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These RFID Key Fobs are water-resistant & available in various styles to choose from. Can be customized freely with a one-year and lifetime warranty

Premium and Personalized RFID Key Fobs From MoreRFID

Years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of RFID key fobs give MoreRFID an advantage in the competition and can provide our customers with higher quality and more durable products.

 We’ve been producing the RFID key fobs from the most premium quality raw materials since 2008. All of the manufacturing takes place at our factory which allows us to tightly regulate the quality control measures.

The RFID fobs come in many shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. These fobs can be utilized for security purposes, access control, vending machines, attendance systems, and multiple other applications.

The key fob types sold by MoreRFID include fobs made out of multiple materials like epoxy, PVC, leather, and many more.

blank RFID Key Fob

This blank RFID keyfob can choose colors and shapes. And you can customize it yourself.

epoxy RFID Key Fobs

Variety of stock shapes or inquire about customized shapes. The finish can be matte print or epoxy finish.

RFID Key Fob Readers

Used to read the information in RFID key fobs.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Plastic Cards Supplier in China

MoreRFID’s RFID key fobs are one of the best ones available in the market due to our 10+ years of experience in manufacturing RFID products. We’ve been awarded for being the most cost-effective supplier of RFID products due to our products being offered at factory prices for your convenience.
The entire production process of these RFID key fobs is supervised by a professional QC team to ensure that the process complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
To invigorate trust in our customers’ minds, we offer a 1-year warranty on the RFID key fobs along with free lifetime maintenance. There is no minimum order quantity and the product is delivered door-to-door.
MoreRFID also allows you to customize all the offerings. You can easily change the colors, shape, logo, and size of your product to match your preferences.

morerfid-manufacturing process

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Key Fobs
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
  • Water-Resistant
  • Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From


Sample display


Applicable peopleMale, Female,Kids
LogoCustomized logo
Logo printingLogo silk-printing, laser numbering, UID number, Bar code and Serial numbers etct
Minimum QTY100pcs


StandardsHigh and Low frequency
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

Planning to buy premium quality RFID key fob? Look no further than MoreRFID Smart Technologies.

We, at MoreRFID, are one of the well-established RFID & NFC products manufacturers located in China. We specialize in selling premium quality RFID Key Fobs and that too at competitive prices.

With several years of experience and high-tech products, we have become a one-stop solution for NFC and RFID products such as NFC business cards, RFID cards, RFID key fobs, etc.

RFID key fobs are also called RFID keychains or RFID key tags, most are made out of ABS, epoxy, or a leather shell packaged chip. There are many shapes for clients to choose from.

We are proud to be known as an excellent RFID Key fob manufacturer; you can count on us to provide the best-quality RFID key fobs available on the market.

As a professional RFID keychain supplier, we produce ID keychains that are robust, durable, waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant.

Our factory can add silkscreen printed logos, laser numbering, or inkjet numbering. Our RFID key fobs are available with IC’s 125KHz and 13,56MHz and chips to include TK4100/EM4200/T5577MIFARE Classic® S50 MIFARE Classic® S70, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Ultralight®, I-Code® 2/SLI, etc.

Why Choose Our RFID Key Fobs?

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Key Fobs
  • Customized Key Fob Size and Shape
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing
  • 100% High Quality and High Security
  • Water-Resistant
  • Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From

Use Our RFID key fobs in Applications Like:

  • security systems
  • access control systems
  • time attendance systems
  • vending machines
  • petrol stations
  • and many other applications

Get Customized RFID key fobs

Want personalized RFID key fob? We can create it for you. You will love to know that we can customize RFID key fobs with your own design and/or logo.

Just send us your preferred design and rest assured to have an excellent quality key fob created as per your choice. Pick from the wide range of colors available such as blue, black, white, yellow, green, red, orange, gray, brown, just to name a few!

From personalized photo to number, we offer complete customization options at budget-friendly prices. Fulfilling customer’s requirement is what we thrive for. Contact us to get a free sample.

For any other information or query, feel free to write to us at info@morerfid.com or call us at 86-1885-9275-056 or can also fill an online form to submit any message or query.

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MoreRFID RFID Key Fobs

MoreRFID’s key fobs are very durable and can last many years if properly taken care of. We use the most advanced manufacturing process to ensure that each and every product meets the ISO 9001:2008 specifications.

MoreRFID fobs can be integrated with various advanced chips like TK4100/EM4200/T5577MIFARE Classic® S50 MIFARE Classic® S70, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Ultralight®, I-Code® 2/SLI, and more.

Our products are also fully customizable so that you as a customer can get exactly what you want. We manufacture the key fobs in various materials of your choice which include ABS, PVC, leather, epoxy, and many more.

We offer the best cost-to-benefit ratio among all the suppliers of RFID key fobs so there’s no reason not to contact us if you wish to buy the best quality key fobs in China.

RFID Key Fob Types From MoreRFID

MoreRFID key fobs are available in a wide array of materials that you can choose from. The materials that we use are ABS, epoxy, PVC, leather, and much more. Even the chips that are integrated can be customized per order from the wide range available.

RFID Key Fobs- Ultimate FAQ Guide

Security has become a concern to many people and most companies have embraced the use of automated security systems. These are systems set in place to authenticate requests for entry and only give access to authorized personnel. The use of RFID Key fobs has grown as a way of addressing these concerns. Below is a guide to help you understand RFID Ky fobs better.

What Are RFID Key Fobs?

RFID key fobs are physical devices very small in size to fit on a keychain. They are used to open and electronically lock doors. RFID key fobs were being used mainly for cars but they have been developed to address the need for security in residential and commercial buildings.

RFID key fobs came in to address the challenges associated with earlier systems that were used mainly for cars and were highly insecure due to copying. The earlier system used infrared which posed this challenge.

RFID key fobs utilize radio frequency identification technology which allows the exchange of data through the use of electromagnetic waves. RFID key fobs are used in the management of entry of personnel into a facility. They have become very popular in recent times since they are easy to customize. They allow businesses to control which doors are accessed and by which person.

RFID Key Fobs

How Do RFID Key Fobs Work?

The modern key fobs work through the use of RFID which is an intelligent barcode system. This system can identify and track the information contained in a given RFID key fob. This RFID system will work just like the common barcode system that is printed on other products.

The same way the bar code will need a bar code reader to reveal the information, the RFID key fobs also require a reader to read the data. Once the reader has read the data and verified that the data requires authorization for entry, it will open the lock for entry. If the information contained does not match what the reader requires for it to authorize access, entry will be denied.

To open the door using RFID key fobs, you need to wave or hold the RFID key fobs in front of the reader. Each RFID key fob has a microchip that has a unique frequency used to communicate with the reader. It is this microchip that informs the reader that you need the door opened.

Where Are RFID Key Fobs Used?

RFID key fobs have become very common in different industries due to the high security they provide to the owners. They have replaced the use of metallic keys for most doors.

RFID key fobs are used in areas such as:

  • In the car for keyless entry
  • Condominium buildings or apartments
  • Parking garages
  • Gym facilities
  • College campuses
  • Restricting entry in given buildings
  • Shown rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Banks and other financial institutions among others

The growth in the use of RFID key fobs has grown due to their ease of programming as well as the security they offer.

Uses of RFID Key Fobs

What Are The Costs Of A Key Fob System?

The cost of RFID key fobs is determined by the kind of features and customizations you need to have. Such features include the type of casing material, the frequency of the RFID key fob, the size among other adjustments.

The average market price for an RFID key fob access control system may cost you from $2 to $10 for every door. The door will be able to control or allow RFID key fobs of up to 150 persons.

Can RFID Key Fobs Be Copied?

RFID key fobs can be copied but it is not easy. You will need a bit of technical knowledge to achieve it. You will also need an RFID Reader. RFID readers can be bought and will allow you to read and write the RFID key fobs.

The most common RFID key fobs readers are 125 kHz mainly used in apartments and office buildings. If you are not able to do it by yourself, you can seek the services from RFID key fobs cloning experts.

They will be able to do it for you at an agreed fee. The cloned RFID key fobs are similar to the original ones on all spheres. It will have the same access rights just like the original one.

Do Magnets Affect RFID Key Fobs?

RFID key fobs are very strong and are not easily affected by magnets. You should not have to worry much about the magnets. It is not a common thing and if it happens, it can only do so in one way. RFID key fobs will only be affected by magnets if the magnet is composed of a metallic cover acting as a shield to the frequencies coming from the RFID key fobs. This happens with any metal.

Magnets do not Affect RFID Key Fobs

Do I Have To Reprogram My RFID Key Fobs After Changing The Battery?

If you want to change the battery of your RFID key fobs, we advise that you seek the services of a qualified professional. A qualified RFID key fobs professional will be able to change the battery without having to reprogram the fobs.

It is not a must that you program it after changing the battery. However, if you do it by yourself with little knowledge on how to do it, you may have to reprogram the RFID key fobs after you are done.

What Are The Advantages Of RFID Key Fobs?

RFID key fobs have helped many businesses deal with security challenges that were there before. They have also helped in regulating the flow of people to certain unauthorized areas. Some of the advantages that come with the use of RFID key fobs include:

  • They are very safe depending on the type of RFID chip that you choose
  • They are compact and come in many unique designs
  • RFID key fobs are very robust in protecting against scratches, dust, chemicals, dirt, etc.
  • RFID key fobs allow contactless and fast transmission of data
  • They have intuitive handling
  • They provide a better marketing strategy and customer loyalty

Advantages Of RFID Key Fobs

Can I Get A Customized RFID Key Fobs?

RFID key fobs allow for customized designs and functionality. Some of the functionalities and designs that can be customized include:

  • The ability to a unique design of an RFID antenna with different frequency and RF protocol
  • Customized data encryption and encoding options
  • Unique size and shape of the RFID key fobs
  • ODM/OEM options-We can make a new mold to suit your preferences.
  • Engraved logo based on your current RFID key fob

There are many other unique and custom features that can be factored in when producing your RFID key fobs. While ordering, you will be requested to highlight any options to customize your RFID key fobs. Customized RFID key fobs however attract a higher price compared to the standards ones.

Customized RFID Key Fobs

Are You Able To Make the RFID Key Fobs Housing Case To My Desired Shape?

Yes, we can design the housing of the RFID key fobs based on your specifications. Our design team can also design the casing to match your RFID key fobs to win customer loyalty. We make a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, etc. depending on the customer’s requirements.

Make the RFID Key Fobs Housing Case

Can an RFID Reader Read Multiple Passive RFID Key Fobs at once?

A standard RFID key fob reader won’t be able to read several RFID key fobs simultaneously. Our readers however can process the data extremely fast without any delay thus saving time for those on the queue.

We have one of the most efficient RFID key fob systems in the market to offer you the most economical way of doing things. Simultaneous reading of RFID key fobs could only mean that there is a collision of waves thus forming an interference wave.

What Materials Do You Use In Making RFID Key Fobs?

Our RFID key fobs are made to last and are made with some of the most durable materials. Some of the common materials include plastic, rubber, leather materials among others. We accept the customization for different materials that you may be interested in. The materials can also come in unique colors.

Materials In Making RFID Key Fobs

What Are The Features Of RFID Key Fobs?

RFID key fobs are made to last and withstand any harmful effects that may come along. Some of the features that RFID key fobs can come with include:

  • Resistance to dirt, dust, and humidity
  • Ability to combine two different technologies in a single RFID key fob
  • Ability to be used both outdoor and indoor

What Frequencies Do RFID Key Fobs Use?

RFID key fobs use the Low-Frequency Band ranging from 30 kHz to 300 kHz. Mostly the RFID key fobs will normally operate on 125 kHz. Some RFID key fobs however can go to as high as 134 kHz.

Depending on how you want your RFID key fobs, the frequencies can be adjusted. Country regulations can also determine the maximum frequency that will be allowed for RFID key fobs.

Frequencies for RFID Key Fobs

How Safe Is My Information Once My RFID Key Fobs Has Been Shipped?

The information contained on the RFID key fobs is very safe; we understand the risk involved when it comes to exposure of data to a stranger. That is why we work with shipping companies that guarantee security across the supply chain.

If you realize that there might be a possibility of data access during the shipment of the RFID key fobs, you are requested to inform us and we will guide you on the necessary steps you can take to update the security settings.

How Can I Order RFID Key Fobs?

To order MoreRFID key fobs is quite simple. You only need to visit our online order form and fill in your details. Part of the most important details includes the specifications of your RFID key fobs. This can be the size, shape, color, frequency range as well as other security options. You will also leave us with you’re contact information and the quantity required.

Once all the information has been received, we will prepare a quotation for you and send it via email. You can then engage us if you have any queries on the quotation and if possible, we will see if we can give you a discount. After that, you will be given a contract form to sign before we start on the production.

Order RFID Key Fobs

What Is A RFID Key Fobs Protector?

An RFID key fobs protector is a case specially built to protect t your smart key fob to ensure that criminals do not get away to clone it, boost or even relay signal. To make use of it, you should place your RFID key fob inside the protector once you have locked the door.

You will always need to take out your RFID key fobs before unlocking the door. It is not possible to start your car by detecting the signal while the RFID key fob is still inside the protector.

RFID Key Fobs Protector

What Is The Information Required When Ordering RFID Key Fobs?

To order RFID key fobs, you will need to provide us with your details as wells as the product customization details. Apart from that, you will need to also provide your shipping details to ensure that your RFID key fobs get to your exact location.

Your details will include the name, email, telephone number, and any other information that may be necessary.

RFID key fobs customization details include any details that will make up your desired final product. You will specify the frequency, color, shape, quantity, and all other desirable features. If necessary, we have samples that we can share to help you come up with a better decision on what exactly you need.

The other information is your shipping information. Correct shipping details will ensure that your RFID key fobs will get to you and not get lost.

How do I send my RFID Key Fobs Artwork?

Once your order RFID key fobs, you will need to send us the sample artwork that simply projects the type of key fob that you want us to produce for you. To do this, attach your work in a PDF format either when submitting your RFID key fobs order or while discussing with us the pricing of products.

The sample design will help us grasp what you want, the cost, and how long it will take to implement the project for you. It is your RFID key fobs sample that will help us in determining the price to offer and should therefore come well before the discussion starts or when it’s going on.

RFID Key Fobs artwork

What Is The Warranty Period Of MoreRFID Key Fobs?

MoreRFID key fobs are of very high quality and we believe in our products. This is the reason we offer a two years warranty to help us fix any issue that may arise with the use of our RFID key fobs.

This way we can track any issue that may be developing in our production process. We replace any faulty RFID key fobs that are returned to us during the period under guarantee.

Any issue with our RFID key fobs should be reported to us immediately especially if it occurs immediately after dispatch.

Should I Worry When My RFID Key Fobs Gets Lost?

You have every reason to worry in case you lose or misplace the RFID key fobs. Losing an RFID key fob is like giving access to someone unauthorized. RFID key fobs offer security to some of the areas that only you would have access to.

However, if you realize that you cannot trace your RFID key fobs, it is good that you quickly take the necessary actions in preventing the use of the RFID key fob. You can do this by resetting the RFID key fob reader to deny access to that specific RFID key fob.

RFID Key Fobs Getting Lost

Can I Order New RFID Key Fobs Without Resubmitting My Artwork?

Yes, you do not have to send us your artwork again for us to go ahead with the production of your RFID key fobs. We have systems in place that manage every RFID key fobs order and request from clients. All the information is kept safe and in case you decide to reorder more RFID key fobs, we will use the information you had to provide earlier to achieve your desired results.

Reordering RFID key fobs is much simpler since you only have to communicate with us. You will also specify the exact number of RFID key fobs you need to be produced and we will immediately start the production process.

What Is The Least Amount Of RFID Key Fobs That Am Allowed To Order?

We try to achieve the perfect balance between the quantity of RFID key fobs we produce for our customers and the pricing for the same. We also serve both small-scale buyers and large-scale buyers. This is why we offer the lowest minimum order quantity which is 100 for all our RFID key fobs.

However, all large-scale buyers benefit from our huge discounts arising from bulk or wholesale purchases. We also offer free samples to our long-time clients at no cost.


How Long Will It Take To Ship My Order After Placing An Order?

After placing all your information as required we will immediately start working on your order. Normally, the production of less than 50,000 RFID key fobs will take between 5 to 7 days. We can also discuss the urgency of your order and see how we can work on it in the shortest time possible.

How Safe Are My RFID Key Fobs During Shipment?

All our customer orders are delivered in the safest way possible. Where possible we deliver door to door to guarantee you the safety of the RFID key fobs. We have partnered with some of the most trusted and reliable shipping companies such as TNT, DHL, and FedEx among others.

If you have your own preferred shipping company, we can also work with them in achieving successful delivery of RFID key fobs. We also pack RFID key fobs in a manner that guarantees their safety during handling and transit.

How Do I Program RFID Key Fobs?

One disadvantage that comes along with the use of RFID key fobs over the traditional metallic keys is their difficulty when it comes to programming. Whenever you need to have an RFID key fob, you will first have to buy a blank key fob and an RFID writer. You can then copy the existing key fob by reading the data on the RFID device.

What Are The Quality Standards Of Your RFID Key Fobs?

Our RFID key fobs adhere to all the set global standards for the manufacturing and distribution of RFID devices. Our RFID key fobs adhere to all the series of standards set out by ISO/IEC 18000. These standards guide the production of both RFIDs using batteries and those that do not.

Other than the standardization requirements, we also guarantee the safety of our products by giving extended warranty periods.

Quality Standards Of Your MoreRFID Key Fobs

What Do I Do If The RFID Key Fobs I Received Are Not Working?

Over the many years of producing RFID key fobs, we are confident that our products are of the best quality in the market. We ensure that every RFID device that leaves our factory has been thoroughly tested and approved for use by our quality department.

If you however realize that after receiving your RFID key fobs one or all of them are not working. You should inform us immediately. We will recall the products and fix any issues or replace them for you.

How Can I Dispose of Unused RFID Key Fobs?

The most challenging thing when it comes to the disposal of RFID key fobs is data security. Careless disposal of RFID key fobs can lead to exposure of data to malicious users who can use it illegally. This includes getting access to some of the restricted areas that only you and a few others had access to.

One way to dispose of the RFID key fobs is to take them back to the manufacturer for recycling. The RFID key fobs manufacturing company have the necessary machinery to destroy and wipe out any information contained in the RFID key fobs.

Disposing Unused RFID Key Fobs

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