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Your Trusted Epoxy Cards Supplier in China

The premium finished Epoxy Cards come in a variety of customizable options. The 10+ years of experience we have ensures the highest quality only.

Premium and Beautiful Epoxy Cards by MoreRFID

MoreRFID has been producing the best quality epoxy cards since 2008. We have a highly trained staff that knows how to manufacture only the most premium-looking products so that you have a great user experience with our products.

Our epoxy cards are used in various applications like member management systems, attendance management systems, NFC and RFID applications, access control, and much more.

We offer a wide range of epoxy resin cards by making every aspect customizable. You can choose the color, background, shape, thickness, and even the size of the resin cards to best suit your needs.

Epoxy NFC Cards

Using a high-quality NFC chip, information can be read within a short distance.

RFIC Epoxy Cards

Epoxy cards combined with RFID technology can be used in a wider range of fields.

Custom Epoxy Cards

Different types of epoxy cards can be selected according to different business needs.

Epoxy Smart Cards

The smart card uses epoxy material to be more beautiful, durable, and easy to carry.

Epoxy Access Cards

Mainly used for access control system management.

Epoxy Chip Cards

Implant microchips in these cards to store data.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Epoxy Cards Manufacturer in China

MoreRFID has been producing and supplying epoxy cards for the last 10+ years from the factory in Fujian. We’ve been the industry-leading manufacturer of epoxy cards due to the unmatched quality and prices that we offer.

MoreRFID’s QC team ensures that every step of the process is governed by ISO 9001:2008 standards so that there are no defects in the product you receive. As evidence of our epoxy card quality, we offer 1-year maintenance on the RFID/NFC products and free lifetime maintenance on all our products.

You can easily receive your epoxy cards without any hassle since we don’t have a minimum order policy and each order is delivered straight to your door.

If you wish to customize your cards then no need to look any further. MoreRFID allows you to customize any variable of the final products like the shape, color, and size to whatever you desire.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply Epoxy Cards
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
  • Water Resistant
  • Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From


Sample display


Applicable peopleMale, Female, Kids
LogoCustomized logo
Logo printingLogo silk-printing, laser numbering, UID number, Bar code and Serial numbers etct
Minimum QTY100pcs


StandardsHigh and Low frequency
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

Epoxy cards are made of all kinds of chips.

Mor RFID is a brand you can count on to provide the best-quality epoxy cards, we make your business smarter and easier.

Our company is also cost-competitive, and we offer more options for customization and designs.

MoreRFID is a professional epoxy cards manufacturer, we produce epoxy paint shade cards by CMYK offset print, silkscreen gold or silver color, hole punching, hot-stamping silver/gold, inkjet print number, laser print number, or UID number.

All our epoxy cards are waterproof and dustproof. Operating temperature: -20°С to +50°С. Our epoxy card application: include NFC applications, member management, and an attendance system.

MoreRFID offers custom card sizes and shape & chips such as EM4100,4102,4069,4550,S50,S70,ultralight,ST176,T5557,T88RF256,TK4100,INSIDE and so on.

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MoreRFID Epoxy Cards

Epoxy resin has emerged as a very durable and beautiful option in card manufacturing and MoreRFID provides you these products at unmatched factory prices. These epoxy resin cards can be used by you for multiple applications like RFID/NFC uses, employee authentication, member authentication, and even attendance systems.

We produce our epoxy cards with the most advanced techniques such as CMYK offset printing, hot stamping, laser printing, inkjet printing, and even silkscreen printing. The customization options are also endless so that your product matches your thematic needs.

MoreRFID epoxy cards are very durable and long-lasting with temperature tolerances of -20 to +50 degrees celsius. Our cards are also dustproof and waterproof so that you can use them without any worries.

If you wish to purchase some epoxy cards that are both durable and premium-looking then MoreRFID is the perfect manufacturer for you. Give us a call today to get a quote for your order.

Epoxy Card Types From MoreRFID

MoreRFID offers you a variety of customization options to choose from. You can select the colors, shape, and size of your order so that your product is entirely unique to your brand.

Epoxy Cards-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For over 20 years, MoreRFID has been trailblazing the making of RFID and NFC products including epoxy cards. Our epoxy cards are prepared using the latest technology, by the best technicians, and customized to meet our clients’ demands.

Our premium epoxy cards have spearheaded the transition of businesses within the transportation, banking, and logistics industries into digital spaces. One of the key benefits being quicker and resourceful business processes.

Our epoxy cards are customizable in outline, size, and color thus we are able to produce ideal cards tailored to the taste of your brand. The manufacturing and usage of epoxy cards are prerequisites to greater productivity, cost-effective solutions, and time consciousness.

Epoxy Card

What Is An Epoxy Card?

An epoxy card is a custom-made RFID smart card characterized by a glossy exterior, 3D effect, water resistance, and anti-oscillation. Epoxy cards are made by evenly sprinkling epoxy on PVC cards layered with circular RFID chips. The epoxy coating in turn gives the card a smooth, shiny, and glowing guise that is very appealing to customers.

Epoxy coatings offer a certain degree of toughness and rigidity, which allows them to be employed in the production of binding apparatus like laminates and RFID cards.

What Are The Uses Of Epoxy Cards?

Consequently, epoxy cards have been lauded as the optimal substitutes for wooden and metallic materials. Owing to their unique yet greatly effective qualities, epoxy cards are universally deployed in diverse industries for divergent functions. Epoxy cards are applicable in the following ways:

  • Computer security cards.
  • Student/School Identity cards.
  • Employee identity cards.
  • Hotel rooms key cards.
  • Association/Membership cards.
  • Parking cards.
  • Attendance cards
  • E-Payment cards and
  • Comprehensive card systems.

Security access epoxy card

How Much Do Epoxy Cards Cost?

Ordinarily, the price of epoxy cards is dependent on key factors such as the epoxy quality, the type of chip deployed, the artwork, and the measurements. An epoxy card of higher dimensions will undoubtedly relatively be highly-priced and justifiably so given the production consumed more material, labor and time.

As a consequence of shared production expenses, bulk epoxy card orders are proportionately pocket-friendly compared to low number orders. This is in line with discounts exclusive to large-scale purchases resulting from the efficiency of large-scale production.

What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Cards?

Epoxy cards are continually in an upward trajectory in terms of usage owing to their amazing features. Below are some of the crucial pros of epoxy cards;


Epoxy cards are simple in artwork and design which constitutes to a certain degree beauty and purity. They are also easy to use, carry around, and are very easy to read even from a distance.


Due to the rigidity of the epoxy material used, epoxy cards are capable of enduring pressure, wear or destruction. They also maintain an appealing glow

Water resistance

Epoxy cards are impermeable to water thus the content stored in them is guaranteed to be safe. This further compliments their ability to last long.

Other advantages include;

  • Impervious to weather.
  • Impervious to chemicals.
  • Hygienic and easy to preserve.

 Simple NFC epoxy card

Can You Customize The Design Of Our Epoxy Cards To Match Our Logo?

As a business, we value and prioritize customer contentment. To ensure there is mutual satisfaction, we initially develop sample designs of epoxy cards adherent to the clients’ demands and pass them down for approval. The essence of samples is indispensable in guaranteeing error-free epoxy cards.

It is worth noting that we only commit to creating epoxy card samples once we have agreed on the production of the cards. The samples are just a blueprint of the finished product and they serve to ensure that we encompass all your demands in the final product.

For your epoxy card sample to be processed, a $50 freight payment is compulsory. This amount is however redeemable upon placement of a bulk order.

You can watch a video on epoxy cards customization on the video below:

What Are The Varieties Of Colours Available For Me To Choose?

One of the reasons why epoxy cards are so prevalent and eye-catching is their ability to incorporate different colors, designs, and artwork. Our design team embraces your color and design choices to create products of your choice.

Our color varieties and arrangements are inspired by the demands of our clientele. Therefore, you will engage with our esteemed team of designers who will show you our lengthy catalog of color variations to choose from.  Additionally, you are at liberty to make suggestions in case your ideal arrangement is not featured in our register.

What Are The Features Of Epoxy Cards?

Epoxy cards have various distinctive and unparalleled attributes. Some of the fundamental elements of Epoxy cards include;

Sleek and elegant look

Epoxy cards are crystal clear, stylish, and graceful in demeanor thus they are very classy and appealing to the eye.
Water and dust resistant

Epoxy cards are impervious to both water and dust thus they can preserve their sleek and elegant appearance over a long period.

Epoxy cards are renowned for their durability and resilience to wear or tear. This attribute prolongs their life span thus saving the owner a lot in replacements and readjustments.

How Safe Are Epoxy Cards?

Epoxy cards are largely non-hazardous thus, they pose nominal threats if and when inadvertently swallowed or gasped. Conversely, it is advisable to be cautious with all epoxy cards as is with all epoxy products.

Basic safety measures should be employed when in direct contact with epoxy products. Cured epoxy resin, which is entirely concrete and toughened, is the material used to make epoxy cards. It is non-toxic and therefore completely safe to use.

How Are Epoxy Cards Made?

As is with other cards manufactured by MoreRFID, the production of epoxy cards is encompassed in four stages.

Designing: This is the initial step whereby our designers install application software for the epoxy card, attaches a memory size, stipulates the respective speed, and fits the operating system.

Chip Creation: In the second step, a chip is mounted onto the epoxy card. Using connecting wires, the chip is then linked to the connectors and finally, the PVC is coated with epoxy resin.

Coding: In the third stage, our team of technicians enforces the functionality option of the epoxy card. The chip memory created in the second step is coded to perform specific commands.

Data loading: The final step generally involves feeding the customer’s data into the epoxy card’s internal memory.

Epoxy card structure

How Can I Speak To You If I Have A Complain To Make?

In case you have a burning query or complaint, you can get in touch with our customer service unit via one of the following ways. Our revered team works round the clock and is devoted to listening to your grievances or criticism and providing answers.

You can reach us via;

Email: info@morerfid.com

Phone: 86-135-5981-8852

To confirm the phone number, visit our website and click on ‘Contact us’. All your queries or objections on orders, shipment, product returns, and virtually anything related to our business will be amicably answered by our team.

Why Should I Buy Epoxy Cards From MoreRFID?

We are a professional Chinese company specializing in RFID and NFC manufacturing with over 20 years of experience. We are a one-stop solution for all your RFID and NFC goods including epoxy cards. Beneath are some of the reasons why we are your ideal shopping partner for epoxy cards;

  • Tailor-made shape, size, and artwork.
  • Discounts
  • Warrant
  • No minimum order
  • Comprehensive solution.

Shop with MoreRFID

Can I Paint Varnish On The Epoxy Cards To Make Them Shiny?

The answer is simply, yes. But first, you must certify the exterior of the epoxy card is solid and polished with sandpaper to provide a surface that will allow mechanical bonding between the varnish and the epoxy card. You should also ensure the surface is clean, dull, and flat before proceeding to paint varnish on your epoxy card.

We recommend that you use a varnish of superior quality specifically marine varnish over the epoxy card. This subsequently results in a glowing shine and safeguards your epoxy card from ultraviolet light waves, which are known, for swiftly changing the color of the epoxy card to yellow over time.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Order For Delivery?

Upon placing your order, our various departments immediately commence processing the order and within 2-3 working days, your order is ready for shipping. The Shipping process is in turn initiated and managed from our Rialto warehouse in California. Other factors such as verification of samples by the customer may prolong the process but prior communication is made to the respective client.

What Do I Do If Some Of My Ordered Epoxy Cards Are Missing?

On condition that your epoxy card order is insufficient, kindly notify us via email or phone call. Your notification should contain the order number and the number of epoxy cards missing. You should address your email us. For a call, contact 86-135-5981-8852 and you will be directed accordingly.

We are however dedicated to customer satisfaction thus we have several mechanisms in place to prevent the occurrence of such a situation. In the unfortunate event that it occurs, we will work diligently with you to resolve the mishap amicably.

What Technologies Can Epoxy Cards Use?

The production of epoxy cards employs various and divergent technologies in production and application. Technological advancements are always in motion thus epoxy cards can incorporate newer technology such as the optical stripe, barcodes, and elaborate forms of visual security markings.

Although sensitive security features are exclusively discussed with clients, there are various reinforcements epoxy cards can deploy to improve their potency. These underpinnings include media features, printer capabilities, and database technology.

Technology used to make Epoxy cards

In Case My Epoxy Cards Arrive When Damaged, What Do I Do?

In the regrettable event that your epoxy card order gets to you impaired, please email us your grievance at info@morerfid.com.

In your complaint email, kindly include the following items;
Your order number.

This is a number attached to your order to aid in identifying your order. It is also the number you use, mostly with your last name to keep track of your order status.

Image of the damaged epoxy card

In your email, attach a photo clearly showing the damaged epoxy cards as well as the number of impaired cards.

Image of the shipping label

Finally attach an image of the shipping label, which is usually on the accompanying box. Kindly specify if you prefer a reimbursement in its place. This information will enable us to act accordingly on your complaint.

How Can I Ship Epoxy Cards Back?

In case you are dissatisfied with our epoxy cards or want to ship them back to us for whatever reason, kindly contact our customer service team.

Our return policy on epoxy cards is however limited due to their nature. For a successful return application, the epoxy cards are required to be unused and free from damages. In addition, this exercise must be initiated within 30 days of delivery.

How Long Do Epoxy Cards Last?

Most consumers if not all are always looking to get value for their money when they buy products such as epoxy cards. No one wants to undertake the same purchasing process or fork out cash to cover repairs in a few years.

Epoxy cards as earlier mentioned are solid, rigid, water, and chemical resistant. As a consequence of these tremendous properties, epoxy cards are able to withstand the test of time and outlast the majority of rival products.

The life span of epoxy cards is nevertheless lessened proportionately by various factors such as exposure to terrific pressure.

How Long Does Your Epoxy Cards Warranty Last?

MoreRFID offers our esteemed clientele a 1-year warranty on all our products including the epoxy cards. This translates into a one-year testing period of your epoxy cards by our customers.

Our warranty policy was constituted to ensure that we extend a helping hand to our customers whenever they bump into setbacks with our epoxy cards. As long as it is within the confines of the warranty period, all repair or replacement charges of the epoxy cards are on us.

Warranty Duration

What Is The Reading Distance For Epoxy Cards?

If you are using a first-rate NFC chip, the data portrayed by the epoxy card is easily legible within a short distance. The shiny and glistening appearance of the card owing to the purity of epoxy further augments readability.

A balanced blend of top-notch training and experience enables our workers to produce premium epoxy cards that improve your user experience. MoreRFID has invested years and rears of craft to ensure that our epoxy cards are easily decipherable from logical distances.

How Long Can The Data Inside The Epoxy Cards Last?

MoreRFID supplements cutting-edge technology with seasoned professionals and indispensable specialization to guarantee our epoxy cards are of superior quality. The NFC epoxy chip deployed in our epoxy cards is capable of storing initial data and collected data thus prolonging the life span of data stored in our cards.

Furthermore, the data in our epoxy cards are secured by storing the RFID and NFC cards in a Faraday cage. The Faraday cage prevents radio waves from accessing and altering with the epoxy cards therein safeguarding the data stored in them. Our esteemed technicians offer lessons to our customers on how to appropriately use a Faraday cage.

Are Epoxy Cards Affected By Water?

No. MoreRFID Epoxy cards are fully impervious to water and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 50. This unique trait facilitates the deployment of our epoxy cards in various fields such as outdoor management systems.

Our water-resistant, as well as dust-resistant epoxy cards, offer our esteemed customers the luxury of carrying with them the cards without having to worry about a rainy day.

Will My Epoxy Cards Order Be Insured During Shipping?

The security and wellbeing of your epoxy card order while being shipped is solely our responsibility. To ensure you get your epoxy cards in perfect shape and without unnecessary delays, MoreRFID has overtime invested greatly in the establishment of reliable delivery means. Some of our most trusted means include sea shipping and freight expressways.

Do You Offer Refunds For Cancelled Orders?

While MoreRFID strongly advises against order cancellation, orders canceled before the finalization of the order are refundable. Given the magnitude of labor and time put into the production of epoxy cards, order cancellations should only be made where necessary.

It’s crucial to note that whenever the production phase of your epoxy card order commences, your order cancellation cannot be honored with a refund since we have already incurred expenses related to your order.

Order cancellation appeals that require reimbursements should therefore be made at the earliest of opportunities. Customers’ decisions are of great significance to MoreRFID thus you should not hesitate to inform us.

Can I Use Epoxy Cards In Banks For Access Control?

Yes. MoreRFID epoxy cards can be used to access various banking services such as ATM services access. Our team of outstanding experts produces epoxy cards customized in appearance and performance to the demands of our customers. Such customizations include access control for banks as well as the size, breadth, and color.

Epoxy access card

How Will You Pack My Epoxy Cards?

How we package your epoxy cards is reliant on a few elements namely the amount and travel distance among others. To prevent the physical impairment of epoxy cards, MoreRFID employs wrappers to provide a cushion. If the epoxy cards to be delivered are voluminous, our packaging team will distribute them in one container.

Our packaging is characterized by a distinctive packaging design accompanied by a seal tape regardless of the package size. For a small number of epoxy cards, we utilize packages mono-layered cardboard while for a grander number; we use triple-layered boxes. Additionally, our packages are positioned 6 CM away from the container wall to avoid bombardment.

How Do I Dispose of Epoxy Cards If No Longer In Use?

Epoxy cards no longer in use should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The places should make it impossible to retrieve the epoxy cards and should not pose any threat to the surrounding environment. Examples of environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your epoxy cards include disposing of them in a trashcan or pit latrine.

Another method of disposing of unneeded epoxy cards is shredding the cards into smaller pieces and setting them ablaze safely. Whatever method you opt to employ should in no way possible be detrimental to the adjoining environment.

How to dispose of Epoxy cards

I Have My Specific Design, How Can I Share It With You?

To aid us to come up with the perfect quotation for your order as well as deliver epoxy cards that resemble your wish, we recommend you provide a sample inclusive of your preferred design when placing your order with MoreRFID.

It is advisable to mail the samples in PDF format since it does not mess with the formatting of the document, unlike some other formats.

To eradicate having a mistaken or substandard final product, always countercheck your sample copy to ensure we receive a copy that communicates the description of the task. This will in turn ensure we both do not incur pointless charges and time wastage returning the epoxy cards for adjustments or replacements.

Alternatively, we have a directory of design samples you can choose your epoxy card format or work with our experienced design unit in developing the best epoxy card for you.

Do You Have Any Offers For Large Scale Buyers?

Yes. MoreRFID advises our buyers to place bulk orders since it is economical in production and shipping. On large-scale orders, we can offer our customers flexible payment plans as well as other cost-related discounts.

Discounts on epoxy cards bulk orders are impermanent and they vary in amount depending on the volume of the order. Additionally, we aid in delivery services, specifically sea and air shipping and freight expressways.

Information on epoxy card discounts is available on our website. Do not vacillate to contact us or visit our website for the latest discount offers on epoxy card orders.

What Are The Quality Standards Of Your Epoxy Cards?

MoreRFID has over 8 years of experience in Epoxy card production. On top of having the most proficient professionals, we employ the latest technology to guarantee our epoxy cards are of the highest quality.

Furthermore, we are governed by stringent production policies, which dictate that our products pass through existing quality inspections. To prove this, our epoxy cards convey a standard mark in accordance with global quality standards.

Besides being ISO certified, we offer a one-year warranty on our epoxy cards. Under this period, you can return defective epoxy cards for replacement without incurring any cost.

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