards
  • Bank Magnetic cards
  • Bus Magnetic cards
  • Ticket Magnetic Cards
  • Phone Magnetic Cards
  • Electronic game Magnetic Cards

What Materials Make Magnetic Cards?

Magnetic Cards are made out of PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride) or metal. PVC Magnetic cards are plastic coated. MoreRFID uses precious metals on magnetic cards such as 18K copper or 24K gold used in the standardized measure of 3 ⅜ inches by about two ¼ inches, or whichever size you need.

Magnetic cards have tiny iron-based magnetic particles in a plastic-like film. Each particle is a tiny bar magnet, about 20 parts per million long.

There is also a magnetic strip on the back of your card and a place for all important signatures. The strip is coated with hard plastic, ceramic, or even metal to protect it from heat, water, and other factors.

What are the Standard Specifications of Magnetic Cards?

Like other cards, our Magnetic Cards are also made to meet global standards.

The material used to make the magnetic cards include PVC, PAPER, ABS, PET, Metal or Plastic, PEC, Epoxy, Silicone.

They are of size 85.5 mm by 54 mm, under ISO CR -80 standard. However, we can customize it to your needs.

The thickness is 0.76 mm ISO standard, with a minimum order quantity of 100pcs.

ISO governs MoreRFID material and process: 9001: 2008 and is subjected to a quality control process. As a professional manufacturer of Smart cards, we guarantee 100% quality.

magnetic cards standard

What is the Process of Making a Magnetic Card?

The card is composed of tiny magnetic particles in resin. These particles can be directly coated on the card, or can be made into stripes on the plastic backing coated on the card. The material used to make the particles is characteristic of Card’s coercivity.

These materials are blended in with tar to frame a uniform slurry which is then covered onto a substrate. The covering is thin, and the plastic permits the covering to be taken care of. Then cut it into strip width and paste it on the card during the process of making the card.

The techniques for application include hot-stamp and cold-peel.

Every other technique enjoys its benefits and is to a great extent extra to the Card client.

Can I Order a Customized Magnetic Card?

Our Magnetic cards are created in various shapes, sizes, materials, and of different printmaking.

They are modified according to your preference; hence you can pick a card of your choice.

The shape and size of the cards can be customized to meet your particular needs, even if you need an exceptional size of your Magnetic Card.

To achieve this, we will need specification details such as the type of Card you want, the LOGO, and the microchip type.

Custom Magnetic Cards

What is the Cost of a MoreFRID Magnetic Card?

Ideally, an IC’s cards cost depends on the Card’s shape and size, type of microchip, the design adopted, and mode of delivery.

The cost of our Magnetic Cards is 13% less as compared to those of other companies. The fee may, however, fluctuate depending on the shape type and size. You are needed to pay a 30% deposit and pay the remaining 70% upon delivery.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Free Samples?

We give out free samples to evaluate the Magnetic Card, which will lead you to purchase the Card from the company. The samples we have in stock are provided for testing. However, you pay for the cargo shipment fee to which country you are residing.

Nonetheless, if you need a customized card as a sample, you will need to pay 50 dollars which are refundable if you make mass orders.

How Does a Magnetic Card Reader Work?

The magnetic stripe is a go-to for Magnetic Cards since it holds sensitive data everywhere. Magnetic Cards are made to make the magnetic particles on the strip readable by a special reader device. This device is made of a solenoid, which consists of a coil wound into a helix-like package. This coil is then wound to a highly permeable core of metallic material.

It is from this core that offers a magnetic field once the current is run through it. By running the Card over the magnetic reader, the device’s coil becomes induced with voltage.

After that, the voltage is recorded electronically after amplification, where it’s expected to be read using a computer or an installed processor on the magnetic card reader. Final readings from the reader verify the transactions made using the various cards (debit & credit) or those used for user identification using IDs.

Using a solenoid, particles are encoded on the stripe, which decodes every time the Card is run through such a device or a magnetic stripe reader.

How magnetic card work

How Can I Receive My Order Outside China?

We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is also optional. For you to get your order, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Identify the Magnetic Cards’ rights.
  • Identify the type of Card you want to order.
  • Ensure the cards are allowed in your country.
  • Classify your Magnetic Card and calculate the shipment expense.
  • Find MoreFRID company in China and place your order.
  • Arrange your cargo transport.
  • Finally, track your cargo and get ready for the arrival of your Magnetic Card.

What is The Use of The Magnetic Stripe in a Magnetic Card?

It performs an information storage function by magnetizing magnetic iron particles into a magnetic band of the Card.

Data on the Credit Card is stored on Track1 and Track2 on the magstripe. Both track-1 and track-2 contain enough basic information for processing payment card swipes.

Most of today’s readers can read track-1, and track-2 data, if by any chance, either of the tracks isn’t readable.

The pin of your Magnetic Card is stored on stripe number 3 of your Card.

Do Magnets Affect Chip Cards?

No, they do not.

All our Magnetic cards have data chips built into the cards where data is stored. These chips are like mini-computers with storage memory and encryption and are unaffected by magnets.

However, it is possible to erase information on the credit card can be erased using magnets. However, several factors come into play to achieve and determine how effective this is achieved such as, how long the Card is exposed to the magnet.

This means that if the Card is exposed to the magnet at a close range for a more extended period, information is effectively erased from the magnetic strip. Furthermore, this could take much more time to expose the Card to the magnet to achieve the desired result of deleting the Card’s information. However, these days the cards are made with an implanted chip, just like with the sim cards that are not affected by magnets.

Which is Better, a Magnetic Card or a Smart Card?

Smart cards have significant benefits as compared to Magnetic Card.

The difference between the two is that the magnetic stripe card on the Card contains data. That data is easy to read and then write to another card.

Any credit card reader that reads a magnetic stripe cannot tell whether the card is authentic or a copy.

The size of a smart card is generally similar to a credit card or ATM card. Its advantage lies in the ability to store data on the card. The thin chip embedded in the smart card has input, processing, output, and storage capabilities, giving the smart card many functions.

The smart card can work offline, it does not need to be in contact with the reader. However, magnetic cards require an online system to process information and perform authorization.

Magnetic Card vs. Smart card

How are Magnetic Cards Encoded?

In general, encoding is changing data from one form to the other.

The following are needed:

  • Special magnetic card stripe
  • ID software capable of encoding
  • ID card printer with a magnetic encoding module

Data is added to the Card by integrating it into a magnetic stripe or chip: information is recorded on the strip (black or brown) on the plastic card’s back.

Blank Magnetic Stripe Card

What is the Service Code for Magnetic Card?

It is encoded on the magnetic Stripe of the Magnetic Card. This is used in card-present type transactions, i.e., when a merchant swipes a card, the value is submitted to the issuing bank for verification.

It is a 3-digit code found on the backside of the card that is unique and is obtained from the data encoded in the magnetic strip through an algorithm called Data Encryption Standard (DES).

The process of obtaining the service code is confidential to ensure the safety of millions of Magnetic Card users.

How Much Data Can a Magnetic Card Store?

Magnetic stripe can store different kinds of information.

A Magnetic Card can hold about 1024 bits of information, which is organized into three tracks. The first track has 76 alphanumeric characters, encoded in 7 bits per character. The two other ways can contain 37 and 104 numeric characters, encoded with 5 bits per character.

The first two tracks can only be read; the third track can be written too.

Where is the PIN of the Magnetic Card Stored?

Magnetic Card needs an online system to work. Therefore, the PIN is not stored on the card and verified by the Card’s Issuer.

Magnetic Cards possess a host-based PIN verification which means the host of the place you are using the Card needs to verify your card before the transaction is complete.

How Can I Protect My Magnetic Card from Damage?

Magnetic Cards are prone to damage. However, necessary care would prevent the damage.

One of the easiest ways to protect a magnetic card is to put it in a paper or plastic sleeve. You can also use a credit card holder to protect your card. By facing the card in the same direction, potential damage or scratches are avoided. In addition, do not store magnetic stripe cards where there are keys and other metal devices.

magnetic card holder

Does MoreRFID Provide Custom Clearance Services?

Yes, we assist in several scenarios, such as express and through air transportation. However, if it’s by sea, we will require that you find a custom clearance company, and we will cooperate with them to ensure the process is seamless.

However, you will be required to pay customs duty. The standard rate for customs clearance is around $50 for clearing with China’s Customs and $100-$120 for clearance from the CBP.

Can I Get My Dysfunctional Card Fixed?

Demagnetized cards are not amazingly costly. Nonetheless, as a general rule, it’s not prescribed to fix them. A few people suggest applying a basic life hack. It’s like putting some tape on a magnetic card. But there is no guarantee that the card can be used.

As you probably are aware, magnetic cards contain a negligible measure of distinguishing proof information, so the organization that printed it, for the most part, keeps the data and will want to replace it for a moderate total. Notwithstanding, it will take some effort to finish this.

Until then, you will not be able to do your work as usual.

Do You Provide Maintenance Services in Case of Malfunctions?

We offer a one-year warranty for all our products that affirms our quality guarantee. Also, we provide free after-sale services for all quality-related issues within one year.

Once the one-year warranty has expired, we provide long-life after-sale service, however, at a fee agreeable between the customer and us.

How To Destroy an Expired Magnetic Card?

You cannot erase the information on the damaged Magnetic Card. It would be best if you scrambled it away. The following are ways you can use to destroy the Card:

  • Cut the Card into pieces using a scissor or a shredder such that they are unreadable anymore.
  • Demagnetization should be done over the magnetic stripe severally. This helps make the stripe unreadable and unusable should it fall into the hands of fraudsters who may opt to use it.
  • Pierce the magnetic stripe using the scissor’s tip, then inflict scratches by scribbling the strip back and forth; this makes it safer and impossible to use over the application of demagnetization.
  • Cutting the magnetic stripe into long slices and much smaller ones damages it further. Disposal of these pieces should be done in different locations or in separate bins to ensure no chance of putting back the cards.
  • The trash should, after that, be burned instead of putting into different receptacles. This ensures the destruction of the magnetic stripe, which gives a 100% guarantee of safety by reducing the cards to ashes.


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