• Factory Direct Supply UHF RFID Card
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing


Are you looking for reliable RFID card manufacturer? If yes, you are at right place.

MoreRFID is one of the well-established RFID & NFC products manufacturers located in China. We specialize in selling high quality and budget-friendly UHF RFID cards.

With whooping years of experience serving the industry, we have become one of the most chosen RFID card manufacturers throughout the China. We offer premium quality products you cannot question on. All our RFID cards have undergone strict quality control process.

We take pride to announce that we are an excellent UHF RFID card manufacturer you can count on to provide the best-quality UHF RFID cards.

MoreRFID supplied UHF RFID Card all made in China, all our cards are printed and finished in the China giving us the better way to control the quality and competitive prices.

As the name indicates, these cards use radio frequency identification technology. RFID cards come with a built-in antenna which is used to communicate to the card reader. These cards can be used for various applications such as identification cards.

Why Choose MoreRFID UHF RFID Card?

  • Factory Direct Supply UHF RFID Card
  • Customized Card Size and Shape
  • Fabulous Printing and Craft
  • Custom Chip Silk Screen Logo Printing

We offer RFID products with 3 different frequency LF, HF, and UHF. Each frequency matches the standard request and has different characteristics. For 13.56 MHz (UHF RFID) cards now can work without coil winding, but produced by corrosion or printed antenna.

During 13.56 MHz (UHF RFID) here have ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 two standards.

  • MIFARE® chip (UHF RFID) is the main of ISO 14443 range, the good price and high confidentiality are the top choice for Bus cards and Access control systems.
  • ISO 15693 have an advantage lies in his recognition efficiency, through the power of the reader can be extended to identify distance more than 1.5 meters.

Use MoreRFID RFID Cards for Applications Like

  • Tracking goods in supply chain
  • Access control
  • data center management
  • file tracking
  • and many other applications.

We have hired a team of well-qualified and experienced staff members all of whom are well-versed with the working RFID and NFC products. To know whether your chosen RFID card is compatible with RFID software and reader, you can contact us and one of our company’s representative will guide you.

We Offer Customized RFID Cards

We also offer personalized RFID cards; we accept custom size, shape & design options as per your choice. We have a high-tech printing machine to create the exact colors you choose. Send us your chosen card design and we will create it for you in most cases!

If you don’t have any idea about designing RFID cards, don’t worry, one of our company’s representative will assist you. We offer complete customization options at budget-friendly prices.

Customer satisfaction is foremost priority for us. We feel satisfied to meet our customer’s requirement.

Don’t worry about our prices! We are affordable and friendly. Now you can also request a free sample by filling an online form.

Still have queries, feel free to write us at info@morerfid.com or call us at 86-1885-9275-056.


Smart Card Specification

Card typeFull color plastic card, RFID card/smart card

/contact IC card/magstrip card/ID card

MaterialPVC/ PAPER/ ABS/ PET/ Metal/ Plastic/

PEC/ Epoxy/ Silicone

Size85.5mm * 54mm (ISO CR-80 Standard)

(Also be customized depending on your requirement)

ThicknessISO standard: 0.76mm

RFID card standard: 0.86mm

Contact IC card Standard: 0.81mm

0.3mm~1.8mm according to your request

Minimum QTY100pcs

Available RFID Chip

StandardsISO7815,ISO1443A/ 15693,ISO18000-6C/ 18000-6B
Chips and


HF(13.56MHz)ISO14443AMIFARE Classic® S50

MIFARE Classic® S70



MIFARE Ultralight®

ISO15693I-Code® 2/SLI
UHF(860-960Mhz)ISO18000-6CAlien H2/H3,Impinj, U CODE G2

 Personalized Options Card`s Personalized Options