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RFID Animal Tags

RFID animal tags inject chips for use in animals, and information storage, including reading and data communication exchange.

Depending on the application, RFID animal tags can be packaged into injectable implant types, ear hook types (RFID nail tags), left gastric types, foot rings and other forms.

Thus, dog injection RFID tags are divided into types including Vivo, RFID dog tags added to collars, hanging pig RFID tags on the ear, stay cow RFID tags in the stomach, while the poultry and other birds have electronic tags which are the foot ring type.

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RFID system for ear tags (2 categories):

LF: 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz; UHF: 860-960 MHz

Frequently-used chips for ear tag are:

  1. LF (125 KHz or 134.2 KHz)

1_ EM4200 (Memory size: 128 bits)

2_ ATA5577 (Memory size: 363 bits)

3_ Hitags256 (Memory size: 256 bits)

4_TK4100 (Memory size:64 bits)

  1. UHF: (860-960 MHz)

Frequently-used chips for ear tag are:

1_Higgs 3 (Memory size: 512 bits)


Reading distance:

LF ear tag: Up to 2-3 cm (depend on the size of the tag)

UHF ear tag: Up to 3 m (antenna and reading system dependent)