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Tracking your animals becomes easier! High-quality RFID Animal Tags to have complete information about your pet/animal through specially crafted and innovatively printed tags.

Flexible, Durable, and Premium Quality Animal Tracking RFID Tags

Established in 2008, MoreRFID has elevated to greater heights in the last decades. Our specialty lies in the production of RFID and NFC Cards, tags, and bands. We pride ourselves on our complete production line only dedicated to Animal Tags.

RFID Animal Tags are pretty famous for their advantages in correspondence, power, and intelligent sensor adaptability. MoreRFID can deliver RFID tags without the requirement of any power source or batteries.

Injectable RFID Animal Tags

RFID Animal tags to inject into your pets and animals. They are safe and under ISO.

RFID Ear Hook Animal Tags

These tags can be worn by wore pet like a hook in the ear.

Stomach RFID Animal Tags

Install the radio frequency function in the pet collar. Keep the appearance and keep track of pets.

Collar RFID Animal Tag

A variety of colors can be selected to make tracking more convenient.

Foot Ring RFID Animal Tags

You can have stomach RFID Animal Tags to be stuck on the belly of your more prominent cattle.

Hanging Pig RFID Animal Tags

You can have RFID tags infused in Foot rings for your pet birds.

MoreRFID: Your Professional Plastic Cards Supplier in China

MoreRFID can provide you with RFID Animal Tags that help with tracking for a more comprehensive animal category. All our products are safe for use on animals/pets and are produced following ISO and RFID Manufacturing Standards.

All the Animal Tracking RFID Tags produced under the label MoreRFID are prepared in our German technology-equipped warehouses in China. We do not outsource the production to any third party. Therefore, we can map any bulk requirement with top-notch quality.

Once the production is complete, each product of ours goes through strict by-hand inspection. We ensure that the final packaging you receive is free from any defect. If any flaw is found, that is unlikely, and we compensate those tags in the next shipment for free.

Another of our differentiating factors includes; Free Samples. We provide you with the option of experiencing our products firsthand. You can demand free samples and have them delivered.

We do not have a fixed number or stated most minor limit for you to place an order. You can order RFID Animal Tags as low and in as bulk as you require.

In case custom clearance worries you, be assured that it is tackled. We at MoreRFID ensure your Animal Tracking RFID Tags shipment clears customs and reaches your doorstep at the desired day and time.

Smart card Printing machine CTP  Smart card Printing machine CTP Smart card Printing machine DTE

Heidelberger Machine   Smart card Printing machine LCF

Smart card printing machine  Smart card production process1 Smart card production process2

Smart card Raw materials  Smart card Raw materials2 Wire Bonding

Every Step Is Governed By ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Quality is life. As a professional manufacturer of smart cards, Every MoreRFID product is produced with strict quality control processes, 100% QC and every step is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate, just contact us for a quick quote today!

Strict Quality Control Processes To Keep The Color Difference, Free Sample To The World.

  • Factory Direct Supply RFID Animal Tags
  • Customized Tags Size and Shape
  • Custom Cattle Ear Tags
  • Fabulous  Printing UID  Choice


Sample display

RFID system for ear tags (2 categories):

LF: 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz; UHF: 860-960 MHz

Frequently-used chips for ear tag are:

  1. LF (125 KHz or 134.2 KHz)

1_ EM4200 (Memory size: 128 bits)

2_ ATA5577 (Memory size: 363 bits)

3_ Hitags256 (Memory size: 256 bits)

4_TK4100 (Memory size:64 bits)

  1. UHF: (860-960 MHz)

Frequently-used chips for ear tag are:

1_Higgs 3 (Memory size: 512 bits)

Reading distance:

LF ear tag: Up to 2-3 cm (depend on the size of the tag)

UHF ear tag: Up to 3 m (antenna and reading system dependent)

The earliest Livestock ear tags were developed in 1799 in England under the direction of Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society. The purpose was the identification of Merino sheep in the flock established for King George III. The first tags were made of tin. The use of cattle ear tags came into vogue with the outbreak of BSE in the UK in the early 20th century. This was mainly used to identify sick cattle so as to cordon them off. Today, ear tags in a variety of designs are used throughout the world on many species of animal to ensure traceability, and to control disease outbreaks.

A custom cattle ear tag is a plastic or metal object used for the identification of domestic livestock and other animals. When this tag uses a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology, it is referred to as an electronic ear tag. This ear tag usually carries an Animal Identification Number (AIN) or code for the animal, or for its herd or flock. A custom cattle ear tag may also exhibit other important information including other related identification numbers; such as the Property Identification Code (PIC) for the properties the animals have been located. During travel and shifting of the cattle, these RFID enabled tags are useful for online databases and movement trajectories as well.

MORE RFID is a China-based leading manufacturer and supplier of RFID tags and labels. MoreRFID is one of the leading RFID companies that are proud of supplying the best quality animal RFID tags for you. The company offers a full line of RFID animal tags & RFID products for your business. We are a one-stop solution provider, offering custom cattle ear tags.

We produce different sizes, shapes, materials, print craft, and chips; customized to your request. Pick your choice from low frequency to ultra-high frequency from original or compatible chips. We subscribe to a No minimum order policy, which gives us the flexibility to respond to all our customers’ needs.

MoreRFID is committed to providing a high-quality Smart Card and RFID Products, providing One-Stop Service. This helps our clients in saving time and money. More RFID is the leading Smart Card, RFID Wristbands, Keyfob, Tag, Inlays, Labels, and Reader Manufacturer.

RFID animal tags inject chips for use in animals, and information storage, including reading and data communication exchange. Depending on the application, RFID animal tags can be packaged into injectable implant types, ear hook types (RFID nail tags), left gastric types, foot rings, and other forms. Thus, dog injection RFID tags are divided into types including Vivo, RFID dog tags added to collars, hanging pig RFID tags on the ear, stay cow RFID tags in the stomach, while the poultry and other birds have electronic tags which are the foot ring type.

We believe we can help make your business smarter with our technology innovations and your work easier. We are cost-competitive and offer more customizing options and flexibility while maintaining strict quality control on all our merchandise.

If you have any questions about RFID animal tags, feel free to contact us, we will respond within 24 hours or less! We offer free samples worldwide.

Related Products

MoreRFID RFID Animal Tags

All our products are eco-friendly and made mainly according to avoid any discomfort in animals due to these tags. We ensure that the RFID Animal Tags produced by us exhibit quality and sustainable build.

The Animal Tracking RFID Tags that we manufacture are super economical. We manufacture them to be waterproof, scratchproof, and hard to wear out even with rough use. We also offer additional revisions and adaptability while keeping up strict quality control on the entirety of our product.

Just contact us to place a quick order!

MoreRFID RFID Animal Tags Type

We produce many RFID Animal Tags such as Injectable RFID Animal Tags, Ear Hook RFID Animal Tags, Collar RFID Animal Tag, Hanging Pig RFID Animal tags, Stomach RFID Animal Tags, Foot Ring RFID Animal Tags, and much more.

RFID Animal Tags-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

MoreRFID is a china based smart cards and tags manufacturer, with a wide range of RFID Animal tags. Our Animal Tracking RFID Tags allow animal keepers and specialists to track, monitor, and improve the welfare of animals. The dominance of RFID tracking technology in animal rearing has been steadily rising, as has MoreRFID’s commitment to providing quality Animal Tracking RFID Tags.

RFID animal tags

What are RFID Animal Tags?

Animal Tracking RFID Tags are smart tags that rely on radio frequency to safely and efficiently track domestic flocks, or wildlife being studied. Our RFID Animal Tags are ISO certified for meeting all manufacturing and usage standards.

To ensure our RFID Animal Tags are 100% safe for use in animals, we enfold them with biocompatible glass. Furthermore, we ensure that our Animal Tracking RFID Tags are sustainable and they are of no discomfort to the recipient. We have an extensive pool of RFID Animal Tags from which you can choose the most suitable for your livestock or pet.

What is RFID Animal Tags Used for?

The deployment of RFID Animal Tags in your pet, livestock, or certain wildlife serves to fulfill these underlying functions:

  • Animal tracking and Identification.

Tagging your animal of choice with an RFID Animal Tag enables you to monitor the geographical location of your animal.

  • Laboratory research.

Scientists keen on studying a certain creature’s lifestyle or condition can monitor its behavior by deploying RFID tracking technology.

  • Improving animal care.

Effective use of RFID Animal Tags enables the owner to establish and correct unfavorable conditions the animals are subjected to.

  • Inventory keeping.

Data transmitted by RFID Animal Tags such as the number and condition of certain animals is vital in record keeping.

what is RFID animal tags used for

What are the Benefits of Using Animal Tracking RFID Tags?

Farmers across the globe have been accruing benefits from using RFID Animal Tags. The deployment of this technology has been revolutionary to animal rearing and monitoring. The following are fundamental ways the deployment of Animal Tracking RFID Tags will be beneficial to you:

  • Maximized productivity.

RFID Animal tags make it easier to identify animals as well as establish their prevalent health conditions. This in turn enables the farmer to provide the necessary care resulting in higher productivity.

  • Encrypted data.

Some of the information contained in Animal Tracking RFID Tags is vital thus we have a feature that allows you to protect the data in-store using a password. This will ensure that only authorized personnel have access to key information.

  • Durability.

Our RFID Animal tags are made of durable material meaning you do not have to regularly repeat the process of fitting them on your animals.

What Types of RFID Animal Tags do you Manufacture?

At MoreRFID, we manufacture varying Animal Tracking RFID Tags to cater to the diverse needs of our client base. Our RFID Animal Tags have a frequency range of between 860 to 960 MHz and are either fitted with ALIEN H3 or Impinj M4/M5 microchips.

Underneath are the different types of RFID Animal Tags we produce:

  • UHF 915 MHz Animal Ear RFID Tags.
  • LF Glass Ampoule RFID Tags.
  • LF ISO 11784 & 11785 Animal Ear Tags.
  • Injectable RFID animal Tags.

Our team of experts will work with you in establishing the perfect RFID Animal tag for your animals.

application of RFID animal tags

How are RFID Animal Tags Made?

The production of RFID Animal Tags is carried out in four steps. By merging the latest technology, machinery, and expertise, we can produce premium Animal Tracking RFID Tags . The steps involved are:

Designing:  We begin by establishing the required memory size and downloading operational software for your RFID Animal Tag. To conclude the first stage, we attach an appropriate speed to the operating system.

Making of the chip: Secondly, we secure the best chip and install it onto the RFID Animal Tag. To connect the chip to the connectors we use high-quality wires before coating it with covering material such as plastic cards.

Coding: In this stage, we program the RFID Animal tag to perform your stipulated functions. This involves coding the chip manufactured in the second step to work in specific ways and for a specific purpose.

Loading your data: Finally, we conclude the production of the RFID Animal tag by writing your information or the animal’s key data into the tag’s memory storage.

What Attributes Should I Look for in a Good RFID Animal Tag?

There are certain performance and functionality standards your RFID Animal should meet. For performances that meet your expectations, your RFID Animal tags should possess the following qualities:

Comfortable on the animal.

A good RFID Animal tag should not be irritating or cause any sort of discomfort to your livestock, pet, or lab specimen. This means the material used on your RFID Animal Tag should not be irritating to the skin.

Ability to encrypt.

Given the sensitivity of the information stored by the RFID Animal Tag, your apparatus should be encryptable.  This feature will ensure that your data is safe from unwanted persons.


Constant replacements of RFID Animal Tags are expensive and very inconvenient. To avoid these troubles you should look for Animal Tracking RFID Tags capable of standing the test of time.

Do You Personalize RFID Animal Tags?

We manufacture our RFID Animal Tags to perfectly match the description our customers provide.  To ensure this is always the case, we work with our clients in developing a sample that guides our production.

For RFID Animal tag customization, we adhere to the client’s color choices, functionality specifications, and data description. Our technicians personalize the information stored in our tag chips to meet the customers’ demands.

Furthermore, we can tailor the functionality feature of the RFID Animal Tag to faultlessly accomplish our client’s demands.

Personalize RFID Animal Tags

What Materials Are Animal Tracking RFID Tags Made of?

Depending on the installation of the RFID Animal Tags, we manufacture our tags using different materials. For instance, the majority of ear RFID Animal tags are made of plastic, which is not bothersome to the animal’s skin.

We also use bio-combustible glass to manufacture Animal Tracking RFID Tags that may be inserted inside an animal. This ensures that the tag poses no threat to the creature and neither does it irritate them.

What Color Options Do RFID Animal Tags Come in?

Considering that you might want a specific color or color combination to match your farm’s brand, we have an index of several color combinations for you to cherry-pick. With the aid of our physical samples, you can select a color of your choice.

We have adopted a color blending technology that ensures we can come up with you desired yet unique color arrangement. From the tag’s color to the text color, we make sure we take into consideration the client’s wishes.

color options of RFID animal tags

Do You Offer Free RFID Animal Tag Samples?

MoreRFID has a lengthy register of RFID Animal tag samples availed to our forthcoming customers at a minimal freight fee of $50. Samples are essential in giving clients the idea of what they want as well as giving us the idea of what you want us to deliver.

To request RFID Animal tag samples, contact our customer service team via the contact details provided on our website. Additionally, we accept samples from our clients in case we do not have that particular sample in our register.

Once you pick your ideal sample, our design team works with you in producing a supreme quality RFID Animal tag adherent to your provisions.

How Secure Are RFID Animal Tags?

To ensure the data held in our RFID Animal Tags is secure, they come with an encryption feature that allows you to regulate people who can access vital information. MoreRFID also ensures that the data loaded to the chip is not accessible to third parties, therefore, guaranteeing supreme data security.

Our Animal Tracking RFID Tags are also coated with a rigid material to ensure they are safe from physical damage. The coating we use is also impervious to dust and water meaning your RFID Animal Tag is safe from liquid contact.

Do You Produce RFID Animal Tag Readers?

At MoreRFID, we produce supreme RFID Animal Tags. Our RFID readers are obtainable in a variety of frequencies alternating from low-frequency RFID Readers to Ultra-high frequency RFID Readers.

Irrespective of your range needs, we’ve got you covered.  MoreRFID’s RFID Animal Tag readers are relatively inexpensive, fast, and extremely accurate. Moreover, our RFID Animal Tag readers are certified by EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO, further complementing our quality.

RFID Reader

Why Should I Buy My RFID Animal Tags from MoreRFID?

MoreRFID has been producing RFID Animal Tags for years. By combining our experts’ knowledge and experience with the right technology and printing machinery, we can produce the industry’s best Animal Tracking RFID Tags.

We avail our RFID Animal Tags to our clients worldwide at very pocket-friendly prices with zero delays or defects. MoreRFID also allows you to shop wholesale or retail and we offer unmatched discounts on RFID Animal Tags.

By partnering with MoreRFID as your shopping partner, you gain access to a one-stop shop for all smart cards and tag needs.

What Chips Do You Use in Your Animal Tracking RFID Tags?

MoreRFID majorly produces two categories of RFID chips, passive and active RFID chips. The choice of which RFID chip to install on your RFID Animal tag is contingent upon the unique purpose your device is meant to accomplish.

To be precise, we either install ALIEN H3 or Impinj M4/M5 microchips in your RFID Animal tags. After explaining the expected role of your RFID Animal tags, our seasoned experts will advise on the best chip. Passive RFID chips are characterized by their reliance on RFID readers for power while active RFID chips are known for their ingrained power supply.

Can I Purchase RFID Animal Tags in bulk?

Yes. We advocate for large-scale buying given it is more rewarding compared to piece-by-piece purchases. To encourage this behavior, we transfer the cost reduction effects witnessed in production and shipping to our clients by having relatively lower prices.

Moreover, we provide discounts on Animal Tracking RFID Tags purchased in bulk. These discounts are attained by calculating the savings made in production, packaging, and transportation. As a result, the offers are not fixed but rather customized to match the number of items purchased as well as other market dynamics.

RFID animal tags in bulk (1)

Do you Help Clients Design or Choose the Best RFID Animal Tag?

Yes. It is our joy to walk with our clients in their RFID Animal tags journey from the moment they contact us, to the moment we deliver the finished article to their doorstep. Our team of esteemed designers will listen to you, guide you and work with you to ensure you get your desired RFID Animal Tag.

You will be provided with a protracted catalog of RFID Animal tag designs to pick your ideal tag from. We will subsequently work with you to customize the RFID Animal tag to match your liking. Additionally, we will personalize your RFID Animal tag to perform the tasks you intend it to.

How Much Information Can RFID Animal Tags Store?

Our RFID Animal Tags are fitted with RFID microchips capable of storing varying amounts of digital information. To begin with, the RFID chips are loaded with useful information and specimen data. As the purpose of Animal Tracking RFID Tags is to collect specified information, the installed RFID chips should have the capacity to store such data.

Depending on the application of the RFID Animal Tag, we embed a chip that can sustain initial and generated data without much strain. Typical RFID Animal tags have a storage capacity of not more than two Kilobytes, an amount that enables them to function flawlessly.

How Long Does It Take to Produce RFID Animal Tags?

Immediately you place your order and make the obligatory initial payments, our professionals get to commence the production of your RFID Animal Tags. The production span is, however, dependent on quite a few elements such as the volume of the order, machinery schedule, and the personalization needed.

We have capitalized heavily on quality machinery, expertise, and technology that enables us to produce tremendous orders within the shortest possible time. To enquire about the progress of your order’s production, you only need to contact us via the contact details on our website.

What Shipment Methods Do You Use for Animal Tracking RFID Tags?

To ensure your order gets to you safely, we have collaborated with some of the most reliable courier services in the world. As dictated by the distance and customer’s preference, we pick the ideal shipment method that will not only get your order delivered on time but deliver it safely too.

These are some of our most trusted shipping methods:

  • Shipping via sea.
  • Shipping via air.
  • Shipping via trains.
  • Shipping via truckloads.

The ideal shipment choice is also informed by the distance, for instance, truckload shipping applies to local delivery while sea shipping is ideal for overseas shipping. Lastly, we consider the volume of the RFID Animal Tags order before deciding on the perfect shipping method.


How Long Does it Take to Ship My RFID Animal Tags?

Taking into account all shipment dynamics, it takes approximately five to seven days to deliver your RFID Animal Tags. Once production is dusted, we immediately commence the shipping process with the agreed shipment mode.

Shipping Animal Tracking RFID Tags may however be subject to further delays as a consequence of unforeseen hitches. To keep your order on schedule, we use credible courier services. The shipment duration is comparatively shorter for local clients due to the distance traveled.

How Can I Contact MoreRFID on RFID Animal Tags?

MoreRFID is a company that is open to customer interaction at all times. We have laid down the necessary infrastructure to make certain that our customers can provide feedback, raise constructive criticism, and make inquiries without much hassle.


Phone: 86-135-5981-8852

Any communication initiated within normal working hours will be reacted upon immediately. Contact initiated during the off time will also be responded to during working hours. Our contact details are also available on our website.

Can I Return RFID Animal Tags after Purchase?

The return of RFID Animal Tags is permitted in scarce circumstances. The following are instances in which MoreRFID allows clients to return purchased Animal Tracking RFID Tags :

  • Cases where RFID Animal Tags are delivered damaged.
  • Cases where RFID Animal Tags are unsatisfactory.

Consumers are entitled to a reimbursement if they make a return for faulty or unsatisfactory RFID Animal Tags within 30 days. At MoreRFID, we value client gratification thus we are open to exploring other amicable solutions in such a scenario.

What Should I Do If My RFID Animal Tags Arrive Damaged?

Delivery in an imperfect state is a big concern for MoreRFID. To prevent this, we undertake various precautionary measures such as secure packaging to ensure you get your RFID Animal Tag delivered in unadulterated condition.

In the regrettable event that your RFID Animal Tags get to you impaired, contact our customer service crew on the contact details provided on our website. Your message should contain:

  • The order number.
  • The nature of the damage.
  • The number of damaged Animal Tracking RFID Tags.
  • The extent of the damage.
  • Your contact details.

With this information, our customer support staff will provide further directions. After ascertaining the cause of the damage, we are going to initiate a return of the damaged tags, replace them and ship them back to you.


What After-sale Services do you Offer on RFID Animal Tags?

Our value for our RFID Animal Tags customers goes beyond just making sales. Therein, we have put in place various after-purchase services for our clients. Below is a list of services we offer our clients:

  • Doorstep delivery.
  • Assistance in customs clearance.
  • Training on RFID Animal Tags usage.
  • Animal Tracking RFID Tags upgrade and maintenance.

MoreRFID understands the role of after-sale services in bettering customer experience, generating brand loyalty, and marketing through word of mouth. We hold our clients in such high regard thus we undertake these key services to show our gratitude.

What Should I Do If My Animal Tracking RFID Tags Malfunction?

Given the stakes involved with a defective RFID Animal Tag, we employ top-level craftsmanship and technology to ensure device failure never happens. There are, however, certain cases in which device failure occurs unprecedentedly.

In such a scenario, you need not panic. Instead, contact our customer support team as soon as possible. This is achievable by using the contact details provided on our website. In your communication, kindly include the nature and volume of the breakdown.

If this breakdown occurs within 12 months of purchase, we offer repairs and/or replacements at zero costs. Nonetheless, we offer discounted maintenance services for our Animal Tracking RFID Tags , not under warranty.

How can I Place RFID Animal Tag Orders?

We have several ways tailor-made to make your ordering ordeal easy, quick, and less costly. Regardless of your geographical location, you can place your RFID Animal Tags order at the click of a button. By taking advantage of digital spaces, we have been able to diversify and simplify the ordering process.

The following are ways in which you can place your RFID Animal Tags order:

  • Physical ordering by visiting our stores to place your order.
  • Visiting our website.
  • Contacting us on our social media handles.
  • Emailing us your order.

How Much Do RFID Animal Tags Cost?

The cost of RFID Animal Tags is contingent upon various production, shipment, and market dynamics. In addition to this, we price our Animal Tracking RFID Tags according to the materials, customization details involved, and type of chips installed.

All factors considered in MoreRFID’s valuing strategy are designed with the customer in mind. As such, we avail our RFID Animal Tags to our customers conveniently at affordable prices. Compared to other RFID Animal tags dealers, our prices are relatively low thus you should shop with us.

We also offer shipment services at economical rates meaning your Animal Tracking RFID Tags will be delivered to your doorstep without hurting your pockets.

What are your payment methods and terms for RFID Animal Tags?

At MoreRFID, we have several universally certified payment methods you can use to pay for your RFID Animal Tags. Our preference is informed by the need to enable you successfully place your orders conveniently and securely.

From local clients who can visit our offices and make cash payments to our international clients, the following are payment options to choose from:

  • Bank Transfers.
  • Western Union.
  • Credit and Debit cards.
  • Online payments e.g. PayPal.

How Should I Dispose of my RFID Animal Tags Without Polluting the Environment?

RFID Animal tags made of plastic are rarely recyclable. This means to perverse the environment; you need to dispose of your idle Animal Tracking RFID Tags in environmentally friendly ways. One of the most popular disposal methods of plastic RFID Animal tags is the use of secure trashcans far from the reach of others.

Additionally, you can ditch your no longer tenable RFID Animal tags in a pit latrine resulting in a friendly environment. As an alternate method, you can chop your plastics into shards and burn them while adhering to fire safety protocols.  We have a collective responsibility of ensuring our environment is polluted and safe thus, you watch how you dispose of your Animal Tracking RFID Tags.

Are Your Animal Tracking RFID Tags Certified?

Our Animal Tracking RFID Tags have been scrutinized by authorized quality assurance institutions and found to be of the right standards. As a consequence, you have no reason to have reservations regarding the usage of  MoreRFID RFID Animal Tags.

We have been ratified by the International Animal Recording Council (ICAR) to manufacture RFID Tags for use in animals. As such, our premium Animal Tracking RFID Tags are fit for use in animal tagging. This certification is a testament to the fact that our production of RFID Animal Tags complies with principles that regulate the manufacture of animal tech devices.

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