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MoreRFID has been producing the best RFID Key Fobs in China since 2008. Our products are water-resistant & available in various styles to choose from.

Safe and Secure RFID Blocking Cards From MoreRFID

MoreRFID has been the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing all products related to RFID/NFC. We’ve been overseeing the production of quality products at our factory since 2008 and we’ve come to be the trusted supplier due to the effectiveness and efficiency of our products.

The RFID blocking cards, also known as shield cards or security cards have revolutionized RFID security so that no unauthorized access by any malicious elements can be made to your personal data.

Our RFID blocking cards come in a wide variety to guarantee the safety of your ID cards, subway cards, access cards, and any other RFID cards. We provide these security cards in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes so that you can protect your data.

RFID Blocking ID Cards

These cards can ensure the security of ID cards

Blank RFID Blocking Cards

These cards are plastic blank RFID blocking cards to meet your special needs.

13.56mhz RFID Blocking Card

The operating frequency is 13.56 MHz, and the maximum reading distance is 1 meter.

MoreRFID: Your Professional RFID Blocking Cards Manufacturer in China

With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying the best RFID blocking cards, MoreRFID has emerged as a reputable name. Our RFID blocking material is of the highest quality and our RFID blocking card reviews prove that we’re trusted over the world by numerous satisfied customers.

Our entire manufacturing process takes place in Fujian at our own factory which allows us to maintain extremely high standards of manufacturing. The entire process of producing the RFID blocking cards is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards which makes sure that every product is a premium one.

MoreRFID promises a door-to-door delivery which becomes even more important during these sensitive times. We have a no minimum order quantity policy and the prices at which we sell our products are some of the most economical ones in the industry.

We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing a 1-year warranty on all our RFID blocking cards and we also provide free lifetime maintenance for all of our offerings.

If you wish to customize your RFID protection cards then we also offer the option to customize the different variables like color, shape, and size of the cards.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Blocking Cards
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing


Sample display

Smart Card Specification

Card type

Full color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card


PVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone


85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)


ISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and



MIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options

Card`s Personalized Options

RFID blocking cards, also called security cards or shield cards, are designed to shield and protect HF (13.56MHz) smart cards (such as payment cards, membership cards, etc.) to prevent criminals from stealing card information.

Simply keep a MoreRFID developed RFID blocking in your wallet with your smart cards and payment card wireless signals will be protected and shielded effectively, no matter what device criminals are trying to use, they will not be able to steal your card information.

Our advanced blocking technology will ensure safe use and carrying of your important information and account to prevent theft.

MoreRFID developed RFID blocking technology is widely used in bank cards, ID cards, city cards, bus cards, subway cards, attendance cards, business cards, membership cards, retail cards, health insurance cards, health cards, and school cards to shield and protect important data.

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MoreRFID RFID Blocking Cards

The RFID blocking cards by MoreRFID are meant to ensure that no one can get unauthorized access to your RFID cards which might hold sensitive information. Our security cards are able to shield all kinds of cards including HF RFID cards, payment cards, membership cards, and a lot more.

The MoreRFID shielding cards are made of the highest quality materials available, this ensures that the product is highly durable and has a long life. To guarantee the longevity of these RFID blocking cards, we even provide free lifetime maintenance.

These RFID cards are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes so that you can choose the one which matches your requirements. You can further customize these cards by contacting our friendly customer support which will help you out through the entire process of ordering your cards.

If you wish to keep your data safe and secured then MoreRFID is the only sensible option to choose, so contact us right now to get the best quote for your needs.

Types of RFID Blocking Cards From MoreRFID

We at MoreRFID, believe in offering our customers a wide variety of products which is why we offer many different types of RFID blocking cards as well. The RFID blocking technology can be implemented to block your payment cards, membership cards, subway cards, bus cards, access cards, retail cards, and any other types of cards that utilize RFID technology.

RFID Blocking Cards – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

The adoption of RFID blocking cards has lowered the risk of skimming-related fraud. The blocking cards can be used to secure bank cards, passports, and driver’s licenses, as well as other RFID cards that contain your personal information.

However, while some retailers have not reported any fraud difficulties with their RFID cards, theft can still occur with new technology. Only one RFID blocking card is needed to protect many cards in your wallet. For better comprehension, this guide contains frequently asked questions and answers.

What Is An RFID Blocking Cards?

This card is a security device that prevents your cards from being used by a third party. You can prevent your credit cards, transportation cards, and employee cards, from being skimmed by keeping this card in your wallet.

RFID blocking cards aid in lowering the reader’s broadcast signal power, preventing the RFID’s microchip from functioning, which provides security against access.

We have various RFID blocking cards available at a reasonable price, so act quickly before the best price and stock go out.

what is RFID blocking cards

Why Choose RFID Blocking Cards?

RFID credit cards are thought to be equally safe as EMV chip cards, and data theft from RFID cards is rare. This is due to the way these cards transfer data and the information that is transmitted.

RFID cards, unlike typical credit cards, employ one-time codes to complete transactions. However, because it automatically performs transactions, there are no “off” buttons to provide anyone access.

RFID chips are also found in credit cards and passports, permitting data wireless data reading. By releasing radio signals for quick identification, these chips are designed to make life easier. RFID blocking cards prevent hackers from “skimming” your information.

Our RFID blocking solution reduces the reader’s broadcast signal power, disallowing RFID’s microchip from functioning and ensuring the security of your RFID card. We provide you with RFID blocking cards to keep you protected.

What Are The Benefits Of Using RFID Blocking Cards?

Data theft and fraud are no longer a concern with RFID blocking cards. ID and access cards, debit cards and credit cards, hotel keys, and trip cards can all be stored in one case. Protecting your cards from unwanted or unintentional access against identity theft and financial loss is a good idea.

Our RFID blocking cards are flexible, small in size, light, and most effective. You need to protect your contactless and RFID cards and your security and ID passes, as well as your keys, from being copied and scanned. Our RFID blocking card can be placed in front and back of a contactless card to give protection.

Further, all our RFID Blocking cards and all other products are ISO certified and undergo thorough QC to ensure that they are 100% high quality.

What Are The Limitations Of An RFID Blocking Card?

The cards can’t protect cards that aren’t in the same wallet as them. Furthermore, the blocking card is restricted to certain cards that operate at specific frequencies, such as those over 13.56 MHz.

What Are The Application Fields Of An RFID Blocking Card?

RFID blocking cards are essential for protecting your RFID card against high-tech scams, which may seem rare but can result in a significant loss.

Our RFID blocking cards provide 100 percent security against fraud in your password, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and passports using the 13.56 MHZ frequency.

An RFID blocking card can protect multiple cards in a wallet

Is A Microchip Used In An RFID Blocking Card?

An RFID blocking card has a microchip that reduces the signal power transmitted by scanning machines such as card readers. In exchange, the card’s microchip is disabled, which protects your cards from skimming.

For any concerns or questions, please contact us because we have answers to your inquiries about using the RFID blocking card.

Do RFID Blocking Cards Exist In Different Types?

RFID blocking cards are divided into two categories: active and passive. Passive shields or guards can absorb or divert RFID signals. Active RFID blocks or guards, a microchip is used.

These two types of RFID blocking cards are available at a low cost. You only need to tell us which type best meets your needs, and we’ll set it up for you in a matter of hours. Make your purchase before the stock runs out.

Different RFID blocking cards type

How Does An RFID Blocking Card Function?

RFID blocking cards function in several ways. They can be both passive and active. RFID signals can be absorbed or deflected by passive shields or guards. A microchip is used in active RFID shields or guards. They usually put out a signal that interrupts others.

It is impersonating another card, causing the reader to experience a card collision. Alternatively, it consumes the power needed to power the chip in your card from the sending signal. The chip will not deliver a response if it does not gather enough power to work.

We offer RFID blocking cards safe to use and protect your personal information from identity theft. Our cards are also ISO certified, ensuring a seamless operation free of government meddling. In other words, by utilizing our RFID blocking cards, we ensure that you comply with federal regulations.

How Do I Operate An RFID Blocking Card?

Typically, RFID blocking cards are placed in the card wallet to stay protected. Through this process, the RFID blocking cards shield RFID documents or information from the electromagnetic field surrounding them. As a result, they deter skimmers from obtaining a signal from your cards by blocking the electromagnetic field.

What Are The Key Features Of An RFID Blocking Card?

RFID blocking cards are typically made of metals like aluminum and alloy nickel, as well as copper.  Aluminum is the easiest to work with. When metals interact with electric energy, electromagnetic is generated, which is necessary for preventing waves such as those emitted by an RFID reader.

RFID blocking cards usually make cards electromagnetically opaque by dispersing electrostatic charges or radiation around the cage’s outside, shielding the contents from electric charges.

Features of an RFID blocking card

What Is The Manufacturing Process For An RFID Blocking Card?

The approach for creating an RFID blocking card ensures that radio wave signals are prevented. Copper, aluminum, and nickel alloy are among the elements needed to complete this procedure. On the other side, Aluminum is the most user-friendly. Our technical experts can create one-of-a-kind blocking cards to match your exact requirements.

We also offer RFID-blocking cards and wallets that keep your cards safe. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with our blocking card.

Can An RFID Blocking Card Be Customized As Per Client Needs?

The RFID Blocking Card is approximately the same size as a credit card and may be personalized on both sides with your brand or logo. This card functions as a business card that you won’t throw away in addition to giving you privacy protection.

Also, both sides of the RFID blocking Card can be printed in full color. Please choose your color and combine it with your logo to create a distinct design. Allow us to assist you with your setup. Just contact us at your comfort; we are eager to receive your order and begin processing the order right away.

What Makes RFID Blocking Cards Unique from Other Cards?

Our RFID blocking cards don’t need to be charged, serviced, or powered. Our cutting-edge technological blocking card gets its power from any nearby RFID scanner, so it doesn’t require any charge or batteries to operate.

Because bank cards, driver’s licenses, and passports operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHZ, our RFID blocking card provides 100 percent protection. However, other institutional access cards run at different frequencies, and our RFID blocking card cannot protect them.

We are confident that our RFID blocking card is the most effective way to provide complete security. We also offer a twelve-month warranty, allowing you to experience any problems that may develop and get them fixed right away. Establish a plan with us to keep you safe with an RFID blocking card.

How Durable Are RFID Blocking Cards?

Like any other machine or piece of equipment, RFID blocking cards are subject to wear and tear. Our RFID blocking cards, on the other hand, are comprised of long-lasting materials that will provide you with the high-quality services you require.

However, extreme caution must be exercised to protect your blocking cards from mechanical damage or other adverse environmental conditions. Another feature that makes our blocking cards lasting is that they do not require any power, protecting them against static electricity.

Our RFID blocking cards come with documentation that explains how to safeguard them and tell more about using them effectively for a long time.

How To Make RFID Blocking Cards Orders From MoreRFID?

No matter where you are located, you can make use of our services. You only need to reach our website and request samples, and you will get served immediately. You can also reach out to us by phone, email, Facebook, or Twitter.

You don’t have to travel to create your RFID blocking card. Our team is always here to assist you. If you inquire, you will receive an immediate response.

How Long Does It Take To Have RFID Blocking Cards Deliver To Customers?

Depending on where you are located, RFID blocking cards can take hours or days to arrive. Don’t worry despite you not staying in our operating country; we offer delivery options. Place an order at your leisure, and we will ensure that the product is brought to your doorstep.

However, if you require personalized RFID blocking cards, we can provide these. The knowledge and expertise of the company’s team influence the number of hours or days necessary to create an RFID blocking card. We have years of experience and a team of competent technical experts that puts us ahead of the competition to provide high-quality RFID blocking.

In addition, the length of time depends on the quantity of RFID blocking cards you want us to make for you. You only need to place your order with us at an early time, and we shall create your blocking cards within a few days of receiving your confirmation.

How To Access RFID Card Samples?

We create RFID blocking cards to meet the demands of our customers. Our team is committed to customer happiness, so we invite customers to try our products before making a purchase. As a result, we provide a wide variety of blocking cards on our website. We can also offer you free samples so you can evaluate our high-quality items.

It is entirely free to visit our website for further information. We invite you to contact us whenever convenient for you, and we will get back to you without any delay. Our technical team is standing by to take your problems and address them right away.

Where to Get Customer Care Service for RFID Blocking Cards?

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. As a result, we are able to provide many different services to our clients. Visit our website or send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We don’t charge you anything to listen to your concerns. Please let us know what features of your RFID blocking card are bothering you. So, kindly never hesitate to place an order, regardless of where you are.

What Is The RFID Blocking Cards Minimum Order Quantity?

Our RFID blocking card, like other smart cards, has a minimum order quantity of 100 units. It means you can place as many orders as you want, and we will still deliver them to you. You need to place your purchase, and we will ensure that the cards arrive at your doorstep within a few days.

Does An RFID Blocking Card Have An Expiration Date?

RFID blocking cards, like other smart cards, have an expiration date for a variety of reasons. First, the termination date allows you to upgrade your RFID blocking card if you so like and choose from a variety of different blocking cards.

Additionally, the RFID blocking cards include a termination date that corresponds to the expiration date of your cards. When your cards expire, you’ll need new cards with RFID blocking cards that work with them because certain cards operate at different frequencies, and the blocking card won’t protect them from skimming.

If you’re having problems with your RFID card, our technical support team is ready to assist you in getting a replacement. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

RFID blocking cards experation date

Is It Necessary to Authenticate An RFID Blocking Card?

To use our RFID blocking cards, you don’t need a password or other kind of authentication. By making the blocking cards simple to use, we make work for you easy, dependable, and effective.

Please place your order to benefit from our digital experience that protects you from fraud.

What Is The Total Cost Of Making An RFID Blocking Card?

Several factors determine the entire cost of producing RFID blocking cards. Such a price could include the cost of obtaining raw materials for the reader and labor for each activity.

Designing the machine to be either passive or active has its own set of needs, which comes at a price. Our technical staff, which creates the RFID blocking cards, also requires compensation for their efforts.

We guarantee excellent RFID blocking cards since we use high-quality machines and materials, as well as specialists, to create our blocking cards at a lesser price than it would have been otherwise.

How Will My RFID Card Be Packaged and Shipped?

Our products are never damaged during transit, so you can rest confident that your RFID cards will arrive in fine shape. For both small and large products, we offer distinctive packaging designs and sealing tape. When it comes to RFID cards, we usually pack them in polyurethane bags.

We use single-layered cardboard for our cards. Wrappers are also used to protect the cards from the weather. Because our products are covered and padded, they will not be damaged. Our products are also safeguarded from infection because they are placed in a plastic bag within the container. Furthermore, we use high-quality sealing tape that is suitable for every shipment. Among them are vinyl adhesive tape, polypropylene tape, and fiber-reinforced paper tape.

We work with all B2B customers worldwide to guarantee that they adopt a cost-effective product shipping strategy.  We use FedEx, EMS, UPS, DHL, or TNT to deliver your RFID cards safely. Don’t worry about the cost because we offer affordable prices.

how are RFID blocking cards packed

Is It Feasible To Upgrade An RFID Blocking Card?

It is feasible to improve the RFID blocking card’s performance. We upgrade our services to ensure that our newer generation blocking cards address our clients’ current issues.

The procedure of upgrading the RFID blocking card entails several choices based on your preferences. For example, we update our blocking cards based on the size, shape, color, texture, sorts, thickness, and weight of the cards they can protect, as well as the capacity of the cards they can protect.

What To Do When An RFID Blocking Card Malfunctions?

Because it is only detectable if the skimming process is successful, determining whether your RFID blocking card is not working can be difficult. When your RFID blocking card stops working, it’s easy for fraud to occur.

Typically, it would help if you informed us as soon as you become aware of a suspicious situation to assist in preventing fraud. Our technical professionals are available to assist you.

Can An RFID Blocking Card Protect Multiple Cards Against Skimming?

You can safeguard all of your cards in your wallet with our RFID blocking card. With numerous cards that need to be blocked against signal transmission, you need one blocking card in your purse or wallet.

RFID-blocking cards from us have the advantage of being contactless, which means you only need one blocking card to secure multiple cards in your pursuit. Please contact us to place your orders before running out of stock; we provide flexible pricing, particularly for you.

Blocking Card Protect Cards Against Skimming

What Are After-Sale Services Offered By MoreRFID For Purchasing RFID Blocking Cards?

We offer a flexible payment plan to customers that make bulk purchase orders. In addition, those who come to purchase directly from our factory stand to benefit from our factory’s best prices.

We also provide a 12-month warranty period during which you may thoroughly inspect our RFID blocking cards and report any technical issues. During this time, our knowledgeable, professional team is available to provide free support in any way.

Further, lifetime maintenance services are also available for various parts of our products that require technical maintenance. However, it is best for those that naturally wear out that it is best to replace them once their lifespan is over.

Please visit our website for further information, or contact us and we will respond immediately and help you get what you need.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of An RFID Blocking Card?

Because of the necessity to safeguard the environment, disposing of RFID blocking cards requires a great deal of caution. As a result, you can toss them in a container or a pit latrine where they won’t be easily reached.

Alternatively, if you can destroy the expired RFID Blocking Card by either cutting it into small pieces and then burn the tiny fragments, or crash it by knocking it using a hammer until it’s destroyed, then have them burned.

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